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I stood up to the rage mob. Wife, mom, syndicated talk radio and podcast host; author; longtime #2A advocate, dog lover. Latest book #GraceCanceled at link.
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6 Aug
The guy denied communion at a church because of his suppport for taxpayer funded abortion on demand says faith is at the core of who he is
I mean, taxpayer funded infanticide is exactly what comes to mind when I think of a person of deep faith.
The devout man of faith who would rescind the exemption for Little Sisters of the Poor and force US taxpayers to fund international abortion advocacy. Sure, ok.
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3 Aug
Currently attending virtual school board meeting where objection to social justice proposals is called racism, “self hate,” and board members were cussed at and threatened with media coverage. INSANEEEE
Oh and the activists say any pause to consider the rushed proposal is support of racism. It’s absolutely insane.
The proposal that the mob is screaming at the board over includes — and I’m not exaggerating — creating a group to monitor microaggressions which they define as "everyday verbal or nonverbal, snubs or insults, … (continued)
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13 Jul
Additionally @AOC , your response overlooks the main points: policing (morale) and penalty reduction fueling recidivism. Why have NYPD retirement filings exploded by 41%? That’s already happening.
I’m also fascinated by the casual acceptance of her absolutely classist argument on poverty being inextricably linked to crime. Easy for a limousine liberal to make such a ridiculous argument as a deflection for her and her party’s bad policy, but not as easy to prove it.
Also fascinating: the political poverty chic portrayed by so many well-heeled progressive activists.
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26 Jun
Magically, there are still some operating under the belief that “flattening the curve” meant “making the virus go away forever.” It’s not going to go away entirely, even with a vaccine, and you’re going to have to learn to continue and adapt without losing your ever-loving minds.
By all means though, don’t add for context the plummeting fatality rates, comorbidity factors, or ratio of severe to mild or asymptomatic symptoms. Such context reduces the effectiveness of an informed public.
Do the social distancing, the sanitizing, etc (I’m a germaphobe, I’ve lived this pre-pandemic) but the attempt to use uptick of reported cases due to wider testing and guideline-followed easing looks ridiculous from the same people who told everyone to join weeks-long protests.
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26 Jun
The same people who zealously defended riots and protests these last three weeks are back to screaming at everyone to stay locked down. #TXlege
Meanwhile, Harris County hospital CEOS push back:

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25 Jun
I’m curious, have you ever objected as vociferously whenever I and other law-abiding gun owners were referred to as “terrorists” on your network? We never vandalized monuments or burned down buildings.
I mean, there is a sitting congresswoman who called me and others “domestic security threats” but by all means, everyone clutch your pearls if the Antifa people burning down buildings, beating people in the streets, are referred to as “terrorists.”
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3 Jun
Holy cow.
Note to all: Don't dare condemn the violent riots resulting in businesses burning to the ground, don't dare criticize the rioters beating women in the streets with 2x4s, don't criticize the rioters who murdered David Dorn, don't dare discuss self defense hypotheticals.
No. You are not going to try to incite with this white progressive male Karen bullshit, shaming people who dare to discuss self defense when people have been KILLED in these violent riots.
The nerve of this guy — people of all ethnicities are losing everything in these riots, right after they barely stayed afloat during a lockdown, and after seeing death and destruction on TV for a week straight, you’re going to shame thing for wondering about self defense? GTFO
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28 May
Genuine question: modifying or removing immunity in 230 would affect all “interactive computer services,” yes or no? Wouldn’t this affect things like Craigslist, Yelp, (Armslist already went to court), etc?
To add to this, could it be argued that site proprietors are then liable for their comment sections?
I’m just trying to imagine how far something like this could reach. This is the Yelp case: law.justia.com/cases/californ…
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18 May
Lame. We always had a cordial relationship. He unfollowed me yesterday; he did once before after I criticized the townhall’s award. He made it clear that if I am to be in his his good graces I’m not allowed to mention the horrible way his network treated me. Not how this works.
CNN reaches out regularly to book me on their air until I criticized their townhall; only bringing me back to try to lecture me and act offended because I criticized media (chiefly them) at CPAC, not more than seven or so hours after this happened:

The network has zero high ground here. Matthew 10:14.
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6 May
The Great Un-American Coronavirus Overreach:

