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Stage-2 Is the curiosity. Twits'/Charts are only for Research. Practice Volume. Not a SEBI Reg. Analyst. EX Microsoft, UBS ag (USA) employee. Have No passion.
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Unable to settle down the score lets Take the research to the next levell

#1 What chemicals are used in semiconductor industry?

Semiconductor chemistry is mainly based on chemical treatment by solvents and acid-base etching of semiconductors. Solvent chemistry : the main chemicals used in this phase are trichloroethylene, acetone, isopropanol but also other alcohols such as denatured ethanol.

Silicon, is the most abundant element on earth except for oxygen, and is used in chip manufacturing because it is a natural semiconductor ( we already done this )

Raw-Material Semiconductors are made from a variety of raw materials, including silicon, germanium, gallium arsenide, and indium phosphide. These materials are processed and purified to create a crystalline structure, which forms the foundation for building semiconductor devices such as transistors, diodes, and integrated circuits Image
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TriveniEng Image Image
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#Carbon-ceramics Break: If you're spending a lot of time on the track, your carbon ceramic brakes will never fade, even with many laps of hard driving. With steel brakes, you'll feel brake fade fairly quickly. That's one benefit of carbon ceramic.

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The name is Varunastra ( Varun dev )
Which is India's first torpedo?

The Varunastra HWT is the first indigenously developed heavyweight torpedo that is capable of meeting the Navy's operational requirement.…

It was designed and developed by Vizag-based Naval Science and Technological Laboratory (NSTL) under the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) and is manufactured by Bharat Dynamics Ltd (BDL). Varunastra can be fired from
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The Food is on my dining table and the Stock in Demat account.

Disc: invested in Westlife / Devyani - Asia brand
at least a 5-year story.
past experience / observation - adf /vadilal

Day by day the Indian road getting excellent which provoke for long drive / or at least a drive……
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education paper!

puri duniya pagal hey denora 4 kilo ka electrolyzer 10 rs mein bech raha hey - ish liye stock bad raha hey . are bhai the hydrogen in India just setting up .. relax . I think the root cause is some where else .

The water called SEA-WATER

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The company name is Tonbo Imaging (The vision of #HBLpower)
From HBL - To TONBO ( may be a game changer)

Q1: HBL investment is a pure investment or
Q2 HBL want to enter more into defense by the help of tonobo.
All equipment required very high standard battery. energy cell…

1)multi-functional thermal imaging binoculars
2)multi mission-sight, which can be mounted on the helmet and also the weapon

#2 How Army discovered Tonbo Imaging

Products of the company — which exports sights and other systems to over two dozen countries and are in use with :-
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#Study1 - data collection / Not applicable to you .
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#Graphene - its coming in big way! HOW FAST YOU CHARGE ?? Thats the key!
The most used battery is - AA++ - DOUBLE A

What type of electrode is hydrogen electrode?

In electrochemistry, the standard hydrogen electrode (abbreviated SHE), is a redox electrode which forms the basis of the thermodynamic scale of oxidation-reduction potentials. Image
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What wires are used in elevators?

What is a Seale strand? The world's most frequently used strand construction for elevator ropes is the 19-wire Seale strand (1-9-9).

What size is elevator cable?
Elevator rope constructions are available in: 8x25 Filler, 8x21……
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Don't want to be deliberate too much - as you know after 2/3 writing I feel like a indolent rabbit.

Question / Research: - How I stay with a stock for 12/18 months with confidence and support my study that I will create Money?

I will show you - you need to figure out

I Just…… Image #cumminsInd Image
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A village named #Shambhal What did Lord Krishna say about Kaliyuga?
#Krishna explained that it symbolizes that in Kali Yuga the people will love the children so much. That the love itself will destroy the capabilities, life's #dreams and the #future of the children. They would completely ignore their……
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At what point RSI is critical . very crucial ?
there are lot of theory/practice around RSI. TA used this according to their flexibility. as we saw in the past that RSI 91 is also not overbought

Making the writing short – here is one point “or only “ one point I measure RSI…… Image if during 4 hr it back to 1174 and restage it - it will be no issue . Central pivot will help to re-lunch Image
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Carborundrum - My expectation or i think it behave like this .

1623 - 1200 = 423 rs
almost - 35.25%
already cover 3.2%
rest 32%
always the first candle which consider as breakout , normally above 14%. Image Normal glitch at - 1313. need to be cross effortlessly.

One disadvantage - as the stock in blue sky the 1600 marathon it should clear in 2 /3 shot . No 2% or 3% will help this .

A big buyer must come in and take to the new high. If the investor thinks its a 3000 stock in next 1……
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why I am bullish in #abrasive
The advantages of shifting from machining to grinding gears for EV

Grinding can reduce noise and vibration and can help improve gear efficiencies for electric vehicles. ImageImage #1 Image
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Sodium and Lithium are almost same properties .

Carefully study found Soduim can be replace lithium (ouch)

the best company produce is #Tatachemical Image did not know that . do you ? Image
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Mein #SiliconCarbide. hoon . 'Mein anne wale samay mein jo EV car tum kharidene wale hoo ush mein aham hisa bane wala hoo"😊😊

Using silicon carbide (SiC) for power switches enables higher power densities and switching efficiencies in electric vehicle (EV) powertrains Image #B2 Why is silicon carbide used in power electronics?
Silicon carbide (SiC) is a growing alternative to silicon based electronics components especially in wide bandgap applications. The material offers a unique combination of greater power efficiency, -
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#Elgirubber - See the tire through my eye.
Lets Join the Dot for Tire :) I am not asking you to buy any Tire Company. na na - Sare investor bhare pade hein uhann.
Now your question is - Then 😭? . Please follow ..
When Tire catch FLU it need a doctor -"#ElgiRubber"

First 10 minutes you just imagine you are a Truck 'Owner' and you believe India will be a 5 Trillion economy market. Mr Gadkari allow to load 30% extra because road are like velvet.
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Market mein ek hulchal hey- app log ne dekha hoga ?
all big/small fund are buying textile or textile related stock.

Apna apna level pe check karo..

Is it in the assumption of Srilanka / BANGALDESH going to bankcorrput and all the business will come to INDIA .

soch ke dekhoo ? This industry provides more than 330,000 direct employment or 5 per cent of country's total employment in more than 1,060 garment factories. Sri Lanka's garment exports have been largely governed by the Multi-fibre Arrangement
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#ShivalikBimetal Controls Ltd , #SBCL
A small company who supply the SHUNT and Resistor to Vishay Del , when i saw the USA import list. A complex engineering where few has made their hand dirty. Go through this..... 1) first see where it sending its product.(you will be surprised)
2) what this company product impact on the world and where it can used.
3) where it getting master class
4) Number :)
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Finoetex - a chemical company - worth looking . ImageImage Image