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Apr 8 20 tweets 4 min read
A quality of rAma is that whenever he has a council with his close associates, he listens to what they say, but ultimately makes the decision himself.

For eg: He patiently listened to arguments of bharata, vaShiShTha, jabali etc who tried to convince him to not go to the forest+ In the end, he rejected their arguments and went to the forest anyway.

Likewise, prior to banishing sIta due to rumors among citizens, he summons his brothers and well-wishers, asking for their opinion. Against their opinions, he still decides to banish her+
Mar 18 35 tweets 6 min read
In the anushAsana parva, pArvati asks mahAdeva - केन कण्ठश् च ते नीलो बर्ह भाति निभः - “Why is your neck blue like the tail of a peacock?”

Shiva gives an interesting answer, in the form of a little known anecdote+ इन्द्रेण च पुरा वज्रं क्षिप्तं श्रीकाङ्क्षिणा मम दग्ध्वा कण्ठं तु तद् यातं तेन श्रीकण्ठता मम

[Shiva - “Once, Indra, desiring my wealth, hurled his vajrAyudha at me. With that weapon my throat was scorched. By that, I have attained the state of having a beautiful (blue) throat”]+
Feb 5 32 tweets 5 min read
Today, Let us look at why rAma banished sIta. First, we need to understand the AdhyAtmic meaning behind the separation.

In shrI vachana bhUshana vyAkhyAna, mAmunigal explains that her 2nd separation was to highlight her pAratantriyam – quality of existing for bhagavAn's sake+ As she says,

न खल्व् अद्यैव सौमित्रे जीवितं जाह्नवी जले . त्यजेयं राघवम् वंशे तु भर्तुर् मे परिहास्यते (~ uttara kANDa)

[sIta – “lakshmaNa! The progeny I bear cannot stop existing for the sake of rAghava’s lineage. Hence, I did not cast myself into the ganga to end my life.”]+
Jan 22 15 tweets 3 min read
On this auspicious day of prANa-prathiShTha, let us study what this ritual implies.

It is the establishment (prathiShTha) of bhagavAn who is called “prANa” in the vigraha+ He is “prANa” because – 1) He is the “life” or “breath” of his devotees who sustain themselves by enjoying him in archAvatAra, 2) He protects all by such forms. These 2 guNAs - enjoyment and protection are primary.

Thus, we have the following pramANAs+
Jan 19 6 tweets 1 min read
rAvaNa worshipped shiva believing he could gain power over the indrAdi devatAs. There was no love or respect in that worship.

Rather, he knew that gods are duty-bound to honor worship by giving boons+ It is pertinent to note that vAlmiki mentions rAvaNa worshipped a golden linga. The linga form of mahAdeva is worshipped by those who are not advanced enough to worship him in his manifest form, ie, by people lacking Atma-j~nAna (which the lingarUpI mahAdeva eventually bestows)+
Jan 8 31 tweets 5 min read
Today, let us look at a dialogue between parashurAma and shiva. In the viShNu dharmottara, there is a section where Shiva describes the guNAs and leelas of nArAyaNa to parashurAma.

This is how parashurAma approaches shiva+ त्वत्तः परतरं देवं नान्यं पश्यामि कञ्चन. पूजयन्ति सदा लिङ्गं तव देवाः सवासवाः

[parashurAma said to rudra – “I cannot perceive any God superior to you. The devas along with Indra as their chief always honor your prime characteristic – your excellence in upAsana.”]+
Jul 26, 2023 7 tweets 1 min read
With all the debate about “कालोऽस्मि लोकक्षयकृत्प्रवृद्धो लोकान्समाहर्तुमिह प्रवृत्तः” due to the Oppenheimer movie, I thought I would share Acharya Ramanuja’s commentary for the same+ Firstly, “काल:”  does not mean “Death” or “Time” according to the Acharya. Even I had wrongly assumed he meant “Time” without seeing the commentary.

“काल:” refers directly to bhagavAn. It means “One who calculates or measures” (कलनात्)+
Jun 19, 2023 28 tweets 5 min read

Now, Indra had advised arjuna to get a darshanam of mahAdeva as he felt the latter as j~nAna-prada-mUrti would enable arjuna to surrender.

