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15 May
Just before the House votes on Ds' coronavirus aid package, the HEROES Act, later today, Republicans will try to add a poison pill using a mechanism called the "motion to recommit." A better term for it is a troll amendment

If you're not familiar with these troll amendments, you can find a full backgrounder in the thread linked here: A very short version will follow
Summary: GOPers offer a bad-faith amendment that vulnerable Dems are afraid to vote against. Worst-case scenario: the amendment passes, making the full bill unpalatable to most Dems—and Republicans will still vote against the bill anyway
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5 Dec 19
It looks like some folks are hearing about the IDC for the first time tonight. Gather round, because if you don't already know about this gang of scumbag turncoat "Democrats" who enabled Republican rule in New York for years, you'll want learn 1/
"IDC" stood for "Independent Democratic Conference." Four members of the New York state Senate who'd been elected as Democrats, led by Jeff Klein, broke away from the party in 2011 and sided with the GOP majority in the chamber (Republicans had won back control in 2010) 2/
In exchange for turning traitor, these Benedicts Arnold were given plum committee chairs by Republicans, which came with major perks, particularly big extra pay bumps 3/ nytimes.com/2017/05/09/nyr…
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19 Oct 19
And let's also talk about "true progressive" Tulsi Gabbard when it comes to other issues. Her record is *awful*. I laid much of it out here, but now it's time for a thread: dailykos.com/stories/2019/1…
Gabbard has for years cultivated ties to violent Hindu nationalists in India, including now-PM Narendra Modi, who oversaw the Gujarat pogrom of 2002 that left over 1,000 Muslims dead when he was the state's chief minister theintercept.com/2019/01/05/tul…
Gabbard came up as a virulent anti-gay activist. As a member of the Hawaii legislature in 2004, she said, "As Democrats we should be representing the views of the people, not a small number of homosexual extremists" archives.starbulletin.com/2004/02/20/new…
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17 Sep 19
This is such a colossal “fuck you” by North Carolina Senate Democrats to all the people who have fought—and donated to—the legal battle to end gerrymandering
NC Republicans are gleeful right now. Democrats just gave them a huge gift. The GOP can now say to the court, "Your honors, this map passed with bipartisan support!" even though it's STILL a pro-Republican gerrymander
On top of that, the NC GOP can also point to comments like those from *DEM* Senate leader Dan Blue, who idiotically declared, "This is the most transparent redistricting process in history."

B.S. This process was completely tainted, as people like @EveryVoiceNC have documented
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7 Aug 19
I think part of this feigned hysteria on the right about Castro’s (totally legitimate) use of public donor info is also part of a ploy to attack campaign finance disclosure laws. They’d like nothing more than for all money to be dark money
Really good point. The constant GOP smearing of Soros with antisemitic tropes actually led to someone trying to murder him with a bomb
A lot of folks have rightly asked why reporters are playing along. I think it’s because they have an inability to draw distinctions between Trump’s incitement and what Castro has done here. Also a DEEP desire to #bothsides everything and to scold Democrats
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11 Jan 19
My colleague Mark Sumner (@Devilstower) has written this up: If Trump declares a national emergency, Pelosi can immediately pass a resolution to end the emergency—and then the Senate would *have* to take it up dailykos.com/stories/2019/1…
Sure, the Senate might vote down such a resolution, but at the very least, it would put Mitch McConnell and every single Republican senator in the deeply awkward position of having to openly defend—in an on-the-record roll call vote—Trump's declaration of emergency
Let me be clear about something here: The National Emergency Act *requires* the other chamber to take action when one chamber passes a resolution to end an emergency. McConnell cannot kill it. The Senate would literally HAVE to vote.
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4 Jan 19
Dear House Democrats: Never, ever vote for a Republican motion to recommit. Treat them as purely procedural motions to be all but ignored, otherwise they’ll weaponize them against you
This is how the GOP screwed with the Democratic agenda using motions to recommit in 2007. Democrats, don’t fall for this again washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content…
This is a very dangerous thing to see happening. The GOP minority successfully weaponized motions to recommit (which effectively block passage of a bill) in 2007 and helped thwart Dems from passing bills. Democrats, just vote against them—all of them!
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14 Nov 18
Man this is making me angry. You have Chuck Schumer, who's constitutionally incapable of standing up to Trump and is determined to sell us out to Facebook, waltzing to another term, while Nancy Pelosi, who passed freakin' Obamacare, is getting challenged huffingtonpost.com/entry/nancy-pe…
Thread. So the #FiveWhiteGuys leading this brigade against Nancy Pelosi more or less have an Underpants Gnomes strategy. Let's take a look at what they're up to.
Pelosi is guaranteed to pass her first hurdle: a vote of the Democratic caucus. In Dec. 2016, Pelosi turned back an insurrection by OH Rep. Tim Ryan, one of the #FiveWhiteGuys, winning 134-63. She'll win again this time—no one is even running against her cnn.com/2016/11/30/pol…
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10 Apr 18
I’m completely sick of this wholly invented “red line” crap. It’s not a thing, and to act like it is is to normalize authoritarian disregard of the rule of law
As a number of folks have pointed out, the "red line" was fed to Trump by Michael S. Schmidt. Leaving aside the obvious fact that targets of criminal investigations don't get to dictate the terms (as @LMutty1 put it), Schmidt never explained what he meant nytimes.com/2017/07/19/us/…
But here's something odd: Earlier in the same interview, *Trump* used the phrase "red line," referring to Obama's 2012 statement on chemical weapons in Syria. Very curious to use the same terminology w/r/t both Mueller and Assad.
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