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Sep 12 5 tweets 3 min read
Most politicians are controlled by the #DeepState establishment. Donald Trump seems to be the one guy whom they hate the most. Hence all these allegations, indictments and smear campaigns to stop him.


A thread for awareness👇

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Sep 12 11 tweets 4 min read
All The Wars Are Bankers Wars

You might have heard the wars bring democracy, wars bring peace, wars bring regime changes, wars bring down dictatorships. The real dictators in this world are the evil bankers who supported both sides of these wars for centuries.

A thread for awareness 👇
Image All Wars Are Bankers Wars

Sep 11 7 tweets 3 min read
Politicians promise you heavens during their campaigns, but the bring you hell. Most politicians are compulsive liars who constantly lie to people about how great things are, while secretly committing frauds weaponizing the DOJ & FBI trying to gain more wealth and extend their powers.

A thread for your awareness on politicians and their dirty policies👇
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Sep 5 9 tweets 4 min read
The CFA franc created in 1945 after France signed the Bretton Woods agreement post World War II is the name of two currencies, the West African CFA franc, used in eight West African countries, and the Central African CFA franc, used in six Central African countries. Both CFA francs have a fixed exchange rate (peg) to the euro. The currency has been criticized for restricting the sovereignty of the African member states, effectively putting their monetary policy in the hands of the European Central Bank.

France still charges mint fees for these currencies. Also they have some exclusive unreasonable trade prices for some of their natural resources like Uranium etc.

Africa is still enslaved under French financial colonialism. Sooner Africa realizes this and stands up to them the better future they have.

A thread for your awareness👇
Image From the previous thread on the same
Aug 30 57 tweets 16 min read
It’s not just. It’s unjust.
Start resisting now. They won’t stop.

It’s just a mask
It’s just 2 meters
It’s just for 3 weeks
It’s just churches & schools
It’s just care homes, gyms & salons

A thread for your awareness on vaccines and mandates👇

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Aug 18 24 tweets 7 min read
Javier Milie is bang on when he says politicians are the biggest enemy of Argentina. Politicians grew 3x while poverty grew 6x from 1970, see who the enemy is…

✅ Producers enrich Argentina
❌ Politicians bring in more red tape

A 🧵 for awareness👇

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Aug 15 78 tweets 21 min read
There are lots of #ConspiracyTheories widely known to people.

#ConspiracyTheorists think very different from the sheep who follow mainstream media narratives. They rule out possibilities based on objective evidence and come to logical conclusions.

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Aug 9 53 tweets 14 min read
Bill Maher destroys woke culture. He calls it for what it is when he says communism and trying to update human behavior has failed terribly each and every time it was tried.

A thread on woke for awareness👇

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Aug 7 81 tweets 23 min read
Banana Republic: A banana republic is a politically unstable country whose economy depends on the export of one product in limited supply, such as agricultural products like bananas or minerals. A banana republic has social classes that are divided by wealth.

America has been slowly turning into a banana republic over the years. constant Inflation, degraded education, media censorship, corporate corruption, woke policies, political corruption and treason have led to its slow demise.

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Jul 30 33 tweets 10 min read
Infographics are essential to convey information to people in the modern world.

A thread 🧵 #13 for your awareness 👇

The color ORANGE is derived from
a Sanskrit word “Naranja”. Sanskrit was a language from India. Image Here’s a prev thread on the same
Jul 28 63 tweets 15 min read
A thread #44 of funny memes

How the celebrity soccer players pee
- Messi
- Ronaldo
- Ronaldinho
- Ibrahimovic
- Giroud
- Neymar 😂🤣😂🤣 Image Here’s a prev thread of funny memes
Jul 15 28 tweets 7 min read

That’s how these governments operate. Being close to the government serves you well financially. Kleptocracy is in full swing these days.

They write the rules, you follow
They never follow their own rules

Insider Trading is an issue
Cronyism is a… https://t.co/QL3l8k8dtdtwitter.com/i/web/status/1…
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Jul 13 52 tweets 13 min read
Stop normalizing men having periods.

Stop normalizing men getting pregnant.