So, Arjuna commences penances towards mahAdeva+ तपस्य् उग्रे वर्तमान उग्रतेजा महामनाः दर्भचीरं निवस्याथ दण्डाजिनविभूषितः

[Arjuna who is very wise, of formidable resplendence, performed a fierce penance wearing robes made of darbha, with a staff and deer skin]+
Jun 13, 2023 32 tweets 6 min read

Despite yudhiShThira & vyAsa asking him surrender, arjuna couldn’t do it.

When one cannot obey an AchArya’s order due to incapability, shAstra permits him to do the next best thing. So arjuna decided to do penances with thirumantra as accessory+ मनोजवगतिर् भूत्वा योगयुक्तो यथानिलः…इन्द्रकीलं समासाद्य ततोऽतिष्ठद् धनंजयः

[Arjuna, yoked to the thirumantra called “योग”, reached his destination quick as thought, like the wind. He arrived at Indrakila & stayed intending to do penances.]+
Jun 12, 2023 30 tweets 5 min read

Continuing from the Intro thread.

When yudhiShThira ponders about how to defeat the Kauravas, veda vyAsa comes to him and gives him advice.

He tells him that it is time for Arjuna to acquire celestial weapons+ श्रेयसस् ते परः कालः प्राप्तो भरतसत्तम . येनाभिभविता शत्रून् रणे पार्थो धनंजयः .

[vyAsa - “Foremost of bhAratAs! The time has come for you to obtain bhagavad anugraha, by which pArtha, called dhananjaya, can conquer foes in battle.”]+
Jun 7, 2023 22 tweets 3 min read

The beginning of the narrative concerning the encounter of arjuna with shiva as kirAta, consists of a request made by janamejaya to vaishampAyana to hear the same.

Let us first study how he made the request+ अत्यद्भुतं महाप्राज्ञ रोमहर्षणम् अर्जुनः.भवेन सह संग्रामं चकाराप्रतिमं किल . पुरा प्रहरतां श्रेष्ठः संग्रामेष्व् अपराजितः

[Janamejaya - Wise one! The battle between bhava & arjuna the foremost of warriors, who was formerly undefeated in battle was hair-raising without parallel]+
May 30, 2023 30 tweets 5 min read
Yesterday I quoted Aditya purANa which says tAmasa purANAs glorify hari only.

In accordance with that, today I will explain netrapUja story as per Linga purANa. The story's inner meanings establish the supremacy of Hari only+ स्नापयामास च विभुः पूजयामास पंकजैः । परीक्षार्थं हरेः पूजाकमलेषु महेश्वरः ॥ गोपयामास कमलं तदैकं भुवनेश्वरः

[Lord Hari bathed & worshipped a Linga with flowers. For testing Hari, one lotus flower from the flowers meant for worship was hidden by maheshvara, lord of the world]+
May 29, 2023 19 tweets 4 min read
This week, let us study the tAmasa purANAs in some detail.

EngalAzhwan quotes a couple of Aditya purANa shlokAs which points out the import of all 18 purANAs. Explaining it here+ विष्णुः ब्रह्मा शिवो विष्णुः विष्णुः आदित्य एव च । सर्वं विष्णुमयं ब्रह्मन् इति पौराणीकम् वचः॥ एवमेव पुराणेशु दशसु अष्टेशु न अन्यथा । (~ Aditya purANa)+
May 16, 2023 32 tweets 6 min read
- Jayadratha Vadha (Part 2) -

In the previous thread, I pointed out that Krishna wanted arjuna to kill vR^iddhakShatra the father of jayadratha as well, as he was a kaivalyArti, to give him a better birth as a bhakti yogI.

Krishna now instructs Arjuna on how to accomplish this+ सोऽयं तप्यति तेजस्वी तपो घोरं दुरासदम्। समन्तपञ्चकाद् अस्माद् बहिर् वानरकेतन

[Krishna - “Bearer of the banner of Hanuman! Even now, that tejasvI vR^iddhakShatra is tormenting himself with difficult, fierce penances (kaivalyopAsana) outside samantapanchaka (kurukshetra)”]+
May 15, 2023 6 tweets 1 min read
Small note about Kaivalya- since we are talking about this in context of Jayadratha's father.

