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27 Oct
The way in which High Guardian Spice was treated with such unreasonable backlash was a result of a potshot, gossip column, boogey man of the day Culture War bullshit we see all of the time.

This is what good trans rep can be and I'm proud of @dinoraye for doing this production
I hope nobody is harassing the staff who made HGS, but you need to understand that sometimes, on-the-nose exposure to the trans experience is really all most people will ever get to trans queer culture.

Most people will never meet a trans and non-binary person.
If I see any critique about the quality of this writing, I will be willing to openly debate in private, in public, wherever. Subtlety with this stuff has more utility with creative writing and storytelling than meets the eye.
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26 Oct
Dealing with this today wasn't as unbearable as I had thought it would be even with a VPN to gain access to Discord.

Ive gained access to my community college's wifi as an alumni and wasn't bothered once. People minded their own business and guys, at best, complimented and left Image
I now have a heavy nostalgia for my days at community college and how much simpler things were and how chill this environment is.

It's the same at ASU, at least in my experience.

Maybe I should just pack a lunch, wake up early, carpool with my mom to do my work outside
I used to do this a few years ago but stopped bc of burn out from how busy I was with upper division homework, projects, and my capstone.

I can express myself in public while I have peace of mind while working and the amount of things I got done in 3 hours is phenomenal
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25 Oct
In general, when approaching something of a different culture, you should see if there is general consensus among the people who are apart of that culture as to whether or not elements of a thing can be used or not. Otherwise it is appropriation

See Disney with Frozen
The difference here is the difference between cultural appropriation (a form of colonialism) and a cultural exchange (a mutual exchange)

There's a lot of good examples of this, but generally having public dialogue like this is healthy and good…
One thing to keep in mind is the whole cliche of "Well my friend is x and they said it was okay!"

You need to keep in mind that no matter how informed this person may be, a cultural matter is a community matter and should have consensus and community involvement
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23 Oct
I added an extra stretch goal to my move-out fund to afford stuff like furnishing, kitchen appliances and utensils, non-food items, etc

Throne is a way to maintain privacy while buying a person’s wish list! That way I can better spend the $3500 we raised…
The wishlist that has the β€œStudio” tag are low priority compared to the furnishing and Kitchenware. The more money I can save not having to buy this stuff, the better I can use that $3500 towards rent, utilities, insurance, and an emergency fund tbh
I’ve seen some awareness tweets kinda vague tweeting about this service mentioning that there are better ways to support creators. This is very much true.

However, this is a specific need for my specific situation that just so happens to meet criteria for enabling more trust
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22 Oct
I’ve added stretch goals to pay for an emergency fund, extra furnishing n stuff like kitchen appliances and utensils, and enough to make me stop and take a nice break from overworking myself

My services will still be 50% off due to these stretch goals
For transparency, I’m moving in with @DIYDavindra in upper New York (so don’t worry about me recklessly spending all of the money by living in the City) with a friend of ours.

Those two are really crafty and smart and will be building all of the furnishing from scratch
What the $3500 will be used for will be to help pay the first/last and security deposit (if needed and not included as the last), pay for non-food grocery items and other stuff since we’re pretty much starting from scratch with most things and food stamps will be used for food
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22 Oct
Did a lot of budgeting and shopping around today and $3500 move out split with someone was a pretty close estimate to what I needed. I’m off by a few hundred bucks, but that’s nothing I can’t earn from now to ~January 2022ish!!
The fact that landlords want a first/last & security deposit, sometimes even way more with HOA and administrative fees, want you to have good credit AND also expect you to earn way more (~3x) than the rent is just predatory as shit
Learning as well that a first/last SHOULD include a security deposit as the last and that not all places have a ton of fees attached just really makes me assume as well going into all of this that budgeting out for the higher end of things is the more likely scenario
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21 Oct


This has to be a dream

Tell me I'm dreaming. Please. I

I can finally leave???

I can actually pick up my bags and leave my abuser??

What do I do?? I didn't think I'd actually meet this goal and planned for failure ImageImageImage
W...what do I do now...???

