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28 Apr
I had more to say about this, but I went to bed instead, so:

Christians like to claim that Jesus's message is both radical and hard to accept and follow. Generally speaking, that's laughable, but let's take it at face value for a moment in the context of the prodigal son. (1/x)
Let's leave aside that the idea that it's hard to be Christian in a hegemonically Christian society, built to accommodate Christian norms and ensure Christian comfort, with a church every two blocks that will bend over backwards to get you to join, is somehow "difficult."
Christians claim Jesus's message is radical, difficult to hear, and harder to follow.

And then they make it the most banal, obvious, commonplace thing ever. Forgive people. Love your neighbors.
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28 Apr
Christian parable interpretation is an antisemitic Mobius strip, a thread:
Christians: Jesus told the parable of the Prodigal Son as a rebuke to the Pharisees because they hated the idea of forgiving sinners, as evidenced by the fact that they objected to him dining with tax collectors.

Jews: no...? that's not how ANY of that worked?
The Pharisees most likely were objecting to the fact that Jesus was extending forgiveness to people who hadn't actually shown any sign that they were even sorry for doing something that harmed their neighbors.

like, the tax collectors hadn't quit being tax collectors?
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27 Apr
wait gotta do a yawn Image
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26 Apr
Started catching up on the CW's Nancy Drew after getting like 4-5 weeks behind.

Y'all, this show is all over the map on all KINDS of things, but I'm going to talk about the Jewish stuff because of course I am.
okay, so on one hand, we have a dude named Ace, who's the only white dude in the Drew Crew, which is nice, and he's also a very nice boy who's fluent in ASL because he has a Deaf dad Image
And then, Ace, who's just been this very nice, helpful guy in the background for most of the show, goes home to have Shabbat dinner with his dad.

Reader, I kvelled.
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22 Apr
people keep acting like the Stepford Wives was satire instead of what men would actually do if they had the power
Like, men resent every bit of power or independence women get, especially if they're making money from men.

Women are influencers with male audiences?

No, no, replace them with literal sex dolls that men puppet. Keep that money in the hands of men.
No matter how well women, as entertainers, divest themselves of their personalities and provide an alluring blank slate for men to project upon, men always have that bothersome knowledge that there IS actually a person in there.

So, stamp it out. Replace them with dolls or AI.
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19 Apr
Oh boy, let’s talk about some white supremacist assumptions about Jews that SOUND like they’re positive but actually, of course, are not:

The idea that Jews are genetically “smart” (or, more often, “cunning”).
I don’t really know the origins of this one, but I can tell you how it’s played out in the modern era.
So, the Victorians liked to divide humanity up into broad racial groups, which supposedly were “scientific” and were supposed to have various genetic attributes. (Phrenology was a big part of this.)
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16 Apr
If I see another fucking "millennials are causing a housing shortage by buying houses" headline...

like sorry, last month we were wrecking the world by living in our parents' basements, so I'm having trouble keeping up with what we are and aren't supposed to do
and somehow, weirdly, it's millennials causing the housing shortage problem by buying homes and not

<checks notes>

the older people not selling their houses?
Like I don't know how to explain to these headline writers that "supply" is part of the supply and demand equation
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14 Apr
Was reminded today that Judaism actually has a ritual for reuniting with friends you haven't seen in a long time. Image
If 30 days or more have passed since you have seen your friend, upon seeing them, you recite the following blessing:

Blessed are you, Eternal One, source of all being, who as sustained us and brought us to this moment. Image
If it has been 12 months or more since you have seen your friend, you say the following blessing:

Blessed are you, Eternal One, source of all being, who revives the dead. Image
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14 Apr
Since Cuomo is clearly jealous that he doesn't have a Treehouse Holiday

here's a sukkah appreciation thread

we'll start with something that seems within reach if I ever get a deck Image
and this one built of wooden shims Image
succulent sukkah

sukkulent Image
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12 Apr
But also, it’s perfectly fine to not be angsty.

Haydn was a happy cheerful guy who seemed to mostly like his work.

Do what works for you.
Like, especially for women, it’s okay to like and be proud of your creative output. It’s okay to think it’s good. It’s okay to accept compliments about it.

Normalize liking your own work.
Like I get really sick of the whole “my divine dissatisfaction makes me more alive than the peons” model of creativity.

It’s REALLY close to the Asshole Genius.

Plenty of artists are healthy people who aren’t abusive to themselves, others, or both.
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8 Apr
omg omg omg wait is Biden doing the one thing I thought maybe we could trust him to do right and promoting train travel?


