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13 Sep
Brief thread on my reflections as a peer-reviewer that I hope will be useful for others. These reflections are based on ~10 years as an AE, Section Editor, or EB member for several journals in sport science or S&E psych & ad hoc reviewer for many others 1/n
I also share these reflections as errors I've made in my own work, so many of the suggestions are approaches or readings that I've personally found useful in rectifying these issues. I welcome contributions from others (much more qualified than me) on their useful resources 2/n
Never underestimate the importance of your lit review; it's impossible to assess your contribution(s) in the absence of sufficient info on the conceptual & empirical context. This @AOMConnect editorial on 'setting the hook' is an excellent compass (journals.aom.org/doi/10.5465/am…) 3/n
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13 Jun 20
Thread - > Agree that resilience has taken on elements as a 'buzzword; disagree that it is capacity bc it encompasses resources only & ignores person-interactions. Capacity defn are also silent on the necessary and sufficient conditions that characterise the concept 1/n
Consider the defn of resilience as a capacity of individuals to withstand or bounce back from adversity. What do all exemplars of this capacity possess (necessary condition)? What are the properties that only exemplars of this capacity possess (sufficient condition)? 2/n
In the absence of answers to these questions – so the clarification of the conceptual theme of resilience as a capacity - the list of possible knowledge, skills, abilities, & other attributes that characterise this capacity is potentially limitless. 3/n
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