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Journalist | Filmmaker | Social Activist Director : #IndiasSons #MartyrsofMarriage Featured in @BBCWorld @AsiaTimesOnline
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MAY 2022 - I meet a family with endless tears in their eyes as their only son is falsely accused of Rape

This was 5th RAPE CASE filed by same woman

I resolved to stop her from destroying lives & started a campaign


Thread 🧵

Even after my complaint to DGP MP, Sonia went on trapping more men & filed more cases of Rape

She was booked for extortion on orders of Court in Sep 2022 & then I exposed her!!

Her Anticipatory Bail was cancelled by MP High Court

While being on RUN she filed her 7th case! Image
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As Indian Hockey Star & Arjuna Awardee #VarunKumar opts out of FIH Pro League after allegations of rape on pretext of marriage by a girl he was in affair with for 5 years, let me share with you story of ONCE A TABLE TENNIS STAR SOUMYAJIT GHOSH

THREAD 🧵 Image Soumyajit became youngest national champion at age of 19, represented India twice in Olympics, attained a career-high 58th ranking in Int'l Table Tennis Federation rankings but all went downhill when in March 2018, he got accused of Rape on Pretext of Marriage by his girlfriend
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Suchana Seth murdering her 4 year old son has become national news

Everyone's shocked as people think it's extremely rare. It's Not!

Many cases where a mother became a murderer but not reported by main stream media

Avenge in-laws, Adultery, Anger - Reasons galore!

Thread 🧵 Image August 2023: Woman separated from Husband goes back to in-laws home only with a motive to implicate them in murder

Kills her own 4 year old daughter cold blood by strangling her. Then tries to pin in on in-laws. When caught faints and pretends to be unwell Image
Sep 13, 2023 4 tweets 2 min read
STORY OF NEEL PATEL who conned hundreds of young students in India & swindled CRORES during #COVID19 pandemic while sitting in USA, by just being popular on Twitter

He won confidence claiming to be an Entrepreneur & Philanthropist in 2020 then pulled his scam

THREAD 🧵 Image Neel Patel who called himself as CEO of Squeaks technology Services OPC Pvt Ltd, Gujarat, India which is registered on his father name Gordhanbhai patel, first won confidence of Indians claiming to be an Entrepreneur & Philanthropist in 2020. He had a verified handle @nto1927
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She is Binita Kumari
Known as B on Bumble
Befriended men on dating apps
Chose hotel as meeting place
Said she wants to have "beer & fun"
Few minutes into meeting cried Rape
Went to police & filed complaint
NGO guy then called to "strike deal"
The gang Extorted LACS

ARRESTED!! ImageImage Mastermind of gang was Mahesh Phogat
Previously jailed in case of POCSO, he knew law like back of his hand

They wrote same script in all cases - pretext of job/ cold drink laced with Sedative / rape or attempt to rape / no consent

Four cases are in light, must be dozens more ImageImage
Feb 14, 2023 5 tweets 4 min read

A well known Chartered Accountant in Mumbai, #ChiragVaraiya died by suicide in Jan 2023. His 4 page suicide note reveals how he was booked in a #falserape case by ex-colleague & her husband. In his last words he said he had never even touched this woman

THREAD 🧵 Chirags wife, children & 500 people employed by his company depended on him, he said in last words.

But the greed of this woman & her husband, along with police officers who hounded him for money, made #ChiragVaraiya take the extreme step

He said he is innocent but humiliated
Dec 24, 2022 6 tweets 6 min read

A serial honey trap criminal who has extorted CRORES from endless men by threats of #falserape cases

In 2016 she was arrested by SOG RAJASTHAN for extorting 1 CR from a Doctor

In 2022, she trapped 6 IPS officers in Gujarat

Thread 🧵 In 2016, SOG Rajasthan headed by IPS Officer @DineshMNIPS1 busted rackets that were extorting money by framing high profile men in #falserape cases. Shikha Tiwari, part of one such groups trapped a rich doctor in Jaipur, had sex with him in a resort, shot video & then cried rape
Nov 4, 2022 6 tweets 3 min read
23 year old Shyam from village Rohad, Jhajjhar was attacked with 5 Litres of Acid by Anjali because Shyam's family refused her proposal for Marriage!

