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6 Apr
Time for a massive #RheumMadness thank you thread. This was a HUGE endeavor with so many contributors!

First, massive thanks to ALL OF YOU for participating! This project was always about inspiring collaborative learning. Thanks for playing, learning, debating, and sharing!
Second, huge thanks to the @RheumResearch Foundation for supporting this project through the Clinician Scholar Educator award. All aspiring educators in rheumatology, consider applying for this award! It connects you with an amazing community of educators.
Third, thank you to the fellow/resident members of the #RheumMadness leadership team: @AkiUdupa @GuyKatzMD @didemsayginmd and Allen Witt. It took a special kind of bravery to join this team and educate others on a podcast. You all are amazing!
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28 Mar
How well did the #RheumRibbonPanel match #RheumMadness participants' predictions in the #SeronegativeSixteen?

Belimumab for LN vs. Anifrolumab

Belimumab for LN: 5
Anifrolumab: 2

80% picked belimumab for LN

More in 🧵 below 👇 (1/8)
PEXIVAS vs. Avacopan

Avacopan: 4

66% picked avacopan

IgG4-RD Classification Criteria vs. RP Subtypes

IgG4-RD Classification Criteria: 5
RP Subtypes: 2

77% picked IgG4-RD Classification Criteria

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