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16 Apr 20
3,106,845 passengers travelled through Heathrow Airport in March alone without tests or restrictions during the worst pandemic in our lifetimes.
The average monthly passenger numbers are usually around 6.5 million, so it's only a 50% drop. And that's just one airport.
This is even worse when you consider that the UK is an island, which should give it good natural geographic defense, it should not be one of the worst affected countries, so zero-measures at airports till this very day is a huge miscalculation.
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16 Apr 20
China delivered medical supplies to Syria in the fight against #COVID19, and yes those two boxes were the supplies. Mask diplomacy doesnt (properly) apply to Syria. Image
No word on what was in the shipment, nor proof that there was anything other than these two boxes, if there was additional supplies on that plane i will post. ImageImage
The two boxes are shown being loaded into a truck after disinfection, China promised 2000 Covid19 testing kits last month, so it is likely the rest will follow at some point. Image
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29 Feb 20
Thread/ As one of the biggest regional escalations in the history of the #Syria war unfolds, here are a few thoughts on the Turkish-Russian/Syrian triangle of fighting in #Idlib – who will back down
1/Evidently #Russia has many limitations and concerns when it comes to an armed confrontation with #Turkey, something which has become increasingly apparent with its decisions in Syria, it does not want to enter a direct war with Turkey
2/#Russia has always proceeded with caution with its regional competitors or partners in #Syria, be that NATO, Turkey, or even Israel, it prefers to take a neutral or passive stance, for example the Syrian S300’s have not been activated and use of them is clearly not allowed.
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14 Oct 19
Thread/ These are the main points in the agreement between the #SDF and the Syrian government. #Syria
1/ The abolishment of the #SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces), with all the current Kurdish forces and military groups joining the 5th Corps (Assault Legion) under Russian control
2/ A solid guarantee of full Kurdish rights in the new Syrian constitution with autonomy which will be agreed upon by Kurdish leadership & Syrian state.
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3 Jul 19
#Daraa may have been retaken 'in name' by government forces but violence continues to rise. My latest piece for @MEI_CTE "As violence flares up in Daraa, control can be an illusion"

@MEI_CTE 1. The situation in #Daraa has been regressing in recent months, assassinations, checkpoint attacks, fires, & clashes have wreaked havoc in the area and created a number of predicaments
@MEI_CTE 2. Southern #Syria may officially be back under government control, but thousands of opposition fighters never left & stayed under Russian-brokered reconciliation deals
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29 May 19
My take on the #SAA's #Idleb offensive for the @MiddleEastInst , It is set to be Syria's fiercest battle thus far and a prolonged, violent, and ultimately costly campaign

@MiddleEastInst 1. The aims of the #Idleb offensive are pretty clear so far. Firstly - retaking the #Damascus-Aleppo highway.
Secondly - retaking #Idlib city, the provincial capital held by opp since 2015.
@MiddleEastInst 2. The town of Kafr Nabudah is now the epicenter of a battle that may decide the early outcome of the offensive, town has changed hands several times, imperative for #SAA to keep it if campaign is to be successful
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22 Jul 18
A number of reported Israeli strikes in #Masyaf, #Hama this evening
Images from the aftermath of the strikes on a suspected research facility
Syrian air defenses reportedly downed 3 of the missiles fired on #Masyaf according to State TV.
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19 Jul 18
Breaking: Explosion in neighbourhood of mashro Domar in West #Damascus
1. Possibly one the safest locations in #Damascus throughout the conflict
2. Image of explosion in mashro Domar, next to the main church. #Damascus #Syria
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4 Jul 18
Fahed kanjo is a Syrian journalist based in #Damascus, he has a weekly radio show on Farah FM. He was arrested days ago and is now awaiting trail for criticising the ministry of tourism after the ministry issued a complaint that he insulted the state of tourism in country.
1. This has become an increasing problem in recent times, ministries and institutions having the ability to make complaints on journalists who are lawfully & decently working & not even deeply criticising state behavior.
2. The state of tourism in #Syria Is relativly poor and corruption exists, everyone knows this, journalists are meant to be protected by Syrian laws & the constitution.
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24 Jun 18
Thread on #Daraa offensive, will be updating daily news, #SAA advances, losses & the mood surrounding it.
1.#SAA continues advance in North West Sweida & North East #Daraa after several days of heavy bombardment.
2. Breaking : #SAA now in control of Howsh Hamada in North East #Daraa after fierce clashes.
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9 May 18
Thread: Over the Last 24 hours a series of events have led to a dangerously escalating situation between #Israel, #Iran & #Syria
1/ #Trump withdraws from #IranNuclearDeal
2/ #Israel Instantly activates bomb Shelters in Golan Heights
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8 May 18
1/ A summary of the suspected Israeli strikes in Al-Kisweh south of #Damascus this evening, hours after #Trump announced a withdrawal #IranNukeDeal
2/ Trump withdraws from #IranNukeDeal
3/ #Israel instructed local authorities in the Golan Heights to “unlock and ready bomb shelters”, after identifying apparent "irregular activity of Iranian forces in #Syria
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29 Apr 18
1/ Important Development: After weeks of intense fighting in #YarmoukCamp in South #Damascus an agreement has been reached between #HTS (Nusra) & #SAA for militants to leave, deal includes #Fua & #Kafraya, #ISIS are not involved

Here's the full story:
2. #HTS controlled areas of the #Yarmouk will surrender fully as the agreement for them to leave is set to come into effect tomorrow morning
3. #HTS Militants & their families are set to be deported to #Idleb, where there is a strong #HTS presence
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14 Apr 18
Thread: Here’s how the U.S led strikes on #Syria developed from here in the Capital #Damascus in the early hours of this morning
1. At around 4.30 Damascus time I awoke to initial large sounds of over 10 rocket attacks, it immediately was clear from the types of missile being heard that it was a Western Attack conducted by the #U.S #France & #U.K
2. The strikes were heard clearly in all parts of the Capital and continued on and off for a duration of 50 minutes, Syrian state media reported the strikes but didn’t provide information as to the locations
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9 Apr 18
Update from T4 airbase just attacked by missiles/strikes in East #Homs
1. Over 20 missiles landed in and around the Airbase
2. 8 were reportedly intercepted by Syrian air defenses
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6 Apr 18
Important: Here's how the Russian brokered deal to evacuate #Douma involving #SAA & Jaysh al Islam (JAI) went sour, paving the way for a widespread military operation today in the last trapped rebel enclave in East #Ghouta
31. Within 48 hours the deal should be completed, which draws to a close the Russian backed #SAA operation to retake the whole of Eastern #Ghouta
32. Buses enter #Douma just now to start process of taking JAI to #Jarablus under terms of agreement
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20 Mar 18
Thread: #ISIS takes over Southern #Damascus town of #Qadam in space of 3 days & kills dozens of Syrian Troops in Deadly ambush, here’s how it happened
1. Thus far 25 #SAA soldiers thought to be killed and another 45 either missing, injured or Captured by #ISIS, a chain of events had occurred however which led to this critical situation
2. On the 11th March Anjad al Sham rebels in Al- #Qadam were given a 48 hour warning by the #SAA to evacuate the South #Damascus district for #Idleb
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