I met him today at PGI Rohtak

A young man full of dreams lay there in excruciating pain for no fault of his!

His Story 🧵 Image Shyam stayed with his aunt in Sonepat as both his parents have died. He & Anjali became friends few months ago

His aunt refused Anjali's proposal for marriage as she was already married & not yet Divorced. Anjali had also filed a Rape case on her cousin brothers to grab property Image
Oct 27, 2022 6 tweets 2 min read
Meet Veena Vinod. An Indian Feminist Those shocked to read this : She's answered many questions on Quora & is active. Even if we assume she's fake, she's right in saying contact a feminist lawyer.

A friend has been through paternity fraud. When he did DNA test, his wife filed false dowry case and demanded a Flat
Oct 11, 2022 5 tweets 4 min read
Remember Mehul Bhatnagar?
He had released a video pleading innocence in a #POCSO case filed against him by a girl in his class who claimed he wrote sexually abusive letters to her. He was rusticated from school, arrested

Oct 7, 2022 8 tweets 7 min read
27 yr old Ankit Jha's only dream
was to join Indian Air Force

In 2021 that dream came true & he dropped out of MBA from an Ivy College to join @IAF_MCC

In 2022, he ws found dead under mysterious circumstances at AFTC Bengaluru as institution he loved most FAILED HIM

THREAD 🧵 Ankit joined @IAF_MCC @CareerinIAF in Jan'21 at AFA Dundigal then AFTC in August. He was due to pass out soon when a lady filed complaint against him

In Ankit's last message he said he was forced for confession & then dismissed. His family has not yet been provided any complaint
Sep 13, 2022 6 tweets 4 min read
SOS JODHPUR : Mehul posted this video himself. He's a class 12 Student who's been rusticated by his school, as per him w/t listening to his side on a girls accusation. FIR under POCSO has also been lodged. He's pleading innocence @NCPCR_ @KanoongoPriyank @CP_Jodhpur @Igp_Jodhpur I don't know what's the exact truth behind & hence would urge @CP_Jodhpur @Igp_Jodhpur @JdprRuralPolice to kindly investigate. It's a matter of a young child. If he's posting this on social media & clearly sounds disturbed for not being heard, u need to listen to him too. PLEASE
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Amit Kumar died by suicide on Aug 30

He left 5 page suicide note alleging extreme humiliation by his company Optum Global Solution over charges of sexual harrassment which he said were false

His wife & family are seeking Justice but @gurgaonpolice has taken no action

Thread 🧵 I spoke to Pooja, Amit's wife & his family. They've been running from pillar to post since his death to no avail. Optum hasn't even shared with them official complaint & didn't speak to family for a week. It's seriously heartbreaking. My Full Report:
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LANCE NAIK GOPAL SINGH 1 RR gave his life for nation, braving terrorists in J&K in 2017

He was conferred SHAURYA CHAKRA

Due to dispute b/w his wife & parents, award was put on hold

Now, it came by "COURIER" & parents are totally distraught @rashtrapatibhvn @PMOIndia

THREAD 🧵 Gopals parents fought a long court battle & gave up all benefits in return for the "SHAURYA CHAKRA" only to receive it from the President, to commemorate the supreme sacrifice of their BRAVE SON

How can a Shaurya Chakra be sent in a "PARCEL" @adgpi @AmitShah @DefenceMinIndia
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1 CITY - JABALPUR, Madhya Pradesh

She wanted to file her SIXTH #FALSERAPE CASE but now a court has booked her for "extortion, criminal intimidation"

A Thread 🧵 Listen to this audio where she's talking to the 5th man she accused of rape & unnatural sex, stating clearly that sex was consensual. She was forcing him to meet her again. When this man & his family refused to give in to her extortionist demand of 10Lacs, she CRIED RAPE !!!