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Jan 18 25 tweets 34 min read
another massive cargo plane carrying arms (and more contractors?) paid for ENTIRELY BY THE BRITISH PUBLIC lands in #Kiev #Ukraine to arm one group of Ukrainians against another group of Ukrainians


04:07 UTC 18.1.2022

#embezzlement @cabinetofficeuk

@bbcnews #Poland - (not to be left out in the fray)

returning from #US Nuclear Naval Base in #Kitsap (#Bangor) where they arrested and imprisoned protestors against nuclear weapons for 3 years. They put up banners, sprinkled blood on the ground, scattered sunflower seeds and prayed.
Jan 17 9 tweets 14 min read
#LIVE the return leg of flightradar24.com/RRR6887/2a861b… from #Kiev #Ukraine

We have no say over how our money is spent and abused, embezzled

This has GOT to stop. This country is being run by psychopaths, cross party with ZERO LEGITIMACY, no authority

#NATO #REFERENDUM #NOW snapshot 17th January 2022 15:30

Every 5 weeks, #NATO military planes over #Britain & #Europe use the same amount of energy, produce the same amount of #CO2 as ALL UK/EU citizens use for EVERYTHING in an entire year

#energycrisis is #UK .gov engineered
Jan 17 6 tweets 9 min read
At British taxpayer's expense


ZZ330 RRR9831 flying into #Iraq + two Eurofighter minders

#NATO is so welcome that the bases are being bombed with just about anything the Iraqi's can get their hands on

Regular scheduled daily routes #UK .gov bought 140 #Eurofighter aircraft; cost of £124 million each. The annual maintenance costs (contracted out to third party, not even maintained by RAF or other service engineers) is around £100 million annually

Two minders of ZZ330 - going where we shouldn't be

Jan 17 5 tweets 5 min read

British taxpayers operate the most expensive airfreight in the world

With so many #USAF heavy cargo planes coming and going every day, what are so many British planes doing over there so regularly?

And Bermuda to USA west coast, and Jamaica... ? This USAF heavy cargo C17 is on it's way back to USA from #Ramstein Germany and passes RRR2135 a little way away from #Clyde (#Trident nuclear) military base

#Live flightradar24.com/RCH316/2a84c4f8

snapshot; one in, one out

the most expensive airfreight in the world and #UK citizens pay
Dec 30, 2021 17 tweets 18 min read
"freedom gas"

PDF is from mid 2020; d-nb.info/1219912050/34

It's fracked gas, US taxpayer subsidised, the areas where fracking occurs in US have regular earthquakes and water sources are dangerously polluted

Costs more to frack it than sell it in USA, so they export it here ImageImage Having subsidised this fracking with hundreds of $billions of US taxpayer money, USA were determined to sell it. It was never a viable export either, coming in at more than triple the price of Russian gas, even without transport subsidies


Nov 18, 2021 8 tweets 9 min read
Snapshot 1


60 yr old tanker cold-war era, now surveillance craft close to #Crimea on yet another intimidation/provocation flight over crystal clear waters

Likely 6-8 laps then return to #Crete

8 tons/hr X 8 hrs = 64 tons fuel x 3.16 = 212 tons #CO2 ImageImage Hands up all of us who wonder what would be the reaction of such sustained provocational activity just off #Florida coast, flying say around #PalmBeach #Miami to Tampa for as many as 8 laps a day ?

British, American #EU citizens are FORCED to pay for this
May 12, 2021 31 tweets 29 min read
French Air Force #FRANCE

Entering Romania

This is very disappointing. Looks like this one is going to be pranking #Crimea this morning 06:17 BST 12.5.2021


en.wikipedia.org/wiki/French_Ai… flightradar24.com/LAGR310/27af26…

Boeing KC-135R repurposed Stratotanker

LAGR310 63-8887

Off to prank #Crimea most likely

It's like a sickness. No idea why the pilots are still compliant
May 4, 2021 10 tweets 18 min read


GRIMM31 61-0006
GRIMM32 60-0026

B-52H Stratofortress

Bombers which shouldn't be in #Europe now or ever. Let them practice over #USA

This is outrageous

@BWallaceMP @Simonhartmp

cfi @JSHeappey

en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boeing_B-… #Poland now and entering #Slovakia



GRIMM31 61-0006
GRIMM32 60-0026

These planes have no right to be in #Europe

@BWallaceMP @Simonhartmp

cfi @JSHeappey

20,000 troops and a similar number of #US assets also need to go

May 1, 2021 4 tweets 6 min read

RQ-4 Global Hawk drone. Off for another $2.5 million 10 hour provocation trip to prank #Russia #Crimea, no doubt

I put the images of the drone which was shot down in the main pics

Like all other flying pests, it was probably the best thing to happen flightradar24.com/FORTE10/279293…

RQ-4 Global Hawk drone

$2.5 million for 10 hrs #Russia #Crimea

it's why folks from #CA poop on the streets and the police don't care about the #homeless #addicts in #NewYork

At least two of these fly every day and proves #NATO is an obsolete failure
Apr 25, 2021 30 tweets 32 min read

Boeing C-17A Globemaster III

RRR6809 ZZ178

Left Akrotiri just after midnight, the previous day in Pakistan - to #Cyprus Akrotiri

Trips to Nigeria, USA and other places UK has no business in being

At least two trips to Constanta, many to Germany flightradar24.com/FORTE10/27821e…

Relentless waste of taxpayer's money, yesterdays sortie cost more than $2.5 million

WE pay for this (irrespective of which NATO country you belong to, it's ALL the same "protection racket")

It's why we have poverty and the homeless, yes it is

Apr 24, 2021 5 tweets 7 min read

Boeing C-17A Globemaster III

RRR6613 ZZ173

from AJUBA, #NIGERIA previously Mali and Algeria

Nothing good has ever come to Nigeria from it's enforced highly corrupt relationship with Britain

Inc. this very government


@EAnikpe flightradar24.com/RRR6386/27811d…

Boeing C-17A Globemaster III

RRR6386 ZZ174

Brize Norton to Libya

what business does Britain have in Libya ?

