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Dan Crenshaw, Congressman, Lieutenant Commander (Ret), a former Navy SEAL.
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11 Nov
As a veteran, I always appreciate it when people say “thank you” to veterans on this day.

But I also encourage them to say “Never Forget.”
When you say “Never Forget” to a veteran, you are implying that, as an American, you are in it with them. Connected together as grateful Americans who will never forget the sacrifices made by veterans past and present, and their families, especially.
As veterans, we know what we signed up for. It was not a “service” in the traditional sense of the word… but rather an honor.
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23 Oct
Joe Biden wants you to believe that no one lost their insurance under Obamacare, that “Biden Care” wouldn’t decimate the private insurance industry, that his hands are clean of failed immigration policy, & that he never opposed fracking.

None of that is true. FACT CHECK THREAD!
Joe Biden said people “did not lose their insurance” under his health care plan.

But that’s not true. Millions lost their insurance.

This claim that no one lost their insurance was rated the lie of the year by PolitiFact.
Joe went on to say that “not one person with private insurance” would lose it under “Biden Care”

But that’s not true either.

“Government insurance options mainly erode, or ‘crowd out,’ private insurance, rather than provide coverage to the uninsured.”

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12 Oct
THREAD - Let’s destroy this radical claim.

There isn’t a single shred of evidence for this radical position, in fact the opposite is true. The costs of a Green New Deal will far outweigh the benefits, both to our environment and our economy. Here is why.
For our environment, energy demand will only increase in the coming years, and that demand will either be met by American energy or by countries like Russia or Iran.

Russian natural gas shipped abroad has 47% more emissions than American LNG.

America has some of the highest energy production standards in the world. Russia? Not so much.

Just last year, Russian oil companies shipped massive supplies of toxic, intentionally tainted Russian oil abroad.

Is this who we want powering the world?
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30 Sep
Joe Biden made it clear last night that he is the Democrat Party.

He acts like he’s the moderate who will control the radical left. But the reality is the exact opposite. It is the radical left who controls Joe Biden.

Just look at his own words from the debate.

The Democrat Party is now the party of abolishing the filibuster and packing the Supreme Court with liberal judges.

Biden wouldn’t even answer the question about whether he would support this policy.

Democrats are now the party of the Green New Deal. Joe Biden said it is not his plan, but he defended it last night, saying it would “pay for itself.”

And if it isn’t his plan... why does he praise it on his website as a “crucial framework”...? Because AOC is his energy advisor.
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24 Sep
Despicable, shameless left-wing activists and @wendydavis using the credibility of veterans to spread lies. Claiming @chiproytx doesn’t support Gold Star families is beyond the pale - he’s a cosponsor of the Gold Star Family Tax Relief Act.

I rarely weigh in on this kind of thing but this infuriates me. Wendy Davis is using veterans and Gold Star families for her political advantage and I won’t stand for it.

If Wendy Davis doesn't denounce this, she has no business representing a single Texan.
Wendy Davis lied to this Gold Star family and manipulated them into doing an ad for her.

It is shameful.

Here is the truth:
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15 Aug
Joe thinks you can’t tell the difference between absentee voting and universal mail-in voting.

Absentee voting is safe and secure. If you requested an absentee ballot, you should use it.

Universal mail-in voting is vulnerable to abuse and mistakes.

Here are examples. THREAD:
More than 1 in 5 mail-in ballots were rejected in New York City during a recent election - as many as 84,000 ballots were invalidated - delaying the results of the election for more than a month.
As NPR reported in July, mail-in voting “is fraught with potential problems. Hundreds of thousands of ballots go uncounted each year because people make mistakes, such as forgetting to sign the form or sending it in too late”
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1 Jul
Remember when they told us that “defund the police” didn’t mean defund the police?

Remember when they said bail reform wouldn’t affect your safety?

This is today’s Democrat party. Do you trust them to protect your family? You shouldn’t, look at these stats (1/3):
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16 Apr

Instead of attempting to spin the public into a hateful, frightened frenzy, let’s try reporting some facts with the correct context. Here’s what that might look like:

On March 3rd, the day after you claim Trump should have shut our economy down, this is how the WHO downplayed the virus:

“COVID-19 spreads less efficiently than flu, transmission does not appear to be driven by people who are not sick”

Would the America public really have accepted millions of jobs destroyed for a virus that had infected just 102 people by March 2? Especially considering Italy would not lock down until March 10th, Spain on March 14th, and the UK on March 23?

A bit of context is in order here.
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4 Apr
THREAD (1/4) Many of those laid off workers are involved in the oil and gas industry. They are still your fellow Americans, whether you like it or not.
(2/4) Foreign oil is produced with poorer labor protections, higher emissions, and generally worse standards than American oil. We set the standard in clean oil production.
(3/4) How do you think we will pay for education and healthcare in the country without oil and gas revenues? Many states rely on this revenue. Curious where you believe these funds will come from.
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12 Mar
THREAD - Here’s what you need to know about the coronavirus, based on my conversations with public health officials and hearings in Congress.