Stop normalizing men participating in women’s sports and dominating them.

Stop normalizing boys being in girls bathrooms by their assumed genders.

Stop throwing men and women into same prisons, hostels or living arrangement just because men call themselves women.

Stop normalizing gender affirmative surgeries in kids.

Stop normalizing gender bias and woke indoctrination in schools.

Stop confusing children, stop taking custody of confused children away from their parents if they don’t agree with your gender bias.

Stop greedy gender clinics from taking advantage of poor kids through misinformation.

Stop normalizing hormone treatments, chemical castration, mastectomy, genital reconstruction, phalloplasty and other life altering changes to kids.

Stop including children in drag shows.

Stop kids from performing drag shows.

Stop normalizing YAP (Youth Attracted Persons). There’s no such a thing, they’re all just pedophiles.

Stop normalizing MAP (Minor Attracted Persons). There’s no such a thing, they’re all just pedophiles.

If a child can’t smoke, drink, drive, get a tattoo or even vote, why do you think it’s normal for an immature kid to consent to gender change surgeries.

#SaveWomensSports #SaveWomensSpaces
#Phalloplasty #Masectomy

A thread for your awareness👇 Your modern society…

Pride parades are good for kids
Straight coupling is bad for kids Image
Jul 12 31 tweets 9 min read
#ChildTrafficking is a major crime
#HumanTrafficking is a major crime

#SoundofFreedomMovie shows this multibillion dollar industry thriving with FBI, CIA supporting it.

Mainstream media is silent on these crimes, the police and media seem to brush these away intentionally as… https://t.co/vJRcAI0iestwitter.com/i/web/status/1…
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Jul 9 29 tweets 8 min read
Canada has turned into an Orwellian state. Trudeau is a tyrant who likes Chinese policies over democratic ones.

A meme thread on Tyrant Trudeau👇 Image From a prev thread
Jul 9 15 tweets 5 min read
#MilitaryIndustrialComplex is a real thing in the uniparty America run by the #DeepState

Most of their wars, regime changes, toppling governments and killing dictators are started by lies, greed, corruption and deception.

A thread for your awareness…

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Jun 22 98 tweets 27 min read
Global Climate Summit in France wants another $28 trillion of your money to bribe third world countries to buy into their #ClimateChange initiatives.

We all know the UN, IMF, WorldBank are corrupt organizations pushing us into debt, defund them. A 🧵👇

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Jun 22 68 tweets 19 min read
Health is wealth is not just a saying, it’s the truth. Without health you’re a slave to the greedy medical and #BigPharma corporations.

Our lifestyle has degraded, our foods are poison, our media is full of lies, our education is indoctrination, our vaccines are full of side effects, our water is full of chemicals.

A thread for awareness 👇 Here’s from a prev thread
Jun 22 8 tweets 3 min read
#BillGates is a multi billionaire. He has enough money to end world hunger, end world poverty, regenerate the soil and help clean worlds oceans & rivers.

Instead he chooses to invest his money into GMO foods, GMO mosquitoes, blocking out the sun, creating fake meats which causes… https://t.co/oVS8wPRN1Vtwitter.com/i/web/status/1…
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Jun 22 99 tweets 26 min read
There are lots of #ConspiracyTheories widely known to people. A brief list of them are found below:

Each and everyday we keep stumbling upon new conspiracy theories which are proven right a little while later.

A 🧵 #5 for your awareness👇 https://t.co/0lr6ocXgwcen.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_c
Image There is a VERY compelling theory that the famed ship at the bottom of the North Atlantic is actually NOT the Titanic. It is her identical sister ship “Olympic.” She was switched out last minute, as part of a MASSIVE insurance fraud scheme involving The White Star Line, and J.P. Morgan.
Jun 17 21 tweets 6 min read
Jeffrey Epstein molested, raped and trafficked underage kids and women for powerful and wealthy clients.

#EpsteinClientList is the safest document in Washington DC and FBI since most were directly involved.

A thread for your awareness 👇

If you really think Jeffrey Epstein’s clients are being represented or helped by these settlements, you are mistaken