Apr 24, 2021 4 tweets 5 min read
Becoming a regular (expensive) feature, costing ≈ $1,000,000 per four hour sortie and a typical day being 10 hours; $2.5 million an outing

One of the reasons the citizens of #CA poop on the street

RQ-4 Global Hawk

FORTE10 11-2049


#pollution #NO2 ImageImage flightradar24.com/FORTE10/277f91…

I can't think of anything nice to say

extra long flight which was prohibitively expensive and gained nothing, not even an itsy bitsy bit of nosy-parker intelligence

$4 million

16 hours flying

8 tons of fuel, pollution, CO2 dump and deadly NO2 ImageImage
Apr 13, 2021 98 tweets 85 min read

McDonnell Douglas KC-10A Extender

RCH895 85-0027

6 sorties since February, likely on it's way to Romania or middle east

14.4.2021 00:01 flightradar24.com/RAIDR22/2762d6…

Lockheed Martin KC-130J Super Hercules

RAIDR22 165736

More than 20 sorties since February 2021

Apr 11, 2021 4 tweets 3 min read
Civil aviation is often worryingly interesting too

Check out this flight which is bound for Jeddah from Riyadh


I count 10 loops (holding patterns)

There are two other planes in similar patters near it

#Saudi ImageImage #Saudi


This plane is being diverted from landing at Jeddah
Apr 6, 2021 18 tweets 16 min read
Apr 5, 2021 34 tweets 30 min read
5th April 2021 - late start


Airbus KC2 Voyager (A330-243MRTT)

RRR2737 ZZ343

More than 20 logs since February

Troops and kit transport, busroutes style @ £25,000 an hour flightradar24.com/data/aircraft/… flightradar24.com/RRR2711/274cf7…

Nairobi shuttle

Airbus KC2 Voyager (A330-243MRTT)

RRR2711 ZZ332

hugely expensive transport between £22-25,000 per hour flying costs (not the cost of the plane, crew or depreciation, just flying costs)

Apr 4, 2021 7 tweets 9 min read

Lockheed U-2S

DRAGN86 80-1066

Dragged out of mothballs, it's nearly as old as I am

Times must be getting desperate? It's shown as a fighter jet, it's probably far less useful and they aren't very useful at all

en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lockheed_… flightradar24.com/RCH436/274ae056

Lockheed C-5M Super Galaxy

RCH436 85-0004

troops and kit transport from Ramstein #Germany probably going back to US
Apr 4, 2021 22 tweets 21 min read
4th April 2021


Airbus KC2 Voyager (A330-243MRTT)

RRR2710 ZZ332

Nairobi Shuttle @ £22,000 an hour


Kenyans aren't pleased to have British armed forces returning, killing wildlife, destroying their land


Airbus KC2 Voyager

RRR2736 ZZ343

Troops / contractors to defend the Saudi oil rigs and get the ready for bombing Yemen perhaps?

All the arms sales, the provision of British "assistance" NEVER returns any interest for the funding British taxpayers
Apr 3, 2021 35 tweets 30 min read
3rd April 2021


BAe 146-200

RRR1615 ZE708

Troop transport, high wing quad-jet

Very active (daily) since February


@Simonhartmp @BorisJohnson

YOU NEED TO TELL THE PUBLIC YOU ARE PREPARING TO ENTER CONFLICT ON FALSE PRETEXTS ImageImageImageImage When were @BorisJohnson @Keir_Starmer @fmwales @NicolaSturgeon going to get round to letting us know ?

They have known for AT LEAST past three months that the intention of war under #phoney pretexts was on the cards

#Crimea #Russia #NATO #war

newinform.com/281577-kievski… Image
Apr 1, 2021 51 tweets 49 min read

Boeing KC-135T Stratotanker



20+ logs March other names QID34 QID23 QID11 QID858 QID858 QID858 QID861


@Simonhartmp flightradar24.com/RCH544/27418772

Boeing C-17A Globemaster III

RCH544 04-4130 from #Trenton @ 00:38 UTC

more than 20 logs over UK this year

Mar 30, 2021 62 tweets 61 min read
20.3.2021 09:00


McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle (boneshaker old and to think we're forced into buying their buggy f-35's at £200 million each; yes you read that right £200 million each)

REAPER11 86-0174


#Lakenheath flightradar24.com/GOLD22/273c8b45

Boeing KC-135R Stratotanker

GOLD22 (QID-13) 62-3551


Logged by me at least 20 times in past two months flying around and around for hours over Britain and eastern Europe doing nothing except provocations @Simonhartmp #Lithuania