First and foremost: I am confident that our government is fully invested in providing the resources necessary to mitigate the spread of this virus. We restricted travel early, and passed $8.3B in funds last week. As the President said last night, we are all in this together.

On tests: Don’t expect to receive a test on demand. In fact, the Assistant Surgeon General told me that widespread public testing is not advisable.

Right now, we need to be focusing on improving testing efficiency, and improving availability to those with symptoms.

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3 Jan
Tonight's a good night. Soleimani, the world’s pre-eminent sponsor of terrorism, is now dead. He spent decades spreading death and destruction across the region, including engineering and providing IEDs to Shia militias in Iraq that were used to kill hundreds of Americans. 1/5
Abu Mahdi al Muhandis, the leader of Kata’ib Hezbollah, an Iraqi militia beholden to the Iranian Quds Force and responsible for attacks against Americans, including the recent attack on the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad, was also killed. 2/5
This swift and decisive act by the president is welcomed news, but we should expect a response from the Iranian regime and/or its surrogates. As their power declines at home and abroad, they will continue to lash out. 3/5
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23 Dec 19
Happy Hanukkah to our Jewish friends, family, and neighbors all over the world!

When the ragtag Jewish army of Maccabees stood up to fight against impossible odds to defeat the mightiest army of the time, they did so alone. 1/4
But today, the Jewish people are not alone. We stand united to celebrate the miracle of Hanukkah by lighting the Menorah, and we stand united against the darkness of anti-semitism.

We must. Because the scourge of anti-semitism has not ended. 2/4
We see it in the form of the BDS movement on college campuses. We see it in the hate of the alt-right, who have confronted me directly on multiple occasions because of my support of the Jewish people. 3/4
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14 Dec 19
The challenge that millennials face is their overwhelming support of Democrat policies, not the relative wealth of current boomers.

Consider the following. (1/5)
If millennials are looking to increase their wealth relative to boomers, it would be best NOT to vote for Democrats, who push bills like Social Security 2100, which raises taxes on current workers so that benefits for boomers can be *increased*. (2/5)
If millennials are looking for better medical care, don’t vote for politicians who promise you “free” care.

Unless we want long wait times, fewer cures, and doubling (or possibly tripling) our taxes. (3/5)
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31 Aug 19
NYT’s Jamelle Bouie and MSNBC’s Chris Hayes take a swing and miss...badly. Let’s break down their bad arguments for abolishing the electoral college, one by one. nyti.ms/30Ff0HC
Claim: Every vote should be = in America, no matter who you are or where you come from

Yep. That’s why if you live in rural America, your voice should still count.

The EC promotes more equal regional representation, and protects the interests of sparsely populated states.
Claim: Republicans live in cities just as Democrats live in rural areas.

This isn’t a political party issue, it’s a regional one. People living in rural areas have different problems than people living in cities. Politicians should not ignore concerns from the rural population.
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11 Jun 19
If you can’t defend your ideas with your own free speech, then it may be an indication that your ideas weren’t very good to begin with. Shutting down others is intellectual laziness.

Ok YouTube?
We must stand, as a nation, for free speech. The arbitrary and standard-less bans on social media are alarming & dangerous, FAR more dangerous than most speech they might be banning. When people feel they cannot be heard in a free society, we are no longer a democracy.
The only truly dangerous speech is the kind that directly calls for violence. That is the standard and always has been. It works. It is objective.

The banning of free speech is the first mark of fascism. All of the “anti-fascists” out there should know this.
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27 May 19
Enjoy your Memorial Day and let us remember why we celebrate. We celebrate the lives of the heroes we have lost. Never Forget.

Read entire thread please.

#MemorialDay2019 #MemorialDay
Brendan Looney. Did our first deployment together at SEAL Team 3. One of the best and most respected leaders on the Team. Husband, son, and brother.

“Be Strong. Be accountable. Never complain.”
Pat Feeks. One of the best JTACs out there. Best story teller I ever met (those who knew him will understand!). Loyal friend, husband, brother, and son. He always showed up when you asked him to.
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25 May 19
Want to understand why we can’t fix the border crisis? Let’s break down the Congressional Dems’ strategy:

Step 1: Ridicule regular Americans’ concerns with border security, & conflate illegal immigration with legal immigration.
Step 2: Propose DACA amnesty without addressing illegal immigration (knowing GOP can’t support a proposal that doesn’t address the root cause of the problem).
Step 3: Refuse compromise with GOP on border security, asylum law reform, and DACA fix.
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31 Jan 19
Venezuelans continue their fight for freedom, with US support.

Well, most of us that is....

Prominent Democrats who don’t support freeing Venezuela from an illegitimate socialist dictator:


Along w/Russia, Cuba, Iran.
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