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31 Jan 19
Ok so I would call myself a leftist.I read @972mag and @haaretzcom,I oppose the occupation,and I got called a "self-hating Jew" plenty times, because I firmly believe in a Palestinian right to self-determination.However,I find @jvplive's statement on #Zionism highly irritating./1
I think the statement is extremely one-sided, not providing context when speaking about Zionism and it comes from a position of privilege that many other Jews don't have. The US has the biggest Jewish community outside of Israel /2
Jewish culture is a "natural" part of American culture. As an American Jew, living a "Jewish" life (at least in the big cities) is quite easy when it comes to finding kosher food at the supermarket, channuka candles or a "Mazel Tov" greeting card. /3
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