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28 Sep
It's because anti-Trump people have been making fun of what happened.

I have no patience for people like this. You can take a seat, Todd.
Here's just a sampling of the venom, random accounts and not.
And more...
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25 Sep
THREAD: Here's screenshots for all nine tweets in this deranged thread in case they delete it. They claim they're being misrepresented, but they made clear that this is who the left is, has been, and will continue to be as we head into ACB's confirmation fight.
Still not making it any better, Dana!
Have a nice night! Conservatives will rally around ACB through stories like this and there's no doubt others will as well when they see vile takes like this as they become more voluminous in the days and weeks to come.
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19 Sep
THREAD: Here's a roundup of the stories my amazing @newsbusters family cranked out last night on #RIPRBG. First, you have @NickFondacaro on @NBCNightlyNews remembering her as a partly ‘moderate’ justice, fear Trump and McConnell filling seat…
Next, we have @ScottJW on Maddow and Hillary mourning together #RIPRBG --> Maddow to Hillary: Your Loss and Ginsburg Death Equal ‘Feminist Catastrophe’…
Sticking with MSNBC, Kristine Marsh flagged this. You would think the left would mock this mercilessly if it happened on FNC after a conservative's death #RIPRBG -> NY Mag writer starts crying at 'horrifying' reality Supreme Court could overturn Roe…
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18 Sep
There have been six questioners so far at the first commercial break of CNN's #BidenTownHall. Five of the six are Democrats, and five of the six are from the left.

Anderson Cooper has interjected eight times.
Second segment had three more audience questions, all by Democrats with two of three being either neutral or from the left.
Third segment -- two audience questions, both from Democrats. One was neutral or from the right, while the other was from the left.
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16 Sep
Stelter spoke with two town hall questioners and under the guise of "normal people," what he's doing (as are his CNN pals) is ostracize those not on their side and voting for Biden in the worst possible way. If you're not speaking "the truth," you're the problem. It's poisonous. ImageImage
For people like Brian, there's no opposing view (well, there is, but you're evil and/or stupid). In their world, why would any decent, good, kind person want to vote for Trump, let alone Republicans? It's an ugly approach to news CNN has decided to embark on. But that's Zucker!
In contrast, here's how Oliver Darcy (Brian had the day off) recapped CNN's #BidenTownHall. Not only are they dangerous, it's hard to overstate how hateful these two are toward Fox and how nothing would make them happier than sending Fox employees to the unemployment lines ImageImageImage
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14 Sep
Going to bed absolutely heartbroken and truly saddened by the rioting in my beloved hometown of Lancaster. The national media's friends in Antifa and BLM are causing chaos in the county where generations on both sides of my family tree have grown up and still live.
We love the Lord, respect law enforcement, and believe in values of camaraderie, faith, hard-work, honesty, and respect. I knew plenty that were different from me and I loved them all the same. This is not who we are as Lancastrians.
Facts matter here. The body camera says it all. And yet, the mob has come to the Red Rose City. And I couldn't me any more despondent over that.
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11 Sep
Every network's live coverage of 9/11 as it happened is chilling, but one that's so difficult to watch (and also worth watching) is Fox News's coverage. Rick Leventhal, Jon Scott, and Eric Shawn were on-air when the second tower fell. #NeverForget
"Oh, there it goes! There it goes! There it goes! There it goes! Oh, alright. We do need to put it down now. I think we need to put it down now. Here we go," shouted Leventhal, telling his team to put the camera down as the 2nd tower fell so they could run to safety. #NeverForget
You hear them put it down in the street and then the rush as the tower collapsed. Scott and Shawan laid back and didn't say a word, so all you hear is the crushing sound amidst the sirens.

Scott eventually comes in, but only to say: "America, offer a prayer."

