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27 Apr
BOOM. Bank of Japan enables unlimited bond buying.
The Bank of Japan going all in pretty much:

- removes limits on JGB buys
- raises limits on corporate bond, CP buys
- removes price momentum from forward guidance

Looks like one of the world's biggest "bond funds" is about to get bigger.
Relative to the size of its economy, the BOJ's pretty much gone "hold my biru"
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10 May 18
Now that Mahathir's back in power, let's revisit his 1991 objective of making #Malaysia a rich country by 2020.

We're 2 years away & the economy is just halfway there.

At the current growth rate, it gets to $20k gdp/capita by 2030. Mahathir will be 104 years old.

Just in case...

White line is Malaysia's GDP per Capita
Blue is South Korea's
Yellow is Singapore's

Ringgit's Brexit Moment, Pain First Gain Later
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