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Oct 4 48 tweets 24 min read
A detailed report on GMX:…
Here you will find out:
1. How GMX differentiates itself from others (zero slippage for traders + no impermanent loss for LPs)
2. How value is accrued to $GMX
3. GMX's potential risks and solutions to them...

Here we go! 1. Launched in Sep 2021, GMX is a decentralised perpetual and spot exchange that trading BTC, ETH, AVAX, UNI and LINK with 0% slippage, a 10bps fee, and up to 30x leverage on fast and cheap networks, directly from users’ wallets, without KYC or geographic restrictions.
Sep 16 31 tweets 37 min read
After #TheMerge, most focus on $ETH's potential deflationary impact, or ESG, but very few spot out the issue of MEV after #TheMerge! In this 🧵you will know more about:
1. complete paradigm shift of MEV
2. Why @foldfinance has been rising ~8x within 2 months! @foldfinance 1. TL;DR: @foldfinance can generate a higher staking reward to $ETH stakers, due to its upper hand on Ethereum order flow, by generating a greater yield from MEV, which leads to a higher block inclusion rate. This causes more people to stake $ETH there, creating a flywheel effect
Sep 8 23 tweets 30 min read
How @newmichwill could potentially maximise the interest of @CurveFinance with $crvUSD as the first ever stablecoin launched by a stableswap!

Here you will know more about the huge upside of $CRV, from the #RealYield prospect:

🧵👇 @newmichwill @CurveFinance 1. To pre-empt @CurveFinance official announcement, I would like to put myself into @newmichwill's shoes: if I were him, what I would do with $crvUSD to maximise @CurveFinance's profits?
May 10 26 tweets 37 min read
1. If $UST ends up in a death spiral and cannot snap back to hold the peg, that really means the end of algo -stablecoin era, and all algo-stablecoin holders should now swap for $DAI, $USDC or $USDT. Here’s why:

@LFG_org @stablekwon @terra_money 2. To be a resilient stablecoin, you need to have (i) the economy of scale or (ii) enough backing with the underlying asset for users to redeem. $UST is definitely the first type. It bootstraps the liquidity and scale to a $18B crypto asset - top 10 market cap, too big to fail