I woke up to this and I alre6am faint and dizzy and this doesn't feel l real

I can't believe this is literally happening aaaaaaaaaaaaaa
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16 Oct
I think what pisses me off and simultaneously is incredibly humiliating and frustrating is how superior a good number of people suddenly act like they're better than me and feel the need to be incredibly inquisitive and intrusive with shit.

Why would I risk ruining everything?
Like, why would I risk being blacklisted and cancelled for wasting all of this money I need when I recently have been assaulted and yesterday had a good chunk of my possessions thrown outside bc of me both being trans and also being vaccinated??

Like, why would I risk my career
CW: abuse, domestic violence

I'm sorry I didnt have a hidden camera installed everywhere in my house to capture live footage of my father throwing me into a fridge or have the spoons to record his screaming at me for being trans and enforcing a dress code on me
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16 Oct

I'm desperately still trying to move out of an abusive situation at home with family.

I've marked everything off 50%. I charge $37/session to get you started with content creation and more!

#vtubercommissions #Vtubers
Here is where you can find my consultation services. With branding, I make sure you have a solid foundation and make sure that you have a plan to make yourself known. With marketing, I simply look at the data or work with you to make data to optimize…
If you're a first time client, VTuber or not, business/careerist or hobbyist, I combine the Branding and Marketing bundle together at $75. This normally is $100.

I find that most people need both Branding and Marketing consultations to excel
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15 Oct

you absolutely don't need to give Brand VTubers hype and love. They're going to be fine without your hype and love. Give to actual people rather than a corporate thing come to life
Let me break this down further. A VTuber mascot for a corporate brand is a blatant cash grab to give back statistics to VC investors. Think about it. There are tens of thousands of indies out there with little to no capital or resources who could very well be talented and need it
To the brand mascot, not the actor behind it, but to administrators and investors, your support doesn't mean shit besides conversion rates and other statistics. You are a mere number to them, not a person.

These "live laugh love" kind of toxic positivity takes are dusty
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14 Oct
We all need to sit the fuck down and chat

Accountability looks much more than public aggression and humiliation. It can also come in the form of friendship, leading by example, patience, reaching out, and love for those who we felt wronged by.

I am not a savior. I am human.
For my own mental health, for the people I hold near and dear to my heart who've been harmed by my actions (even if you may feel if I am in the right for what I've done), for dismantling this culture of fear in place for one of radical kindness and mutual aid,

I must change
We all must change how we approach one another. Some people are beyond reason, yes.

However, we can't afford to be cynical and jaded. Our biases, trauma, and self-defense has transformed into something else over time. We sacrificed truth for vengeance and violent catharsis.
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12 Oct
Honestly, the idea behind just letting one person stream is to allow the one person hosting the collab to benefit the most from collabsβ€”which begs to question what exactly you want out of a collab?

That’s where the discussion needs to be: utility
If you go into a collab wanting to do outreach, then you’re going to want to have one person stream so that the focus can remain with one singular audience and perhaps, if you appeal enough to them, an exchange happens
Given that exchange is not a guarantee, multistreaming with VTubers and other streamers is just as effective, if not, more appealing with multiple POV content being a net result. Again, it’s a different content strategyβ€”which is something a lot of people are missing from this
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8 Oct
I am proud of @lottevanhalen for having an actionable plan on improving as a person and am so so blessed to have amazing friends like @IRLGuppy and @CariusVTuber who love me enough to put me aside, speak their mind, and allow me to trust them.

I need to apologize 🧡
First, I said incredibly insensitive things about a triggering topic and did not handle ED issues with the due diligence and care that it deserves.

I have been humbled by friends not just VTubers, but friends I've had for years to be more careful and mindful.

I'm so sorry
Second, I have been doing my best to let go and choose my battles more than I ever have in my life.

I am a people pleaser and try to balance so many interests even if they conflict. I try my best to keep a good hold on the fears, concerns, and dreams of so many
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5 Oct
Reasons why Networking threads and "skinny ratio" doesn't work: CONVERSION. Just bc someone follows you on Twitter doesn't necessarily mean they'll watch you on Twitch and YouTube. I'm willing to bet most of the average viewership of folks like this comes from Twitch, not Twitter
If her Twitch viewership looked anything like her networking threads, which gives an illusion of high engagement periodically, then her numbers would be much higher than what meets the eye as well
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4 Oct
At 3pm MST on 10/08, I will have my subathon debut to raise money to move out of this hellhole I live in as an abuse survivor living with my abuser.