Vedanta Desikan opines Kaivalya is an obstacle but eventually leads to bhakti yoga by bhagavad anugraha. But he says in tAtparya chandrika that some Acharyas felt Kaivalya led to mukti+ Basically, AchArya says, "It is likely not mukti sthAna, but this is not a major issue regardless".

The other Acharyas who state Kaivalya is mukti, do so on the strength of the sahasranAma shloka "muktAnAm paramA gatiH"+
May 15, 2023 34 tweets 6 min read
- Jayadratha Vadha (Part 1) -

To help Arjuna kill Jayadratha, Krishna hid the Sun with his Chakra, breaking avatAra-maryAda despite his “human” birth.

अब्रवीत्पाण्डवं तत्र त्वरमाणो जनार्दनः.धनंजय शिरश् छिन्धि सैन्धवस्य दुरात्मनः.अस्तं महीधरश्रेष्ठं यियासति दिवाकरः+ [Then janArdana spoke to the pANDava, in haste, due to concern for his welfare - “Quickly cut of the head of this wicked Saindhava, as the Sun has vanished behind Sudarshana, the praiseworthy supporter of the Earth]

“जनार्दनः” - Krishna, who destroys the foes of Arjuna by will+
May 4, 2023 15 tweets 3 min read
Today is the thirunakshatram of 3 great Acharyas - Madhurakavi Azhwar, Thirumalai Anantazhwan and Nadadur Ammal.

Let us briefly enjoy their guNAs and significance in our sampradaya+ Madhurakavi Azhwar was the first to openly declare that the best means for moksha is AchAryAbhimAna, by his devotion to Nammazhwar.

So much so, that "AchAryAbhimAna" is called "Madhurakavi Nilai" by all AchAryAs+
May 3, 2023 5 tweets 1 min read
Thirunakshatram of Thirumalai Nallan Chakravarthy and Kidambi Achan.

Thirumalai Nallan Chakravarthy once initiated some hunters into the sampradaya. When Acharya Ramanuja was going to Melkote due to the persecution of the Shaiva king, these hunters helped him and gave him food+ When they introduced themselves to Acharya as disciples of Thirumalai Nallan Chakravarthy, Acharya said " nallAn enRa kALamEgham ippadi varshikkiradhE" - "The dark rain cloud that is Nallan, is pouring it's mercy on me"!

A shishya who bestowed his mercy on an Acharya!+
May 2, 2023 35 tweets 5 min read

In this concluding thread, let us look at how ekalavya died. During the yAdavAs’ battle with paundraka, ekalavya steps into the battlefield+ एतस्मिन्नन्तरे शूर एकलव्यो निषादयः । धनुर्गृह्य महाघोरं कालान्तकयमोपमः । शरैरनेकसाहस्रैरर्दयामास यादवान्

[ekalavya the valiant niShAda king, holding a terrible bow & resembling Yama the reckoner of lives, entered the battle & struck the yAdavAs with 1000s of arrows]+
May 1, 2023 26 tweets 4 min read

I have explained why droNa took ekalavya’s thumb as fee.

Now, ekalavya despite that, was still very skilled with the bow. He had asura svabhAva & fought on paundraka’s side against krishna.

So bhagavAn explains to Arjuna why he killed ekalavya+ त्वद्धितार्थं च नैषादिरङ्गुष्ठेन वियोजितः । द्रोणेनाचार्यकं कृत्वा छद्मना सत्यविक्रमः (~ droNa parva)

[Krishna - “Arjuna of true valor! For your welfare, the thumb of that naiShAda was deprived from him by droNa, who made his duty as an AchArya a disguise to protect you”]+
Apr 27, 2023 8 tweets 2 min read
This woman has been obsessively chasing me and @BMidou124 for a long time now.

Not going to talk about her unhealthy ravings, but let me just address that shloka and govindaraja's commentary+ आश्वासयन्तम् भरतम् जाबालिर् ब्राह्मण उत्तमः |
उवाच रामम् धर्मज्नम् धर्म अपेतम् इदम् वचः ||

As established by Acharyas, jAbAli spoke nAstika philosophy (lokAyAta) to convince rAma to stay.

But aa he spoke that for a greater dharma (in love of bhagavAn), it was not adharma+