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29 Apr
Day 2 of the #JonesvDeSantis trial done. What have we learned so far? A lot! Mostly we've learned that the State of Florida is wedded to defending a system of poll taxes that they don't even know how to implement.
We started with the inspiring testimony of Plaintiff Moreland. Ms. Moreland and people like her are why we are fighting this fight. After #Amendment4 passed, she registered to vote. But later in 2019, she found out she still owes $$ from a yrs old conviction.
Under this new law, these fines and fees would stand in the way of her ability to vote. #polltax And even though @GovRonDeSantis lost in every court so far on this law, she was removed from the rolls earlier this year. While she has been reinstated, so many others are at risk.
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4 Jan 19
I'm home sick but never too sick to rave about #HR1: a bill to continue our long American project of creating a democracy that represents all of us equally. I'm gonna talk wonky on here for a minute. #ForThePeople
My @CampaignLegal colleagues @DelaneyMarsco @brendan_fischer and others will tell you about the campaign finance and ethic portions (they are big! really big! change our democracy big!). I'm here to talk about the provisions at the heart of our democracy: VOTING.
The bill is 571 pages and it is CHOCKFULL of good ideas (hint, hint, states could adopt a lot of these on their own). #HR1
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13 Dec 17
1/x Folks, a few thoughts on the extraordinary turnout among black voters in last night's #ALSEN special election and about how much greater it could have been.
2/x My client, Scott Douglas, wrote a brilliant op-ed about the problems with AL's discriminatory voter ID law in the NY Times yesterday: nytimes.com/2017/12/11/opi…
3/x Here are the numbers on the photo ID law:118,000 registered Alabama voters do not have a photo ID they can use to vote; Black and Latino voters are about twice as likely as white voters to not have ID.

Last night's #ALSEN election was decided by under 21,000 votes
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