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25 Jun
Now that the RLB-Maxine Peake situation has come to the attention of the wider public, I'd like to offer an explanation of how this conspiracy theory started & grew.

The answer stems back to a US-based organisation calling itself "Jewish Voice for Peace". (Thread)
"Jewish Voice for Peace" in the US, like "Jewish Voice for Labour" in the UK, are a group of people on the fringes of the Jewish community who see it as their job to downplay & dismiss certain types of antisemitism; JVL from Labour members, JVP from the "anti-Israel" brigade
A couple of years ago, JVP launched a new campaign called "Deadly Exchange".

Its aim was to basically say *police brutality in America? That's Israel's fault*

This is from Deadly Exchange website, which is run by JVP.
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14 Mar

Buzzfeed: *These 12 quarantined people have built INSANE toilet roll forts*

Jacobin: *If we’re lucky, Coronavirus’s main victim will be Capitalism*

NYT: *This description of Coronavirus is racist (but we were using it ourselves last week)*
Independent: *How Coronavirus is probably Israel’s fault*, by Robert Fisk

Ha’aretz: *How Coronavirus is DEFINITELY Israel’s fault*, by Gideon Levy

Mondoweiss: *Israel is using Coronavirus as yet another weapon against the Palestinians*

972: *Coronavirus is the new Occupation*
Express: *How Coronavirus is somehow Greta Thunberg’s fault*

Guardian: *Will Coronavirus slow down climate change? (Every cloud...)*


Sp!ked: *This metropolitan liberal elite virus will be the scourge of the snowflakes*
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2 Jan
That's interesting, because I feel like some of those who wouldn't talk to those they saw as "scabs" for decades are the same people who, 3 weeks after the election result, expect UK Jews to have got over their anger at those who went blithely along with antisemites & deniers
There's now very much an "ah well, can't blame a man/woman for trying!" attitude from some people who either kept quiet about Labour antisemitism or made it very clear it didn't really matter to them.

Now, post-election, it's "we must all come together to repair the damage".
Maybe you should apologise first for keeping quiet when you should have spoken up. Then we can talk about "repairing the damage".

Instead, you're trying to pretend this all never happened. And you expect us to just go along with it.

Then you wonder why we're angry.
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1 Jan
Like this tweet and I’ll reply with a Yiddish phrase which may or may not be for you (I’ll include translation, mutuals only please 😘)
1) “In dem shpigl set iklekher zayn bestn freynd.”

In the mirror everybody sees their best friend
2) “Ven a ganef kusht, darf men zikh di tseyn ibertseyln.”

When a thief kisses you, count your teeth.
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4 Dec 19
Grant me the confidence of a non-Jewish man writing an article on how he "of course, indisputably rejects antisemitism in all its forms", who 3 paragraphs later begins a sentence with "However, the trouble with the Jews today..."
I'm sorry, he didn't write "However, the trouble with the Jews today".

He wrote "However, the trouble with Jews today".

In terms of offensiveness, I don't think there's the slightest bit of difference, personally.
You think I'm kidding? I'm not kidding.
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