The theme of my debut is: β€œFuck y’all. I’m here to stay” to haters, my abuser, and friends who never believed in me. FAQ subathon debut  Raising money to move out of an abusive Uncapped. 1 sub = 5 min. 100 bits = 1 min. $1 = 1 min. 1 com
If you’d like to support me now, then please use my Ko-Finto do so! I’m currently having a sale underway with my consulting services 50% off!

I have memberships as well with different benefits!

Likes and RTs of this subathon are also appreciated
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4 Oct

Here’s one of the first surprises I have!

10 new emotes drawn by my lovely bab @Slayer_Kid!!!


@Slayer_Kid works really quick and prides themselves in that work ethic!
Wait, I’m a fucking bimbo aaaaaaa @Slayer_Kid made 11 for me!!!
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3 Oct
One of the most amazing things about good sex with a person who actually genuinely likes you and is quite literally interested in you is the way it makes you feel *wanted*, y'know what I mean??

Genuine curiosity in *you* as a person. It's incredibly wholesome.
Im passing and Im blessed to be beautiful, but transphobia is still there and present for me even if it's not intended with even friends who for nearly all contexts are amazing to me, when it comes time to have fun with one another in a sexual way

When it isn't, it's blissful
It's a weird feeling when subconscious transphobia is the reason you get rejected for something while you have sex. The rejection you feel even if you're passing and beautiful like I am is that you know fully well that a person is attracted, but has psychological blocks
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26 Sep
The way in which misogynists in fandom expect women to dress, how to behave, how to exist is not a truth to market demands, but a constant, reinforcing cultural decay born from objectifying us.

The misogynist's illogical idea of how we ought to be trumps our needs as people
What exists as a market, born from fandom, are the collective norms created (in real time) by fellow misogynists, amongst themselves, irregardless of how anybody thinks outside of their narrow-minded bubbles.

What is true FEELS true bc it FEELS normal among them and friends
Misogyny sits in a weird place in society as being absurdly normal while actively being discouraged and undermined everywhere. In the digital abyss lies corners of the internet that create alternative realities for themselves to escape reality itself and coddle one another's egos
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25 Sep
Like and Retweet if you think it's fine for VTubers to show who's behind the model.

Also, being an thot that makes people think kinda owns. Fuck you. I hope you don't come back to making content, you vile, misogynistic, soggy chicken nugget looking motherfucker
What point is there to disprove? You want to talk about virtual talent, but don't care about the talent behind the model?

People are still human and have every right to showcase who they are regardless of market demands and what "should" be normal

Misogyny isn't an opinion, it's bigotry. There's nothing to respect here and you deserve every bit of backlash and ire coming at you rn

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24 Sep
I know how delicate and tense things are with emergency funds and scammers with ENVTubers, so I plan on being transparent with the necessary expenses despite being frugal.
I need my Estrogen for HRT and my insurance is being stupid. I also needed gas ($111.73)

I'm sorry
I don't use my car much at all and stay at home as much as I can. I know I'll be needing to drive to different friends houses anyways just in case the abuse situation at home gets bad again like it almost did today

I'm trying my best and I'm sorry for spending emergency funds
My family doesn't ever fill up my car when they use it and a bunch of lights were on despite me doing maintenance on it regularly. The last emergency fund I needed ended up going to maintaining this damn car. You can't go anywhere in Arizona without a car and I hate it
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23 Sep
Seeing so many people graduate and drop VTubing at once is sad to see. Makes it seem like it's truly #vtubersareoverparty

However, I see the #VTuberUprising still. There're so many debuts happening daily, it makes the head spin!

Here's some professional tips to be a #Vtuber 🧡
Before I begin, please support me during my ongoing crisis by either purchasing a professional Marketing & Branding consultation that is 50% OFF at $37!!!

If you aren't a VTuber or can afford that, you can become a patron on my Ko-Fi for as low as $1!!

If you haven't already read it, I analyzed and pointed out the reasons why so many VTubers are dropping out of the scene at the end of Summer 2021. Give it a read before reading ahead so that you can heed my warnings and learn from other's experiences πŸ’œ
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