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SThD. Author (https://t.co/qg5D2dcYud). Student @CUACanonLaw. I'm off Twitter while writing my Fr. Edward Dowling SJ biography. My email address is on my website.
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21 Aug
After I posted my talk confronting G.K. Chesterton's anti-Semitism, a commenter asked if there were other comments from Chesterton on Jews that were worse than the ones I cited.

I'm sorry to say that the answer's yes. 1/9

In my talk, I used only examples of GKC's anti-Semitism for which I had pics of original sources. I'd read worse examples in @mayerssd's book Chesterton's Jews but didn't have photos. I feared if I cited them without photos, folks wouldn't believe me. 2/9
Today, with the help of @CUAlibraries, I acquired a scan of an essay by Chesterton containing some of his more offensive comments. The essay in question has never been anthologized. I had seen it quoted in Simon Mayers's book and in this blog entry: simonmayers.com/2013/09/25/g-k…. 3/9
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10 Oct 18
Dear friends and all Twitter followers:

Some people have told me I'm naive for refusing to believe that the Holy Father is a heretic or that, as I've heard more than one anti-Francis person say, the Church under his leadership is enduring a "dark, dark time." ...
... But I've been following Francis since his election. I devoted a chapter of my dissertation to his spiritual theology (search.proquest.com/openview/8b3a1…) and wrote a book on his Ignatian "theology of wounds" (amazon.com/gp/product/159…). And what I've found is that ...
... there is, as my friend William Doino says, a "Francis nobody knows." The reason nobody knows him is that the Catholic press doesn't report it, as it doesn't fit the trope, held by both anti-Francis conservatives and liberals, that Francis is a liberal Jesuit to the core. ...
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29 Aug 18
Per @Vermeullarmine, "Given uncertainty, credibility is a tool that aids the truth-seeking process." Hence, I've researched the credibility of Vigano's denial that he tried to halt the investigation of Abp Nienstedt (lifesitenews.com/news/vigano-is…). The results of my research follow.
1) Vigano & Nienstedt knew each other at least from 1980 onwards, as they worked together at the Vatican Secretariat of State from 1980-1985. So they already had a longtime acquaintanceship & likely a friendship prior to Vigano becoming the U.S. Nuncio.
2) In 2014, at the behest of concerned chancery officials, Nienstedt permitted the Archdiocese of St. Paul & Minneapolis to hire lawyers of the Greene Espel firm to investigate allegations he had committed sexual misconduct. This alleged misconduct was of a homosexual nature.
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