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Oct 14, 2022 8 tweets 4 min read
Figured I would share a personal story in light of this:

As @DeFi_Made_Here points out crypto is a true meritocracy.

We don’t care if you’re a penguin, Pepe, lion, milady, Saudi or ape.

We judge people based on their contributions to the space.

We want to see proof of work
Oct 13, 2022 26 tweets 10 min read
Real Yield is the hottest new narrative on CT 🔥

Even my grandma complains her staked shitcoins don't give real yield

But here's a Real Yield small cap that you haven't heard of

It hasn't launched and you can still whitelist for it

Yes, anon, you're that early...

💎🧵 Image Disclaimer for the fellow apes:

I'm an absolute degenerate ape you've never met, who may or may not have lost his lifesavings 100x over

This is not financial advice plus I am personally invested in this gem with @PHDCapital, so therefore got extreme cognitive bias
Sep 7, 2022 12 tweets 4 min read
Ethereum Merge is a sell the news event

Here's why 🧵 Image [Yes, yes I know.. triple halving and all that.

And to be clear I am long term bullish on ETH 🦇 🔊, this thread is solely about the short term price effects after the merge]
Jun 13, 2022 6 tweets 3 min read
Wrong take on multiple levels:

This tweet is wrong for two reasons:

1) The treasury of @synthetix_io holds more than 3million.

Luckily you don't have to take mine or his word for it, as we can check this on-chain:…

Anyone can verify this address in the synthetix discord.
May 16, 2022 20 tweets 9 min read
You just survived Hell Week in the crypto markets

We could all use a little Hopium..

One of the biggest Bitcoin whales that caught the 2018 generational bottom and the 2021 bottom, is buying

A 🧵 I'm a big fan of Benjamin Cowen @intocryptoverse and as you might now I'm also a big fan of on-chain stalking of whales.

Full credit goes to Benjamin for this thread

May 2, 2022 21 tweets 8 min read
Outsmart Whales 🐋 & Evade Dumps w/ Alerts 🚨

In this thread 🧵:

- How to set alerts to track any movement of your wallet of interest

- Understanding when to exit your position because a whale might dump on you

With a specific case study I shared the full article on this on our website last week

And give @PHDCapital a follow while you're at it, more alpha is coming 👀

Apr 25, 2022 36 tweets 13 min read
Why does a card counter make it quickly in Crypto? ♠️

Once upon a time I was a blackjack card counter 🂡

Here's 10 lessons from a card counter to make it in crypto: 🧵 In my journey to get rich quick I came up with the ridiculous idea to become a card counter

I don't have a photographic memory and I am not Math Savant like Rainman, (I did have a profile pic of the Genius of Good Will hunting, but that’s just because I love the movie) 🂢
Apr 21, 2022 14 tweets 5 min read
Who doesn't like foreplay?

The supposed announcement of the ~20% $USN APR came in a different form than what most were perhaps expecting.

It came in the form of this cryptic tweet from @DcntrlBank
Their bio reads: Decentral bank – DAO issuiing NEAR-native stablecoins joined in april 22

In the meantime $USN has gone live on REF finance mainnet.
Apr 13, 2022 22 tweets 8 min read
🧵On Finding Alfa On-Chain: Whale Edition 🐋

First I’m teaching you how to fish 🎣

At the end of the thread I’ll throw you a big fat fish 🐟

Stop scrolling, anon! The alfa is staring you right in the face

LFG! If that wasn't enough, I'll write a longer form blog article with the actual whale wallet addresses, so you can keep an eye on them yourself in the future.

Alright, so where does one start?

You start with
& you start with a fundamentally good project
Mar 30, 2022 29 tweets 10 min read
How to find a 10-100x shitcoin gems consistently?

Making big money in a short amount of time is why hunting micro cap gems can be life changing for small time investors...

How to become a gem huntooorrr
A 🧵 Some of you are here to get rich quick and make it in one bullrun

Whilst there is some success stories, there is survivorship bias
Meaning you only hear the success stories

For every success story there might be 5 sad stories

Gem hunting is fun, but risk management is key
Mar 15, 2022 20 tweets 5 min read
Should you sell your (Cosmos)Airdrops 🪂?

You received an airdrop and now you are left with the decision:
- Sell now
- Sell in 1 wk, 1 month, 3 months?
- Hodl for life (long term)?

In this 🧵 I look at the historical data for highest profits 1/19 Wonder how to qualify for airdrops?

Yesterday I made a thread on upcoming & rumoured Cosmos Airdrops 🪂

If you haven't seen it already:

Mar 14, 2022 31 tweets 22 min read

- Overview of ALL upcoming & rumoured airdrops 🪂 (📸 & claim date)
- How to optimise wallet for airdrops?
- Resources to keep up-to-date w/ cosmos airdrops
- Links to best cosmos airdrop threads 🧵

🧵1/24 If you found this, you probably already are an airdrop hunter. I'll start with the interesting stuff for the hunters. Then give you a collection of cosmos airdrop threads, resources for further study

Tl;dr: Serious students, keep reading till the end 🧵👇
Mar 10, 2022 19 tweets 9 min read
A compendium of the most useful crypto twitter threads and other articles/resources with topics ranging from Airdrops, How to make it, Risk management and trading psychology, or links to other collections of multiple threads.
Enough to keep you busy for days Retail is mostly eviscerated, but you are still here...
Sharpen the knife anon
Grind during bear, so you may ride the wave during bull
Read ferociously because an investment in knowledge always pays the best interests
Mar 10, 2022 11 tweets 3 min read
Because this guy provides so much free alfa and value, here's a thread that lists the best threads from @thedefiedge

(or you can just go to his website you lazy bastard ;) ) Bearmarket Strategies
Mar 8, 2022 26 tweets 6 min read
@RaoulGMI is an incredible bright mind in the realm of macro econmics. So when Raoul speaks during these times of macro & geopolitical uncertainty, I listen.

Here is a thread with the most important distilled points.

Find the full video here:… Economic events are much more forecastable, whereas geopolitical events have so many more variables. you have to use a decision tree structure to assess probabilities of all things that could happen and figure out how do I protect myself, can I make money out of this and
Jan 31, 2022 34 tweets 17 min read
For me Crypto is about asymmetrical opportunities.
This thread is not about price predictions, I have no crystal ball. All you can do is have good risk management and take those assymetrical set-ups.
Here's a thread explaining why I think this is the case for $KLIMA.
(🧵,🧵) This will be a monster thread, with tons of alfa and a collection of many resources at the end if you want to understand Klima more from a technical perspective.

All metrics from this thread can be checked here:…