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11 Dec 19

Think of Grenfell.
Think of Windrush.
Think of the homeless.
Think of those that are sick.
Think of those with disabilities.
Think of the nurses who lost their bursary...

#GE2019 #VoteLabour
Think of the people on benefits forced through a cruel & degrading system that has led so many to suicide.
Think of the EU doctors, professors, academics, researchers leaving the UK every day.
Think of that kid lying on the floor in hospital (in 2019 in Britain)

#GE2019 #GE
Think of your parents, your kids, your friends, waiting hours in ambulances outside A&E.

Think about paying to have your baby, to hold your baby (!) if the NHS goes to Trump.

#GE2019 #VoteLabourOnThursday
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16 Nov 18
Dear anyone who thinks they will vote Conservative when we have a #GeneralElection ...please read the below report from UN Rapporteur on extreme poverty & human rights before you cast your vote.

Let your conscience do the rest.

#ChildrenInNeed #Poverty
“But through it all, one actor has stubbornly resisted seeing the situation for what it is. The Government has remained determinedly in a state of denial.”

@theresa_may @EstherMcVey1

#UNVisit2018 #poverty
“Even while devolved authorities in Scotland & N Ireland are frantically trying to devise ways to ‘mitigate’, or in other words counteract, at least the worst features of the Government’s benefits policy, Ministers insisted to me that all is well and running acc to plan”
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9 Aug 18
Dear @BBCNews

I am keen to know more about why you pay controversial “charity” IEA to come on @BBCNewsnight in front of millions & speak about how badly the NHS is doing & how it requires an “overhaul.”
Could you tell us more?

#BBCswitchoff #BBCBias
Lots going on for the IEA at present. Why is the @BBCNews paying them to appear on television? [yet not paying other thinktanks?]

See .@CHPIthinktank report

#BBCswitchoff #BBCBias
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