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10 Jan
📃👩‍⚖️NEW LAWSUIT: #LisaMontgomery has lost touch with reality & can’t be executed. Lisa is already severely mentally ill & her imminent execution has led to a swift decline in her condition. She is hearing voices & imagining things that haven’t happened. We need to #SaveLisa. 1/4
📖 The 8th Amendment of the Constitution prohibits the govt from executing someone who can’t understand why they are being executed. 2/4
🥼👩‍⚕️Every expert agrees that Lisa is profoundly mentally ill. Despite the complex cocktail of medications she is taking, her grip on reality is very tenuous. 3/4
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10 Jan
The MASSIVE ABUSE that #LisaMontgomery endured has been DOCUMENTED SINCE SHE WAS A CHILD.

Adults in Lisa's life knew about the abuse since Lisa was young—yet did not save Lisa: elle.com/culture/career…

THREAD: more on the reports of abuse [TW: descriptions of graphic violence]
🏠 FAMILY: Lisa’s sister & mother have both reported that Lisa endured severe abuse. Lisa’s brother also found a video of Lisa’s husband beating & raping her, describing it “like a scene out of a horror video.” 2/6
🚓 POLICE: When Lisa was young, she told a police officer about the horrifying sexual violence inflicted on her. The officer later testified that he believed Lisa’s stepfather was capable of killing her: “I live with regret for not speaking up about what happened to Lisa.” 3/6
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