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Someone you probably hate. Account restricted followers deleted by @Twitter — why not just delete ALL of them already? https://t.co/3bsPRDkY8D
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20 May
I wonder why @twitter @jack don’t just delete all my followers at once instead of this drip drop 1k follower deduction every day and a half. Hundreds of thousands deleted since 12/14/20. I’ve even had to refollow my own husband repeatedly. I’m sure it’s just a glitch.
I’ll stay until they shut me down entirely (yes, I am at other places so unnecessary for folks to suggest) but let’s stop pretending that @twitter in any way represents real organic discussion or reach. It used to be cool, now it’s just basically an ant farm.
@Twitter For fun I did an experiment since 12/20 and screenshot followers near daily. Lists never changed, followers did, and I kept having to repeatedly follow actual IRL friends who had to do the same. Again, I’m sure it’s just a glitch.
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10 May
Btw, please note the handle of the account.

The funny thing is that no one would expect him not to say something like this.
Also nothing could make me hate garlic knots.
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6 May
With all the talk of waging war on the GOP conference, I’m curious what some Republicans have to say about backing potential replacements that have pretty moderate records, especially on immigration, border security, climate, etc.
If the issue is that Cheney is antagonistic towards Trump, wouldn’t a replacement on record voting repeatedly to oppose his policies be as well? What’s the measure here? What am I missing?
BTW, voting against border wall funding, for amnesty, for the Climate Action Now (following Paris Accord) bill, etc is beyond simply “moderate."
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3 May
Landslide Saturday, but the fight continues. School board meeting happening now. Parents are calling for the resignation of the school board president, who was indicted by a grand jury. A civil suit is pending on the board’s violation of TX Open Meetings Act.
Kids speaking out demanding an end to the mask mandate. “We’re here to talk about a problem that should’ve been solved a long time ago. I won’t let the school control my life by making me wear a mask. That’s my parent’s job.” I LOVE THIS KID
“You will not silence us with masks or teach us to only see color.”
The kids are smacking down the school board. !!
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13 Apr
Democrats like @AOC want more of these laws AND they want to expand enforcement further by sending police to seize firearms of people who are totally unaware of what’s coming because of the red flag/ERPO ex parte process.
Of all these cities where these cases take place, which party is running the city council? The PD? Which party is demanding defunding of departments? Guess what gets cut when you defund? Wow, training does! Discernment training! Deescalation!
The left: "Cops are too reckless and have too much power!"

Also the left: "Take away any funding for police training and also only the government like the police should have guns."
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31 Mar
But AOC said you can’t use the “surge” because it’s synonymous with “insurgent”

“Covid SURGE”

Donations “SURGE”

Hiring “SURGE”


Orlando Magic “SURGE”

Omg actual “SURGE”
These protect the SURGE lowes.com/pl/Surge-prote…
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2 Mar
Genuine inquiry — I’ve said before, during lockdown I watched all four seasons of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure (looking forward to Stone Ocean), currently enjoying Castlevania, starting Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan next ... there is a lot out there. I made note of some of your recs ..1/2
... 2/2 from that I’ve put Fullmetal Alchemist on my list. What else would you suggest? Is Demon Slayer good? New to this.
Relatedly, Golden Wind made me a fan of Yugo Kanno.
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25 Feb
Hi Stephanie. I’m specifically asking why Biden said last month "Next month, in my first appearance before a joint session of Congress, I will lay out my ‘Build Back Better’ recovery plan” and outlets reported 2/23. If you have an issue with this, be rude with him, not me.
Here, let me help you since you seem to be on the struggle bus, @stefwilliams25 :


@StefWilliams25 "Next month, in my first appearance before a joint session of Congress I will lay out my 'build back better' recovery plan," Biden said on Thursday.
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16 Feb
Bunch of places going under boil orders as water plants shut down. Another snow/ice storm on the way. Grocery stores and pharmacies are without power in our area. Trucks not able to deliver.
Thankfully We have a stocked survival pantry with food and water and filtration if needed. Biggest concern is temp and making sure area elderly and those with little ones aren’t freezing indoors and are staying hydrated with bottled water in the dry, cold air.
What’s frustrating is that this could have entirely been avoided if state leaders had listened to many who were warning them about the grid. It’s entirely possible to be self sufficient. Winterize, winterize, winterize. Spend the money on improvements.
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2 Feb
This is the NBC reporter who wanted to do a story about @AllenWest 's remarks at a community meeting of hundreds upon hundreds of parents without apparently reaching out to West himself. Also, feel free to tag me next time, Mike.
Of course, no one actually *knows* what the school board did with @sunwestpr because they’ve not honored PIRs for invoicing made by parents. Seems like that would be important as a story 🤔
There is a massive and well-organized effort to harass parents and students who object to the taxpayer CRT program being pushed. (Discussed here in further detail from last night’s newsletter danaloesch.substack.com/p/the-grand-ol… )
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1 Feb
Our school board meeting is underway and NBC is there working on a hit piece to smear parents who’ve objected to the board breaking TX Open Mtgs Act, hiring a PR firm and refusing PIRs, all to bully residents into funding CRT as curriculum.
It’s interesting that the school entered into a deal with @sunwestpr and then suddenly hit pieces about community members began appearing everywhere. Magically, NBC is now sending cameras to our school board meeting. Of course, we can’t see invoices, so it’s all a mystery.
The CRT proposal included establishing punishment for students who commit microaggressions — defined in the draft plan as "Microaggressions are defined as everyday verbal or nonverbal, snubs or insults, whether intentional or unintentional”
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22 Dec 20
This bill is garbage: “These Are a Handful of Garbage Items Tossed Into the COVID Relief Bill” townhall.com/tipsheet/bethb…
Really glad that government shut down our economy yet still charged/stole exorbitant taxes to fund The Kennedy Center, programs for other countries, and other things entirely unrelated to the pandemic. Republicans supporting this are an embarrassment.
We’ll be expected to pay taxes on time this year to pay the salaries of the garbage politicians who made it impossible for you to generate the income from which their salaries are funded. Our government is a joke.
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17 Dec 20
Imagine having it so easy from legacy media that you score 60% approval for a made-up “job”
NEW POLL: 60 percent approve of Biden’s job as Unicorn Wrangler-Elect

