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May 17 14 tweets 3 min read
Last year, we brought glorious digital art to the people of New York, with 50 foot screens in Times Square during NFT NYC.

This year, we are doing it again, but with one significant change:

There will be no pfps. Only 1/1's, and genart.

Here's why: 2/ Recently, I shared how I feel a divide coming across our space...

Apr 24 13 tweets 5 min read
The 5 things I look for in a pfp collection: 1. Unique, A+ art. @Doodles have this. @cryptopunksNFT of course. @1989Sisters has it.

Same with those damn pixel owls.

Don’t want to fud collections that don’t, but art is a commodity in pfp, unless it is A+ level. B-level art doesn’t cut it, any more.
Apr 23 4 tweets 1 min read
I have a dream, that one day I will go thru all my DMs

But after collecting from hundreds of artists, & supporting dozens of projects, I've realized this dream is impossible

Pls don't stop DMing, but also don't be mad if you don't here back

Pls do stop asking me to RT stuff :) To the 100+ people who DM'd me in the last 9 minutes after reading this tweet, please read it again🤦‍♂️
Apr 12 10 tweets 3 min read
The # 1 thing I look for in a 1/1 artist (more important than the art itself!) 🧵⚔️👇 When I was considering acquiring my first big @XCOPYART, I reached out to a genius traditional art collector fren.

This gentleman has made many millions investing in tradart, and is someone I am lucky to have in my corner.
Apr 8 17 tweets 5 min read
Once in a great while, a work drops that shows you the power of art, to move your heart and shake your soul

That's why I feel @deekaymotion's 'Life and Death' will go down as a defining work of this era

And why I was thrilled to acquire it today, for $1m USD, or 310 ETH ♥️⚔️👇 Can a piece of art change your life?

Well if you're in NFT, of course!

In the last year or so, if you chose the right animal or anime picture...

Your life was changed with a huge sum of money.

But what about life changed, from the art itself?
Mar 14 54 tweets 12 min read
Bernard Arnault acquired Christian Dior, and turned it into Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy

Christian Audigier acquired Von Dutch, and turned it into Ed Hardy

Now that @YugaLabs has acquired Cryptopunks, what will they do?

🧵👇 Mid 2021. Cryptopunks are the # 1 NFT project, by every metric

In July, researching for my first NFT, I heard things in chats like

"You buy a bored ape if you can't afford a punk",


"Ape = poor man's punk"

What happened next would shake the NFT world to its core
Feb 18 19 tweets 3 min read
At long last, after very much debate, we've decided to release a Medici Project!

A short thread on how and why we've decided to monetize, and what this means for you, the community, and the future of NFT🧵👇 For months, we've been asked,

"Wen Cozomo NFT?"

Many have tried to ride the Medici name, making their own projects.

We've decided to stay silent.

In the shadows.

But quietly building.

And that's why I am thrilled to announce...
Feb 16 15 tweets 5 min read
A short thread on how Twitter allows you to be scammed, so we can discuss what to do about it👇🧵 Nearly every day here, there is a “Coizomo Medici”, a “Cozomo MedLci”, or similar, going around trying to scam my followers out of hard-earned money.
Jan 27 10 tweets 3 min read
How artists can make it in web3
A guest post by @wilxlee🧵👇 1. identify your voice

to stand out from the crowd of thousands, you must establish your voice, your style, your quirks.

be the loudest of your voice
be the best in your style
be the face or your quirks

this is what makes you memorable amongst the sea of talent.
Jan 13 27 tweets 8 min read
Last night I told of a scoop which may have been my greatest ever in NFT.

I'm thrilled share the story with you now. As while it began last night, there is much to unfold.

If you are ready for a wild tale that could transform NFT and the art world forever, let us begin👇 1/ Yesterday, 2am.

I am alone in my villa when I receive word that @guyoseary, the one who took over management of Bored Ape Yacht Club, bringing them to "escape velocity" that allowed them to surpass cryptopunks in price...
Jan 13 5 tweets 1 min read
A legendary artist, in the Medici Collection

Who yesterday changed her pic, to a Medici reflection

Today on a Twitter spaces, will appear…

And the next clue is that the secret Medici, among those speakers, would be fit to appear.

🍷⚔️🕊 #TheSecretMedici #Clue2 Btw, to win the game requires more than just a guess at random.

I must see reasoning behind how you found the Secret Medici, based on either the clues I've shared, or your personal detective work.