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11 Sep
Okay, time for a serious tweet. Today (September 10) was #WorldSuicidePreventionDay and so I want to re-up two threads (one is inside the other) sharing a few highlights of my mental health journey. This has been a really difficult time for so many.
Since both threads (from May '20 and June '18), I've had setbacks and struggles. I say that because mental health isn't something that simply ends and disappears. It's something you constantly work at and anything (or anyone) can send you back #WorldSuicidePreventionDay
My DMs are open and I'm always willing to talk, in part because often times I didn't feel like (and knew) I had people in my corner or at least ones that was educated about, could grapple with, and/or understand mental health. #WorldSuicidePreventionDay
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10 Sep
I know this is #WorldSuicidePreventionDay and I say this with total sincerity because I take it issue seriously -- CNN and MSNBC is bad for your mental health. Joy Reid, Brian Stelter, Jim Acosta, Brianna Keilar, Chris Hayes, etc. WANT you to be in a mentally-crippled state.
If you're scared for your life, hiding under your bed, afraid to go outside, and thus struggling with your mental faculties, then CNN and MSNBC will see their job as successful.
They talk about Trump as the ultimate fear-mongerer, but every story casting doubt on the vaccine, suggesting Trump doesn't care about you, six feet might not be enough for social distancing, the mere act of going outside could kill you, it's all meant to cripple you in fear.
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7 Sep
This headline in the Local section of Sunday's Washington Post isn't "Fiery But Mostly Peaceful," but it's pretty bad. Image
NBD, just quoting an avowed Antifa apologist my colleague @NickFondacaro has written about many times Image
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2 Sep
Great thread from Nick about the premiere of #NewsNationNow. I haven't been watching this premiere as closely as he has, but what I have seen squares w/this CNN (specifically @brianstelter and @oliverdarcy) melt down like kids in a store over Fox covering more then 1-3 stories...
...a day and, if they're consistent, will HATE #NewsNationNow. They all but demand news outlets function like CNN in both obsessing over only a few news stories a day (Trump-centric, of course), offer snarky chyrons, & only offer one side of a story that they argue is the truth.
It's honestly refreshing to see a news show that covers a very large variety of stories because, after all, there is a life outside of Trump, D.C., and New York City. A story like #OperationNotForgotten is maybe the best example of that. #NewsNationNow
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1 Sep
WHAT just happened on MSNBC? Just as the Wisconsin Lt. Governor finished an answer during an interview with Joy Reid on #TheReidOut, the screen immediately went to black and into a commercial break
And we have an answer. Joy Reid returns from break on #TheReidOut to say that there were some technical "gremlins" and apologizes for cutting off the interview with Wisconsin's Lt. Gov.
But wait, there's more! While going to break to mock the notion (a correct one, as well) that Biden is being controlled by his far-left staff and activists, Joy brought out some haunted house-like sound effects.
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31 Aug
This is the front page of Saturday's Washington Post with March on Washington at the center. There's not a word on the front here (pre-jump) lecturing about how thousands were on the Mall and were not socially distanced.