NEW POLL: 60 percent approve of Biden’s job as Fitted Sheet Folder-elect
NEW POLL: 60% approve of Biden’s job creating logos, podium signs, and step and repeat backdrops for a non-existent position
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10 Dec 20
So our “free press” sat on a story about the two-year investigation into 50-something year-old “child” Hunter Biden’s taxes and Chinese business dealings and the DOJ paused the investigation because of the election — while accusing their critics of "undermining democracy."
The “free press” deserves every syllable of criticism I and anyone else has ever given them. They have utterly failed you. They are not journalists, they’re activists. They’ve done more to undermine belief in their own industry than anyone else.
Government bureaucrats, aided by our “free press,” worked to suppress information to control the outcome of an election. This isn’t conjecture, they’ve outright admitted it.
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2 Dec 20
Twitter just logged me out of my browser and says my account doesn’t exist ...
It wouldn’t even recognize my username at first and now it says it has to send me my authentication code which it has yet to do still.
Mobile works. Just not desktop. Weird.
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20 Nov 20
"I will not be lectured to by people who say that eating in a restaurant while observing health protocols is riskier than shutting down the largest economy in the world."

"I will not be lectured to by bureaucrats who say it’s risker to reopen schools than it is to force an entire generation into lockdown for nearly a year stunting them in every way but loneliness."

"I will not be lectured to by lawmakers who do not follow the laws that they make."

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19 Nov 20
Just a FYI: I can’t see your mentions AT ALL because Twitter must have nuked my account. Nothing new for over 11 hours. I can tweet but see nothing tagging me and it’s the same across all devices. Also lost 10k+ followers in past few days. @TwitterSupport
DanaLoesch on parler.
This is just a couple weeks after they suspended my account for sharing a story I wrote about how *tech handled the Hunter Biden NYP story*, not the actual story itself, and I had to delete the tweet to regain control of my account. Not sure what this is.
If this changes I’ll update (see previous screen video of timeline refreshes, etc.) here are screenshots of previously mentioned 10k loss, one from the end of October and the other last night. It happens every time it gets over 1.29. Maybe there is a way to explain it or ...
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9 Nov 20
Democrats spent four years telling everyone that our election system was compromised and that Trump was illegitimate. We should audit every ballot to ensure voting integrity before certifying, Democrats finally persuaded me.
Yikes, some of you apparently haven’t figured out how to use the Internet.

What was that again about none of this ever happening … ? ImageImage
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22 Oct 20
The moderator and Biden will do everything possible to push Trump’s buttons tonight. Biden can’t out-smartass Trump and he knows it, despite a life lived as a massive and malicious smartass. His only option is to play up the helpless paw-paw optic as much as possible … /1
They need Trump to be humorlessly aggressive. Trump is his best as a happy warrior who ridicules with humor and a smile. Biden can't compete with that. Trump should wait to invoke Hunter and when he does, do it subtly. Let his surrogates get in the weeds ... /2
Bringing Bobulinski as a guest is brilliant. Referring to Biden as "Big Guy" or "The Chairman" a couple times is funny. It needn't be overt, people will get it. Contrast hard on economy, bring it back to economy, foreign policy successes every single time ... /3
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22 Oct 20
I said the other day on air that this whole thing reminds me of the John Edwards National Enquirer story. Remember when the other outlets wouldn't report on his affair, baby, Mellon money? NE did, the outlets who passed dismissed their scoop as trash gossip … /1
because the scoop didn't appear in a more "reputable" publication (as if they still had credibility, passing due to politics). But the story was true nonetheless, and no amount of insulting NE's rep changed the images of Edwards and Hunter at the Hilton ... /2
After spending weeks denying it and trying to suppress it, the overwhelming public interest and dogged reporting from some still dedicated to truth forced it mainstream and ended his political career ... /3
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16 Oct 20
Seriously, did producers not tell @SavannahGuthrie that Trump denounced white supremacy 18, 19 times now, most of it on tape? How many times are we doing this garbage?
When will these self-sanctified journos ask the klan evangelizing and segregation championing Joe Biden whether or not he denounces his past record and “racial jungle” remark or any of this ?
So glad that we have this NBC townhall where they are interested in the q anon stuff than anything on foreign policy, taxes, his America First gov’t purchase policy. Also, voters all take off their masks to talk into what may be the same mic.
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