I just did the screech of a raptor jumping on the juiciest of wild turkeys

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7 Apr
Okay, let's talk about why attempts to critique (or hell, straight up stick it to) Christianity in SFF often end up being more anti-Jewish than they are anti-Christian.
This was inspired by Jay Kristoff's work, which manages to evoke a whole bunch of antisemitic medieval tropes AND, as a bonus, even shits on the name "Ashkenazi", which is the Jewish term for most European Jews.
But the thing is, Kristoff's SO antisemitic that I don't think it's accidental.

I'm more interested in how it happens out of ignorance rather than malice.
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6 Apr
Hey NW people who can bear children:

Don’t fuck any cis man who can’t show you a receipt for a donation to the NW Abortion Access Fund that’s less than a year old.

Yes, that includes your husband.
If you’re someone who can get people pregnant, you need to be putting money toward protecting abortion access. If you won’t do that, you shouldn’t be allowed to risk getting anyone pregnant.
But, like, given that this country is already being INCREDIBLY shitty to trans men and NB people, I think the burden needs to be on cis men.
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6 Apr
Y’all, I am a huge baby about needles, and the COVID shot was the easiest I’ve ever gotten. I literally didn’t realize she had already given it to me.

Of course, 20 minutes later my arm aches like I worked out too hard, but the shot didn’t hurt like at ALL.
So if you’re needlephobic or just sensitive to pain, I promise you this is the easiest shot you’ll ever get.
They also, at least here in WA, have been pulling in anyone who can give shots, which means a lot of people who are WAY overqualified. My friend got hers from an off-duty anesthesiologist.
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5 Apr
There is a big difference between pluralism and secularism.

In the context of head coverings:

Pluralism: wear whatever you want
Secularism: no "religious" wear (i.e. you must dress like a white Protestant)
As people from non-Christian backgrounds/traditions/cultures keep telling everyone, the western idea of a "nonreligious" society is a white Christian society with the serial numbers filed off.
and it's funny, because every white New Atheist dudebro out there arguing that non-Christians need to drop their "superstitious" and "primitive" cultural practices and dead certain that he can distinguish between the "religious" and the "secular"...
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26 Mar
I don't know why we have to keep explaining that it can both be true

that we need more female leaders

and that not every single one of them is going to be better than male leaders
like any argument against this basically just boils down to "men should be in charge by default"
it's amazing how many male "leftists" keep responding to calls for more female leadership by being like MARGARET THATCHER HILLARY THE QUEEN OF ENGLAND

okay, status quo defenders
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24 Mar
here's a thought, Dan (and fellow cis people in general):

cis people don't get to decide what is and isn't transphobic (and you should know that intent doesn't matter)

if a bunch of trans people are saying you've done/said transphobic shit, you've done/said transphobic shit
And, like, I'm not going to police how trans people talk about transphobia, but it seems like when cis people get accused of transphobia, we jump immediately to "I am not a transphobe," rather than talking about whether we *said/did* transphobic things
And making the conversation about whether or not you fit in the binary, absolute category of "transphobe" makes it really easy to shift the conversation away from what it really should be about, which is behavior.
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24 Mar
and also for the 90th time

Jews for Jesus/Messianic "Judaism" isn't Judaism, it's literally a Christian movement started by the Southern Baptist Convention and designed to be a Trojan Horse that eliminates actual Judaism
Like I don’t know how to make this any clearer: there is no branch or version of Judaism that worships Jesus.

Full stop.
And for the most part, it attracts mostly Christians who was to cosplay as Jews (Jews for Jesus with so much as a single Jewish grandparent are in the minority) because it tends to be very HELLO FELLOW KIDS
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23 Mar
Thread. Even someone making $400,000 a year has a lot more in common with the rest of us than someone with $10 million.

We also really should talk about how there's a LOT of play in the term "millionaire."
A lot of people seem to throw around the term "millionaire" to mean "anyone with a million dollars."

Which, okay.
You know how much a million dollars in savings gets you as annual income when you're retired?

ah yes, the princely sum of <checks notes> $40,900.
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18 Mar
Why Are TTRPGs Like This? (March edition)

1. So, yesterday got off to a banner start with Paizo doing a St. Patrick's Day promotion that was all about booze and featured a monstrous and evil-looking Irish-coded humanoid. Image
Now, IIRC that's the leprechaun art from one of the bestiaries, and not meant to suggest an actual Irish human being, but sans context, that's not at all clear.

And look, I have Irish ancestry and family in Ireland, but I generally don't talk about anti-Irish bigotry...
...because 9 times out of 10, when people DO talk about it, they're trying to use it to shut down discussion of anti-Black racism, & it's not the same thing at all.

That said, that doesn't mean it doesn't exist, isn't wrong, doesn't have an ugly history, & doesn't harm people.
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16 Mar
I mean, I'll ask again why so many Christians' faith *requires* Jewish villains.
I was listening to the excellent You're Wrong About series on the book "Michelle Remembers," which sparked the Satanic Panic...
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