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Jul 6 19 tweets 8 min read
I’ve made a lot of mistakes. But, I learnt from them.

Read this thread to become a better crypto investor

Here are 11 good investing decisions that I made. 🧵 1. Making fewer, high convictions plays

I’m a pretty impatient guy. I often struggle with playing the long game & can be too trigger happy.

I’ve been forcing myself to be more patient. I’ve turned my focus to make fewer, well researched plays that I believe in instead.

Jul 3 27 tweets 5 min read
I’ve made a lot of investing mistakes.

Read this thread to avoid years of losses & pain in 2 minutes.

Here are 16 common investing mistakes & how to avoid them 🧵 1. The Sunk Cost Fallacy.

When you’re losing money, it’s hard to cut your losses.

I failed to cut losses in time because I thought “I’m down 50% already, how much lower can we go”

And every time I did this, I regretted it. 50% is better than 0.

Cut your losses.

Jun 27 16 tweets 4 min read
I analyzed the top 10 crypto wallets.

Here are 6 takeaways, trends & insights from the analysis 🧵 I analyzed the top 10 wallets on Debank

Check out the full analysis over here:

Here are the common themes & trends that I observed 👇
Jun 25 53 tweets 46 min read
I analyzed the top 10 crypto wallets to understand what they’re doing.

Here are the takeaways, insights, trends from the top 10 crypto wallets.

June Edition I analyzed the top 10 wallets on DeBank to gain insights.

This thread contains an overview & takeaway from every single one of the top 10 wallets.

If you want to look at the common trends & holdings across all of them, skip to the end (link to substack version below)

Jun 23 20 tweets 6 min read
Here are 17 truths about Crypto🧵 1. The Market doesn’t repeat itself, but it often rhymes

Old narratives die, new ones come up.

Stop chasing the old ones & start looking for the new ones.
Jun 22 19 tweets 7 min read
I’ve studied 100s of mental models to become a better Crypto Investor.

Here are 7 of the most important mental models 🧵 Mental models are frameworks of thinking & explanations that can help us expand our thinking.

We think a certain way due to how & where we were raised, experiences, etc.

Our minds are full of biases that narrow our thinking.

Expanding our thinking can give us a Huge Edge 👇
Jun 21 19 tweets 14 min read
Solend, the leading lending protocol on Solana wanted to take seize control of a whale's account.

This caused huge backlash.

Here's a quick breakdown of what happened.

(including imp info for Sol holders) 🧵 Solend is a lending & borrowing protocol on Solana.

It’s the largest Dapp on Solana with a TVL of $265M.

Now, it’s caught up in the latest crypto controversy.

Jun 19 7 tweets 2 min read
Some hopium in a market full of dread

Here are some positive things that may have been overlooked. 🧵 1. ETH merge

The ETH merge is making great progress. The Ropsten merge was successful a while ago.

The Sepolia testnet merge is scheduled for June 20th.

The mainnet merge is scheduled for September

Jun 17 15 tweets 4 min read
Everyone is getting blown up. Things are looking bad.

Here are some tips & observations about the current crypto market. 🧵 1. Survive.

Generational wealth is made in bear markets.

But you need to survive to reap the rewards.

• Make fewer plays. Really think about what you’re buying & why
• Focus on BTC ETH. No degen stuff, no leverage, no shitcoins

Jun 11 21 tweets 6 min read
Good investors see through the noise. But how do you actually do that?

Think from first principles.

Here's a thread on first principles thinking

Time to become a gigabrain ;) The first principle approach

First principle thinking really just means boiling things down to the fundamental truths (facts) & thinking up from there.

It involves asking why at every stage & critically questioning all the assumptions.

Jun 8 14 tweets 5 min read
Most of you are doing Crypto Twitter wrong.

Here's 1 simple fix to get the most out of CT

(takes like 5 minutes)🧵 Twitter can be a mixed bag & an echo chamber.

In a bull market, everyone is euphoric, shilling the same coins

In the bear market, there’s only fear, anger & hatred.

Jun 7 29 tweets 6 min read
Most Crypto Projects do marketing wrong.

I've helped projects grow & build communities grow fast.

Here's a reliable & repeatable guide to growing your crypto project

(Useful for personal brands & anyone who wants to learn web3 marketing as well) I’ve been working with a couple of projects to help them grow & market themselves.

Most marketing & growth strats out there are inefficient.

Through a lot of trial & error,

I've figured out a good process that's repeatable that helped me grow projects fast. 👇

Jun 6 34 tweets 12 min read
What does the metaverse even mean?

Why is it such a big thing?

Here's a thread on why YOU should care about the metaverse 🧵 What is the metaverse?

There’s a lot of confusion & ambiguity surrounding the metaverse & what it means.

Is it VR enabled gaming?

Fortnite kids listening to Travis Scott online?

Or is one of those games with 3d avatars & terrible graphics?

May 31 11 tweets 3 min read
Symbiosis announces Cross-Chain Zaps

Here's the thread about it 🧵 Symbiosis is a multichain liquidity protocol. I provide a basic overview over here:

May 26 41 tweets 31 min read
Keeping up with DeFi can be impossible

What if you could leave it to the experts & follow them instead

That's what crypto asset management protocols aim to do.

Here's a breakdown of asset management in crypto and how it works 🧵 The DeFi Learning curve.

The biggest barrier to DeFi is the steep learning curve.

There are so many protocols & tokens, most require hours of research to understand.

What should you invest in? What is the best strategy?

May 24 8 tweets 2 min read
Great read on the interesection of the metaverse, web3 gaming & crypto by @pierskicks.

Here are my notes I put together in a car

- gaming has become insanely big (1 in 3 people play video games)

- clear movement towards digital worlds

👇 - the metaverse is a shared digital universe w an extensive virtual economic

- humans are networked species, the metaverse is the next big milestone

- the metaverse should be sovereign & shaped through the communities voice, unlike web2
May 20 28 tweets 12 min read
Most traders lose money.

Here's how you can change that 🧵 I want to become a better trader.

I’m watching from gigabrain trader @CryptoCred amazing youtube series on trading & technical analysis from 0.

I took detailed notes & made it into a thread. 👇

Today, we're diving into proper trade management.

May 15 30 tweets 12 min read
A LOT has happened with UST & LUNA these past few days.

Here's a megathread of solid threads & resources on this whole fiasco 🧵 1. Solid thread that explains the UST depeg by @jonwu_

May 8 33 tweets 7 min read
99% of people lose money trading.

This is largely because of a lack of proper frameworks & trade management.

Here is a detailed guide on trade management, straight from @CryptoCred’s amazing video

(This 1 thread will make a 10x better trader) 🧵 I want to become a better trader.

I’m watching from gigabrain trader Cred’s amazing youtube series on trading & technical analysis from 0.

I took detailed notes & made it into a thread. 👇

May 5 30 tweets 9 min read
I want to become a better trader.

I’m watching Gigabrain trader @CryptoCred’s youtube series on technical analysis.

I just finished part 1: Intro to Technical Analysis & Candlesticks

Here are my notes & takeaways so that you can learn with me 🧵 If you don’t know Cred, he’s a gigabrain trader who has this incredible trading breakdown series on youtube.

It’s really well explained & he has a ton of insights. The best part?

It’s completely free.

May 5 21 tweets 10 min read
Was scrolling through my bookmarks and found some great reads.

Here are 18 threads that will make you better at crypto🧵 1. How to position yourself for ETH merge by @2Yeahyeah