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Christian, Husband to Jamie, Dad of Aoife and assistant pastor of @avenuecc, and @churchinhardplc apprentice, growing a church for Eyres Monsell in Leicester.
18 Jun
Hey @TGC. I just read this article and wanted to offer a few thoughts. Please read them?
First - I LOVE The Gospel Coalition. I'm incredibly thankful to have a biblically faithful organisation putting out regular and diverse resources for the worldwide church. Thank you so much.
I just would like to offer a few comments on this article. I think I understand its jist - if we have children, consider having more if possible, but most importantly, bring them up in the fear and the instruction of the Lord. And that, I wholeheartedly agree with.
But I'd like to question some potential insensitivity here too. Firstly - towards unmarried people. Are they unable to live counter-culturally without a bucket load of children? Can you understand that some of the phrasing here could lead some single Christians to feel sub-par?
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