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1/Jesus Wept

Devotional from Pastor Travis Yonkman Grace OPC - Hamilton, NJ

John 11:35
“Jesus wept.”

Why?!?! Jesus is moments from raising His friend Lazarus from the dead. Jesus knows that death is only entrance into eternal life in heaven. Why in the world 2/would Jesus cry?

The only answer is that even though death is but entrance into heaven for the Christian, still, for us here on earth who continue to struggle in this broken world, death is still a great sorrow. For us, while we are not yet in heaven, death robs us of the
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1/Active Obedience in the Old Testament

Devotional from Pastor Travis Yonkman Grace OPC - Hamilton, NJ

Romans 4:3
“For what does the Scripture say? "Abraham believed God, and it was counted to him as righteousness."”

People often ask, “How were people saved in 2/the Old Testament before Jesus?” The answer: There was no “before Jesus.” He has been, is, and always will be. He died for the sins of His people. His righteousness alone makes people worthy of heaven. It was so certain that it could even be counted for people in the Old