It's like the media don't truly care about COVID measures. Image
Well, look at that!! Paragraph 12 mentions and condemns the lack of social the White House Thursday night, NOT the March on Washington Image
Ah, paragraph 31 wants us to know that it was ALL above board and, I guess because the virus likes the BLM movement, this kind of event is allowed. Even though fever isn't the guaranteed indicator we thought and just masks doesn't mitigate risk, temperature checks made it safe! Image
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29 Aug
Nothing from the cables yet on Chadwick Boseman's passing. Don Lemon is melting down over Trump and Katy Tur (in for Lawrence O'Donnell) has been bemoaning the Trump rally and RNC crowds as unsafe but not anywhere near the same concern for the March on Washington.
Still nothing across the board. CNN is talking about Kenosha, FNC talked about COVID, and MSNBC interviewing Adam Schiff to talk about Russia. As far as I could tell, it looks like CNN and MSNBC are live.
Fox News gets to Chadwick Boseman's passing first with a live news update at 10:34 p.m. Easterm from Ashley Strohmier since Laura Ingraham was presumably taped earlier tonight.
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28 Aug
Short thread during my night of RNC blogs: This is wrong on infinite levels. The sexism women face in the workplace (and in public) by too many people (mostly men, but I'll add teenagers & some women). @SarahGABC27 is devastated & I don't even know her, but this is heartbreaking.
No one deserves to be treated this way and ridiculed in public. And let's be real, folks -- we've all had bad things happen to us in public or (while it's not this at all) times where we figuratively punch ourselves. If nothing's happened to you in public, you're certainly lying.
More specifically, @SarahGABC27 has always come off as both a solid journalist and even better person. And for those of us that either still live in or grew up in central PA, we're very lucky to have four great local TV stations with even better people.
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27 Aug
Things are picking up in Lake Charles, as evidenced by a huge gust hitting Stephanie Abrams during her live shot on The Weather Channel #HurricaneLaura #LAwx
And here was another huge gust that almost knocked Stephanie Abrams down #HurricaneLaura #LAwx
You can tell the eyewall is coming into Lake Charles as both Stephanie Abrams and Jim Cantore are having quite the time staying upright #HurricaneLaura #LAwx
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26 Aug
Thread: So get a load of this -- I decided to take the six Obama cabinet members @jimgeraghty tweeted out photos of having spoken at the 2012 DNC and feed their names in a Nexis search for the network morning and evening and Sunday shows (ABC, CBS, and NBC).
Some had fairly uncommon last names (e.g. Vilsack), but others had common names (e.g. Arne Duncan), so I did their first and last names and spanned the week of the DNC. I used a full eight days so as to catch anything from Sunday, September 9 that might have had a recap.
My results? Two results (and one duplicate). Both were for then-HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius. One was a Romney adviser mentioning her on @ThisWeekABC in a debate on welfare reform and the other from @NBCNightlyNews playing a clip of her speech talking about Medicare.
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26 Aug
All three networks (ABC, CBS, and NBC) bailed after Wolf swore them in, skipping over each of their bios, names, and Trump's remarks about the naturalization ceremony #GOPConvention
@CurtisHouck  Here's ABC bailing out near the beginning of Trump's remarks
And here's CBS fleeing the scene to melt down over what they just witnessed #GOPConvention
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26 Aug
TUESDAY #GOPConvention break-in thread: At 8:30 p.m. Eastern, so just after night two began with the intro video. CNN and Fox News carrying the convention, MSNBC in commercial
8:34:41 p.m. Eastern --- CNN and Fox News showing the invocation, MSNBC showing poll numbers from Kornacki ImageImageImage
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25 Aug
The #GOPConvention has started and MSNBC isn't carrying it. I took this screenshot at 8:31:22 p.m. of CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC. ImageImageImage
8:33:46 p.m. in the formal, opening credits after a video intro. MSNBC is NOT carrying the #GOPConvention. Anti-Trump punditry from Chris Hayes. To CNN's credit, they're carrying it ImageImageImage
#BREAKING: At 8:35:51 p.m. Eastern (as per our DirecTV recording), MSNBC joins the #GOPConvention coverage in time for the Pledge of Allegiance and the first formal speech from @charliekirk11, skipping the opening video and invocation from @CardinalDolan
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24 Aug
Mini-thread: My Mom and Dad @Ahouck610 woke up to this far-left message stabbed on an American flag attached to a soldier figurine at their front door in PA. In a neighborhood of Biden, BLM, and "Hate Has No Home Here" signs, my parents dare to have multiple 🇺🇸 flying out front ImageImage
Last night, they had a giant #BlueLivesMatter flag on the pole hanging next to the garage door, a U.S. Marine Corps flag (@Ahouck610 is a veteran), and yardsigns for @LloydSmuckerPA, @realDonaldTrump, and State Rep. @stevementzer4PA.
In other words, their crime? Supporting our LEOs, troops, and the candidates of their choice. They did not have a Ring video doorbell (but they ordered one today). Police were notified and a neighbor happened to see the suspect so police got a description.
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