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27 Feb
😷 PSA: Other than the homeless, there’s no legitimate reason to earmark a 1-dose #COVID19 vaccine on the basis of socioeconomic status.

Let’s not perpetuate systemic racism by adopting policy or accepting “expert” takes that effectively create a two-tiered vaccination system.
In case anyone is curious: the reason that the homeless population is an exception is b/c it’s literally orders of magnitude more difficult to get them to return to the same clinic/facility for follow-up care.

The exception to the exception: homeless persons in shelters.
In case anyone missed the news: the Pfizer vaccine no longer requires ultra-cold storage. It can be stored at standard freezer temperatures for up to 2 weeks.…
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26 Feb
👀 The President of the United States of America just landed in Texas to survey the areas that will receive billions in funding through his emergency declaration. Where is U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (Q-TX)?
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26 Feb
👀 Link to the full declassified document:…
🔥 Screenshots of the newly-declassified report that holds Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) responsible for Khashogghi’s brutal murder ImageImageImageImage
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26 Feb
Unpopular opinion: it’s not VP Harris’ job to pick up the slack for Schumer’s lack of influence over his own caucus.
Reforming the Jim Crow-era filibuster requires strong leadership in the Senate.
👀 Seems like Pelosi isn’t looking to pick up the slack for Schumer, either.
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25 Feb
TIL: Kidnapped (and in some cases, orphaned) by the U.S. government gets shortened to “unaccompanied”
The vast majority of children weren’t taken into custody “unaccompanied” — they were forcibly separated from their parents (read: kidnapped) by the U.S. government
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24 Feb
👀 ”There is a severe shortage of protective equipment, such as N95 respirators, face shields, goggles, gowns, and gloves. The goggles are made of plastic that must be repeatedly cleaned and sterilised in the ward, making them difficult to see through.”
“Due to the need for frequent hand washing, several of our colleagues' hands are covered in painful rashes. As a result of wearing an N95 respirator for extended periods of time and layers of protective equipment, some nurses now have pressure ulcers on their ears and forehead.”
“When wearing a mask to speak with patients, our voices are muted, so we have to speak very loudly.”

“In order to save energy and the time it takes to put on and take off protective clothing, we avoid eating and drinking for 2 hours before entering the isolation ward.”
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24 Feb
😷 This is a periodic reminder that #COVID19 + Children ➡️ Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children (MIS-C)

“As of October 1, the number of cases meeting the case definition for multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children (MIS-C) in the United States surpassed 1,000. “s of February 1, this number surpassed 2,000.”

🔸 Median age = 9 years (range from newborn to 20 yrs old)
🔸 69% have occurred in children who are Hispanic or Latino (690 cases) or Black (600 cases)
🔸99% (2,039 cases) tested positive for #SARSCoV2 (the virus that causes #COVID19)

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11 Feb
Being a Mike Lee ↔️ Being a Karen
Sounds about right— and underscores the importance of getting this stuff on the record. Who wrote the original article?
Best I can tell, @SunlenSerfaty, @devancole1 and Alex Rogers share the byline on the original report…
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1 Feb
I know what you’re thinking…and you’re right.

Every. Damn. Time.
This 17-year-old (now 18) is out on bail, tho.…
If you don’t follow them already, I recommend checking out @MarshallProj — nonprofit journalism about the U.S. criminal justice system(s)

They have an exceptional collection of data about #COVID19 in prisons, and much much more.

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1 Feb
😕 These are common problems in health data— I don't understand why they talk about these gaps as if it's a novel discovery.

There are ways to reverse engineer *very good* approximations using the data that is collected consistently (e.g. zip code)

They're wasting time.
Yes, we should do everything we can to collect a complete dataset.

But it sounds like they're sitting on their hands while they wait for data to improve— we don't have time to waste.

We should also be hearing about the strategies they're using to fill the gaps *now*
If given the option of zipcode-level demographics vs. "unknown race/ethnicity" — I'll take the zipcode level data in a heartbeat. The idea is to make the most of what you have. Once better data is available, switch to that.

What should not be an option is waiting or guessing.
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31 Jan
Just so we’re all clear: @donk_enby did nothing illegal. The data was accessible via a public API endpoint.

If we’re going to assert that scraping a public endpoint is illegal, then I’ve got a few lawsuits to file against Google.
Related: “hacking” ≠ illegal activity

“Hacking” / “hacker” are catch-all terms used by software developers that mostly (though not exclusively) refers to a short-lived project or the exploratory phase of a larger effort.
When “hacking” involves identifying security vulnerabilities, then (and only then) does the issue question of legality come into play...sometimes, see:…
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31 Jan
🧵 / Short thread on the link between Russia’s ongoing disinformation campaign, COVID-19, and anti-vaxxers
In a study published in April 2020, researchers used machine learning to analyze 2.8M tweets from 2689 accounts operated by the Russian Internet Research Agency— a known troll farm:

Pro-Trump personas were more likely to express antivaccine sentiment…
Vaccine news stories hosting malware are disseminated across Spanish-language Twitter

“Russian state-sponsored media, Sputnik News, was identified as a large component of this network”

The malware is used for micro-targeting messages to individuals.…
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30 Jan
🔥 Who is Enrique Tarrio, and why was he inside the Capitol on January 6th?

(4 days ago = Jan 6th)
👀 Who is Michael Coudrey? (He seems important)
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30 Jan
⚠️The reporting here is inaccurate: since mid-November, I warned @WHCOVIDResponse about several issues that are framed as surprising or unforeseen...and I have receipts.

It matters b/c data-driven concerns re: #COVID19 vaccine distribution are ignored, and we're seeing the harm.
Specifically, the current team is allowing FEMA to move forward with business as usual, despite the fact that many of the same players and playbooks that led to disparities in access to #COVID19 testing are now applying the same approach to setting up mass vaccination sites.
The statement is demonstrably false, and I have the emails and internal documents to prove that FEMA was leading the operational side of the response effort through June, and has played a role throughout.

It’s alarming that some on Biden’s team seem to *still* be in the dark. ImageImage
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25 Jan
1/🔥 If true, this would be the clearest sign that Newsom is playing politics with the lives of Hispanic and Black persons in California.

The data does NOT support lifting restrictions— this would be Newsom caving to political pressure, again.

Plain and simple.
2/Don’t be fooled by the 26% drop in new cases— we’re still at 5X the upper limit of very high community transmission and half the counties in the state are in the “Red Zone” for new cases and % test positivity.

source: @CodersCovid
3/California’s rate of new cases may be falling, but it remains 5X higher than it was in March 2020

source: @CodersCovid
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25 Jan
If you've never understood the concept of "access journalism" and why it's harmful to democracy, here's a clear example.

No analysis, just copy and paste from text messages.

Access Journalist = Political Surrogate in disguise
🤦🏻‍♂️ FFS, at least fix the part of the message that suggests Trump is still in office.
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