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10 Nov 20
Fifth title in eight years for Rohit after becoming captain!

So story of #IPL2020 #MIvsDC Final in #Scam1992 Memes.

Rohit Sharma at the toss: Image
Trent Boult to Delhi Top order:

#MIvDC #IPL2020 #IPLfinal Image
Rohit gets in Jayant and he gets rid of Dhawan who has scored a lot of runs against Mumbai before.

#MIvDC #IPL2020 #IPLfinal Image
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8 Nov 20
AN is bowling one now. Delhi want Kane out. Samad has to help Kane out here. It is AN but you have to go for it, just pick the right ball.
Solid shot. That pull should mean they don't try it again soon, not at same pace. He was waiting for it, and he hit that in front of square. Good one, AS.
And he picks the slower one, good homework and good boundary. Good stuff.
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10 Jul 19
I think the loss today was an accident waiting to happen. India had got enough warnings about it. CT 17 was the first one. India had to build a Plan B for their template. Their top order coming good was all cool but they had to ensure there was cover for the top order collapse.
What did India do? They played around with Pandya at 4, then had him back down to try Rayudu. Talked him up, backed him but the moment he had a string of low scores, backed out of him. India were being troubled by top order not coming good since AUS series, MS scored 3 50s..
It told you the team was still not prepared. Then you collapse vs NZ, Rayudu shines but he isn't backed and you have Shankar designated. That doesn't quite go well and you go back to a player who you termed was a backup opener. Rahul does okay before Dhawan gets injured.
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27 May 15
People are like length balls outside off, you must know which all to leave, those destined to come in, will make an impact anyway.
Never been more happy about a single thought as this. Helps in any, every situation.
Life right now feels like that Dhoni ODI innings where you have taken your time to get set, important to accelerate at the right time now.
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