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Mar 16 30 tweets 15 min read
#GPT4 dropped less than 48 hours ago, and so many people are already doing incredible stuff with it!

Here are 25 GPT-4 examples that will blow your mind! 🤯

🧵 ↓ Let's kick this thread off with this demo from @gdb that got everyone hyped up during the announcement!

#GPT4 is now multimodal (works w/ text, audio, and images). Thus it can turn hand-drawn sketches into fully functional html/css/js websites!

Mar 15 5 tweets 4 min read
VSCode + AI = Mind blown🤯

(pssst, you too can get this killer setup for free in just 3 simple steps! 🧵↓) So here's the secret sauce, courtesy of @Steve8708! 🤓

1⃣ Sign up for GitHub Copilot Labs:

2⃣ Download the Copilot Labs extension:

3⃣ Once installed, head over to `custom brushes`! ✨

More about them below ↓ Image
Mar 1 5 tweets 5 min read
[JUST IN] #ChatGPT and #Whisper are now available through @OpenAI’s API! 🤯

#ChatGPT's API is using 'gpt-3.5-turbo', and its pricing is 10x cheaper than its predecessor!

GPT3: $0.02/1k tokens (100k tokens=$2)
GPT3.5: $0.002/1k tokens (1M tokens=$2)

🔗… A #ChatGPT API call can be done in just a few lines of #Python code! 🐍🔥

(code in ALT) import openai  completion = openai.ChatCompletion.create(
Feb 13 10 tweets 8 min read
#ChatGPT is dope at many things, including levelling up your #SEO game!

ICYMI, check out these 7 awesome resources from @matspeterforss, @aleyda, @YoungbloodJoe, @joehall, @localseoguide, @fkadev and @Cemper for instant inspiration! 🔥

🧵↓ 1/

Let's start with `50 smart #ChatGPT #SEO prompts` put together by @matspeterforss!

Feb 10 11 tweets 4 min read
ChatGPT is like a superhuman!

But here are 7 Chrome extensions that will take your #ChatGPT experience to new heights! 🚀

Take a look 🧵↓ #01

`ChatGPT Writer for Gmail` to generate emails or replies based on your prompts!

Feb 4 6 tweets 4 min read
.@OpenAI's #GPT3 now powering @todoist! 🔥

Here's a quick look at all the cool things you can do with it!


Let's dive in! 🧵↓ Image 1/3

Break down tasks into smaller, more manageable actions
Jan 17 9 tweets 4 min read
The "#ChatGPT for Search Engines" extension has been updated to V1.5.5 with a ton of new features! 🤗


See what's in the box in the thread below 🧵👇 New feat #01. Code Syntax highlighting 👇
Jan 16 9 tweets 7 min read
#ChatGPT from @OpenAI is the hot new thing if you're looking to level up your #SEO game!

Check out these 6 awesome resources for an SEO power-up! 🚀

A thread 🧵↓ 1/

Let's begin with this list of `50 smart #ChatGPT #SEO prompts` put together by @matspeterforss!

Jan 7 10 tweets 4 min read
Here are 7 insanely useful Chrome extensions that will take your #ChatGPT experience to new heights! 🚀

A thread 🧵↓ #01

`WebChatGPT` to augment your #ChatGPT prompts with relevant results from the web!

Dec 9, 2022 38 tweets 15 min read
In this thread, I'll be showcasing the impressive content generation capabilities of #ChatGPT, the new language model from @OpenAI that has taken the world by storm this week.

It can do wonders in a wide range of applications. Here are 30 ace use cases you'll be amazed by!

👇🧵 To start off, who hasn't dreamed of being a tech reviewer like Marques Brownlee?
Dec 6, 2022 13 tweets 7 min read
Among all the cool things #ChatGPT can do, it is super capable of handling and manipulating data in bulk, making numerous data wrangling, scraping, and lookup tasks obsolete.

Let me show you a few cool tricks, no coding skills are required!

(A thread) 👇🧵 Let's start easy by heading to and pasting a list of 60 countries in the text field Image
Dec 5, 2022 20 tweets 7 min read
#ChatGPT launched on Wednesday and already reached 1 million users.

It took only 5 days.

Try out 15 cool things you can do with @OpenAI’s new groundbreaking Chatbot! 🧵 👇 Explaining and fixing bugs in your code
Dec 30, 2021 16 tweets 22 min read
2021's been an eventful year!

- Spoke at @brighonSEO & #TechSEOBoost
- Created in @hamletbatista's honour
- Got my 1st #Python contract, then an ace DevRel job at @streamlit 🎈
- Published 7 apps used by SEOs & Data scientists

Apps recap is here! ↓🧵 Image 1. Keyword Clustering app

My 1st collab with the great @LeeFootSEO!

Cluster your keywords & calculate:

✓ Traffic/volume per cluster
✓ CPC/KW difficulty
✓ Much more!

🎈 App →…
📰 Post →…
⚡ Powered by Polyfuzz Image
Jul 26, 2021 10 tweets 7 min read
🥁 New @streamlit app! 🎈

WTFaq leverages the power of @huggingface Transformers & @Google T5 to generate quality question & answer pairs from URLs!

Select your best Q&As on the fly & export them to CSV!



↓🧵 Image First things first, pick a URL!

The app will crawl the URL's content & retrieve it back in the app.

Server side only for now. I'm planning to add the ability to crawl client-side rendered URLs soon, stay tuned! 🤗

2/10 Image
Apr 14, 2021 9 tweets 5 min read
Alrighty then! Here's StreamProphet in über early Beta! 🤗

- Connect to GSC
- Visualise forecasted #SEO traffic + time series' trends & seasonality
- Export predictions to CSV + models to JSON! 🔥

🎲 App:


🧵↓ 🚀 How to get started!

- Click the 'sign-in w/ Google' button to reach the consent screen
- Copy the Oauth token & paste it back in the app
- Type the web property you want to review
- Define your forecast horizon
- Press the 'Fetch GSC data & get predictions' button! 🔥

Feb 19, 2021 9 tweets 6 min read
Introducing Wiki Topic Grapher! 👾🐍🔥

Leverage the power of Google #NLP to retrieve entity relationships from Wikipedia URLs or topics!

+ Get interactive graphs of connected entities
+ Export results w/ ent. types+salience to CSV!


h/t @Streamlit 🧵 Many cool #SEO use cases! 🔥

+ Research any topic then get entity associations that exist from that seed topic
+ Map out related entities with your product, service or brand
+ Find how well you've covered a specific topic on your website
+ Differentiate your pages!