"If we see more of this my concern is that it will threaten the relationship between conservatives and the law and order community. The left has salivated over such a prospect for years. While I would move heaven and earth … 1/3
… to avoid satisfying their desire, I won’t sacrifice my rights for it, nor will I stay silent when an injustice is committed in the name of a “stay-at-home” order.” 3/3
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4 May
For your research, check out my book #GraceCanceled out right as the pandemic began: amazon.com/Face-Fury-Dana…
I’m happy to have started a trend towards grace, if that’s what this is, but it’s a bit unnerving to see my original ideas & discussion points pop up as another’s sound bites esp after having to fight to get a political book on grace published.
BTW, I clearly mean “political book *on* grace,” which needed to be clarified because we also have a trend wherein people assign the worst interpretations to things.
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2 May
You contacted my biological father to use him as a political weapon because you’re having a tantrum over Instagram. You need therapy and a sabbatical from your Bloomberg job. And stop pretending you don’t understand how contracts work, no one was fired. Shame on you.
For those blocked. Any other abusive people @momsdemand wants to dredge up?
And after making it official that @momsdemand endorses abusers as a way to harass and disarm pro 2A women, she blocked me again and tried to delete it all. Screenshots of everything are in the media portion of my timeline. Garbage advocacy by a group @MikeBloomberg funds.
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28 Apr
Found this little guy by our fence. He can hop, grasp, and sort of hover-fly. The Google box told me it may be a fledgling and to leave it alone (I didn’t get too close in case mama was watching but I’m going to check on him later just in case bcse we have hawks in the area).
I already feel ridiculously protective of this bird. Should I put it in a tree or bush? Or continue leaving it alone?
It’s been 40 minutes, I’m going to go peek at him again.
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23 Apr
Some in the press are trying hard to make Kemp vs Trump a thing since the Fauci vs Trump battle never happened danaloesch.com/prepare-for-th…
I mean, Polis is doing virtually the same as Kemp but he’s protected from the press-incited outrage mob because he’s a Democrat. Added bonus if they can foment a Kemp vs Trump angle.
And everyone is getting totally distracted from this because they’re too busy getting baited into a nonexistent GOP on GOP fight.
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22 Apr
Really looking forward to the fecal storm of hot takes on the Trump v Kemp portion of this presser, especially since nuance is dead.
It sounded like there were certain businesses he didn’t think should be opened in phase one and that criteria should be met before entering into any phase, still says the governors call their states, but whatever, rage away.
When Dems disagree, it’s not a big deal, when GOP does it, all hell breaks loose. The disparate treatment of GOP, Dem governors adds fuel to the media critique fire.
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22 Apr
I appreciate LEOs — but this is some United States of Karen nonsense. We’re targeting moms on playgrounds now.
Also — instead of just getting mad at the cops who are enforcing this idiotic overreach they didn’t write, get mad at the blockhead municipalities that created the idiotic overreach and tasked cops with enforcing it.
They’re letting violent criminals out but heaven forbid moms take their kids to a playground to get out of the house. Again — this is how you make enemies of reasonable people.
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20 Apr
Except that it was never actual law (and the remark you’re citing was made before the decision that was overturned) — and it’s perfectly fine to shout fire when the theater is actually on fire.
I wish that those who incorrectly use this as a cudgel for censorship were just honest about their true intention: censorship.
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16 Apr
This is a silly, ridiculously partisan article that proclaims a lefty zealot more concerned with running for higher office (who threatened to turn average citizens into Thinkpol re isolating) has “clear-eyed leadership.” Oh, the LOLs.
The idea that relocating to a different part of the United States (7 years ago) means you’re forever disallowed participation in, or criticism of, in your state and local governances is one of the dumbest retorts I’ve ever heard.
Jenkins wants to elevate his political status by posturing his political fights as pandemic leadership (and he apparently desires to use the National Guard for pandemic detection work). Unfortunately he had his hand slapped the other day: wfaa.com/article/news/l… .
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13 Apr
Next the press asks if Fauci said this “voluntary” to which he replies, “please. Everything I do is voluntary” He glares at the reporter who asked.
For those salivating over a Fauci vs Trump story, Fauci has disagreed with and criticized the press more than he has ever disagreed with Trump on strategy. At some point it will become clear to them that this dog doesn’t hunt.
I hope that there is a gif of that Fauci glare later.
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8 Apr
I’m sorry — but for years this bullshit publication has run outrage pieces when I or any other conservative have justifiably criticized media over bias or the left over violence but it’s cool for them to do this?
Oh no, I’ve offended the delicate sensitives of the perpetually-outraged garbage defender brigade! Stick to your flyover hate pieces and regurgitation of CPC propaganda, you know, what some of you do best.
This ridiculous bias game has extended to even politicizing a pandemic and confusing people who need the latest info on a virus where every day brings new developments. Lives are on the line. The proverbial straw and all.
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8 Apr
A thread: Spoke with a dear friend today whose father-in-law passed from the Wuhan Coronavirus last week. His wife, her MIL, had contracted it also. X-rays showed her left lung full. She was coughing, struggling w oxygen. Three days after drug cocktail she left the hospital.
On Wednesday they administered the hydroxychloroquine cocktail and by Friday x-rays showed her left lung nearly clear. She came home yesterday, still under strict quarantine as docs said she will shed the virus for additional two weeks.
I don’t know what every experience has been with this treatment, but I know my friend’s family is beyond grateful that they don’t have to bury BOTH parents. Her life was saved by this drug cocktail.
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