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Mar 11, 2022 124 tweets 115 min read
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Pa’ Ted: Imagine when you retire, or when you are 70 or 80 years old, where will you be then? What are you doing?
#Nichkhun: I probably sit on the top of a mountain, near a vineyard. When I look down from the mountain top, I will see the sea.
#ป๋าเต็ดทอล์ก #2PM #Nichkhun: I am sipping wine after I finish playing golf. At the back of my house on the mountain, there’s a vineyard. Or my house is located near a winery. I enjoy drinking red wine and I like playing golf. Actually, you can play golf at any age.
#ป๋าเต็ดทอล์ก #2PM
Mar 4, 2022 56 tweets 64 min read
Q: How do you find a balance between expressing your opinion as 2PM's Nichkhun and just a boy named Nichkhun?
Khun: First of all, I try not to use social media. I try to use it as little as I can.
#ป๋าเต็ดทอล์ก #นิชคุณ #Nichkhun #2PM Image #Nichkhun: Before I post any photos, I will carefully check them to make sure I don't accidentally post photos of other people in the background. I will check if there are bad things or things that should be published yet in the photos.
#ป๋าเต็ดทอล์ก #นิชคุณ #2PM