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28 May 20
1-@“Reminder:Google Can't Be Trusted On China"linkedin.com/pulse/reminder… on @LinkedIn—“Well, Google’s true origin partly lies in CIA & NSA research grants 4 mass surveillance.Just like most digital platforms, #Google used 2 work 4 the US defense entries,however,now, they decided not
2..2 work with U.S. defense entities,& rather work 4 the CCP's military. Google invested a billion $$ in China on AI;it is important 2 note China is beating the US on AI.The Foreign Policy reports,Google is handing the future of the internet 2 the #CCP, & Google has been”quietly—
3..collaborating with the Chinese gov’t on a new,censored search engine—& abandoning its own ideals in the process."The Intercept reports, #Google is "planning 2 launch a censored version of its search engine in #China that will blacklist websites&search terms about human rights—
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24 Mar 20
1-😡😡”Hi. I work in largest hospital in #NewYorkCity. Dont' have enough supplies because this was all outsourced to #China. My hospital sent purchasing agents directly 2 Chinese factories yrs ago 2 get cheap prices & bragged about it—Fools!! We can't test people NOT because..
2...we don't have enough tests but because we don't have enough PPE 4 the staff 2 do it.Huge amounts r now being stolen because it is so valuable & scarce.PLEASE MAKE THE GLOBALISTS OWN THIS!!This is what outsourcing does. Outsourcing is literally killing Americans now.The...
3...Defense Production Act is pointless because all the manufacturers of this stuff left so there is no domestic industry 2 invoke it on!!!Please have CPA & other leaders emphasize this. It really can't be said enough.This blows all their BS free trade arguments out of the water.
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13 Mar 20
1-Subject: Stewart Paterson at Metropolitan Club, Washington DC “Folks,Yesterday I attended a talk by Stewart Paterson,author of China,Trade & Power.Paterson is a British-born hedge fund manager who has lived in Hong Kong & Singapore 4 most of the last 20 yrs. He explained his...
2...on #China.Some of it is familiar but he did a great job pulling it together into a clear argument.There were some 50 people at the event including from the DOC—Nazak Nikaktar,Richard McCormack,& Earl Comstock(who recently left his position as Chief of Staff 2 WIlbur Ross)...
3...In a nutshell,Paterson’s argument is that the decision 2 let #China into the #WTO in 2001 was the greatest mistake of modern times.This enabled the largest labor arbitrage in economic history,bringing in 600 million workers at a wage level 1/30th the level of US wages.The...
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9 Jan 20
1-Intel Briefing Has Congressman 'Convinced Even More Than Ever' That Soleimani Had 2 Go-“I am convinced even more than ever-& I was fully convinced-this was the right move 2 save American lives on an imminent basis,& they did the right thing,” Kinzinger.. westernjournal.com/intel-briefing…
2...said in a Fox News interview Wednesday afternoon.
But he’s also seen that Democrats can’t seem to accept it.
“I’ll tell you what. It’s really frightening that this became political so quickly, and I hope that changes,” Kinzinger said.
In his Fox interview, Kinzinger said...
3... “Whatever’s happening, it’s not cowboy diplomacy. And it’s certainly better than surrender diplomacy that we’ve seen from the last administration,” he said.
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9 Dec 19
1-“This article is unique as it kills two "#China loving birds" with one stone ... #Kissinger & #Paulson ..”..“Paulson,like Kissinger,continues 2 ignore the multidimensional nature of China’s undeclared #coldwar against the United States and the West.... thehill.com/opinion/intern…
2...4 example,US Senate panel recently criticized US science agencies 4 failing 2 respond 2 the threat posed by #China’s talent-recruitment programs.#Beijing’s involvement has allowed China 2 divert US gov’t funds & private-sector technology 2 advance its military&economic goals.
3..”Lenin & Stalin had their“useful idiots”in the West.#Mao Zedong,&successors up 2 &including Xi Jinping,have what might be called their useful ‘geniuses’.-What distinguishes #Trump administration from its predecessors is the recognition that decades of US engagement with China-
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28 Jul 19
1-#Tariffs are a necessary part of the solution, not THE solution!

No one worries about the industry being destroyed only those that ‘might be’ hurt! Until it’s their turn on the firing line being destroyed. Wrong is wrong, illegal is illegal, predatory is predatory!
2-You can pay me now or pay me later but ignoring the mercantilism is at your own peril in due course.The history is clear!#China is the culmination of the process,nations & their futures r clearly at risk!As far as the trade deficit,it takes yrs 2 unwind process that created it.
3-Tariffs r just the start of the process & the beginning of the counter attack. One tool in the big picture of eliminating the trade distortions that created the monster.We have no choice but 2 win the war of economic aggression.We can’t afford 2 ignore the forest 4 the trees!
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