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Current writer of FANTASTIC FOUR and IRON MAN. Also known for runs of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, SILVER SURFER and SHE-HULK. Talks too much about #DoctorWho
24 Feb 19
#SpiderVerse origins:
6/9/09, @Beenox studios flew me to Quebec to show me their new game in development: Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions so I could write the story around it. It'd involve Spidey, Ultimate Spider-Man, Spider-Man Noir, & Spider-Man 2099, all in one big adventure.
#SpiderVerse origins:
I called my editor, Steve Wacker, from the studio. Told him the game looked GREAT and that we should do this story in the comics, but one up them, make it BIGGER and do something they couldn't do, have all the Spideys interact, and use EVERY SPIDER-MAN EVER!
#SpiderVerse origins:
At a 2011 Marvel Retreat we discussed plans for Spidey's 50th in '12. Bendis pitched SPIDER-MEN, where Miles would team-up/hang out w/ the Peter Parker from the mainstream Marvel U. THIS is the story that would form the heart & soul of INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE.
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