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11 Jan
As promised, here’s my guide to staff burnout management during COVID. I’ll post over several days.

First though, the basics.

As a senior NHS leader, you must manage staff wellbeing. It's your primary job. If you don't do this, how on earth are you going to deliver?

Today’s thread covers the problem TODAY. Tomorrow, I’ll cover the mid-term problem

Today, you have a problem: your clinical and non-clinical staff are burning out. What tools do you have available to you?



This is a same day tool. Mandatory breaks, somewhere to go for a sandwich in peace, or with colleagues.

Walk through the working environment, where can staff go to escape for a while?

Does your lower tier management understand the importance of working day breaks?

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25 Nov 19
Interesting but this is only half the story though. Some examples in a thread on the drivers of GP demand:
Long waiting lists in hospitals? Patients go back to their GPs for interim care. My rough rule-of-thumb is a two month wait creates a new GP contact for interim care.
Increased treatment thresholds. E.g. if the hip replacement threshold is increased, you have ill folk in serious pain who need intervention and they will need increasing GP time until they finally get over that threshold.
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