Jan 13 4 tweets 2 min read
Over the last weeks, I have been dazzled by the art reviews of @ProfessorJun_

I truly feel he is the finest art critic of our digital age.

An honor to welcome him to #HouseOfMedici 🍷⚔️ His Gazers review:

Jan 1 5 tweets 2 min read
In September of 2021 I said my first gm. I was met with open arms by the most wonderful community.

I will now say my last gm of 2021, with one goal:

For us together to share these vibes by starting 2022 with a spreading of gm wider than ever before in history👇🏽⚔️⚡️ With a little help from my fren @deekaymotion, I have specifically designed the final tweet in this thread to share what “gm” means with a stranger.

And I have timed this final gm of mine to coincide with many waking up in the world! 👇🏽
Dec 30, 2021 8 tweets 5 min read
🍷My Favorite Art of 2021🍷

To close out this remarkable year, in this thread I'll share some of my favorite artworks created in 2021. Some owned by me, some not.

I hope they light up your soul, and remind us all of what a magical year we've been a part of👇 We begin with a work that captured the magical summer that changed it all, @XCOPYART's 'summer.jpg', collected by @punk6529 Image
Dec 25, 2021 11 tweets 3 min read
‘Twas the night before Xmas
And through NFT Twitter
Flippers they cried
Because of prices in the shitter

True holders were nestled
all snug with their bags
With visions that VC funds
Would one day come save And @punk6529 with his hoodie
And I with my mask
Had just said gn
For a long winter’s nap

When out on the discords
There arose such a clatter
I clicked open Twitter
To see what was the matter
Dec 23, 2021 22 tweets 6 min read
2 weeks ago I was airdropped some meme coins.

Now, I am dropped literally hundreds of crap NFTs & such daily. So at first, I paid no attention.

But now, I'll now share the peculiar story of how $35m worth of tokens may hopefully over the next few months, change the world👇 1/ @LITWTF is a meme coin, but when I was contacted by the dev, I was told it had a special twist...

“LIT” had a plan.
Dec 10, 2021 24 tweets 4 min read
🍷On Valuing High-end NFTs

1/ Well, someone *may* have stole a cryptopunk ape today.

But in the next few days or weeks, we will discover the REAL market value of a high-end punk

I'm as bullish on NFTs as ANYONE.

But at the same time... 2/ I do feel some collectors are delusional as to what their NFTs are worth.

At the end of the day, an NFT is only valued in 3 ways:

1. Value to you
2. Utility
3. What someone else is willing to pay
Dec 9, 2021 20 tweets 8 min read
On my first day in NFT, I was told of a "grail of grails"...

It was never even a possibility in my mind that I could one day own it.

But today I'm thrilled to announce a passing of the torch of @XCOPYART's "Right-click and Save As guy" from @2Yeahyeah to The Collection Medici Acquired in partnership with @AnonaMovement, this marks the beginning of a grand plan I'll reveal below.

But first, let's discuss how our fren "Right-click Save" came about.

And if he will ever choose "Left-click Buy"...
Dec 8, 2021 4 tweets 1 min read
Grazie to all who responded to me about what do with the memecoins I've had dropped in my wallet.

There were some excellent suggestions, and over the weekend I had an intriguing chat with the dev of one memecoin, @LITWTF 👇 It turns out LIT is a real project, disguised as a memecoin.

They recently had a surprise drop to holders, of an unreleased @neilstrauss book, as an NFT on Ethereum. The first of it's kind.
Oct 29, 2021 13 tweets 6 min read
Once in a great while, the sky parts & an opportunity appears, to acquire a historic relic from the early days of NFT

Presenting "AI Imagined Portrait #2" by @VanArman
SuperRare token #115, & 1st place winner in the 2018 Robot Art Contest

Here is the story of it's acquisition👇 Image Pinder Van Arman has spent the last 15 years teaching machines how to paint.

In his words:

"When I began with my first machines fifteen years ago, they were only capable of simple tasks, like connecting dots and painting by numbers..."
Oct 27, 2021 5 tweets 4 min read
🍷Fun announcement🍷

A special NFT drop, that benefits kids & art, and honors some of our favorite twitter frens, will be live tomorrow at noon PST!

I have commissioned the talented @SketchaOfficial to create portraits of: @Anonymoux2311

None of them know we did this, and none of them have seen their portraits yet! 😂