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12 Jun
Everything was wrong about the IBB transition ab initio and the signs were all there.

Every thing was right about the IBB transition ab initio and again, the signs were all there.

Both statements are true but only depending on how you look at it - first, the 2nd; then the 1st:
Shortly after kicking Buhari out in 1985, IBB set up a Political Bureau comprised of members like Edwin Madunagu the leftist ideologue, Hilda Adefarasin, Pascal Bafyau, Tunde Adeniran, Sam Oyovbaire and others.

Edwin was a no-nonsense man and soon quit the whole thing.
The idea behind the Bureau was to find the best ways by which Nigeria should be governed and they took their sweet time doing it, spending almost a year before another C'ttee headed by Major-General Paul Omu was set up to examine the work they had done.

Then politicking began...
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10 Jun
"I told you so" is definitely NOT a strategy;

It is merely an expression of pain from people who were demonized for warning about a coming catastrophe which they now have to endure twice: first in imagination of the future they saw and now in reality, by no fault of theirs.
"I told you so" is a query asking "what exactly were you thinking when you got us into this?"

It is a defence, a coping mechanism to deal with a collective pain arising from the bandwagonism of the majority who actually called you names when you foresaw things.
"I told you so" is not a strategy, it is a warning that being in the majority is never proof of right or wrong.

A warning against future repositioning to market other failures yet again to our collective detriment because the hawks are gathering again, even now in this calamity.
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4 Jun
There's a reason everytime the owners of Nigeria feel that a political intervention in power at the highest level is needed, they always without turn to someone from the old guard of the military.

NO OTHER GROUP in Nigeria operates with such Precision, one forged in fire.
Those guys held meetings to organise coups in the days where the only communication tools were landlines or face to face. Where you literally had to put your life in the hands of someone else and do your part in a big picture entirely dependent on whether others do theirs.
The difference between successful coups and unsuccessful ones in the history of Nigeria was how cohesive the units organising the coup were. If certain persons were involved in it, the coup would always succeed without fail and where they were not, they put down the coup.
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3 Apr
Just confirmed from JK Agbaje that we've lost Egbon Yinka Odumakin - a sad loss not just for the Yorubas but also the Nigerian polity.

Egbon exemplified the truth of being a good ethnic person in order to be a great National figure in the context of Nigeria's configuration.
Egbon Yinka Odumakin was a man with courage of conviction who was never afraid to change his mind or follow his ideology to wherever it logically took him.

He was not always the most patient person but he exercised exceedingly great patience with his young admirers, always.
Egbon never minced words, was loyal to his friends and whatever cause he chose to believe in but once you showed him the logical counter of his loyalty and it proved that his cause or friend was false, Egbon would not hesitate to change positions directly - he had that courage.
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24 Mar
The factors that ruined Buhari are unique and will be hard to replicate:

He joined the military with doubtful academic credentials, maintained his clannish world outlook all through postings, refusing to open up and mingle with other ethnicities.

Then he fought in a civil war.
Chosen by his colleagues to lead the country after a coup in which he exhibited little flair or ambition he turned inwards and against them until they removed him and the majority of the country celebrated - leaving him with a grudge he nursed against Nigeria for many years.
Rediscovered by Abacha, he was brought out in 2003 by an ethnic agenda to force Obasanjo to serve only a term with his lacklustre CV rewritten in glowing terms.

Until then, he had been one of only very few former officers never to advance himself economically or academically.
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20 Mar
Ndigbo as a collective owe no apology to anyone over the 1966 coup in which many were killed - the killers got their retribution and there was enough bloodshed to apologise for afterwards on all sides.

Having said that, an astute Igbo aspirant to Presidency must know what to do.
Contrary to popular opinion that the 1999 Presidency was given to the SW, it wasn't. The power stakeholders chose a candidate from the SW they felt most comfortable with and whom the SW itself felt least comfortable with.

And regardless, he was opposed firmly at the primaries.
For Obasanjo to even emerge in 1999 you needed an Abubakar in power - from Abacha to Obasanjo would have been tactically unrealistic.

2023 is another transitional phase but the Igbo aspiration is not only legitimate and irrepressible, it is positionally encouraged.
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7 Mar
When people say PDP and APC are the same in spite of the most glaring Nationalist vs Ethnocentric configurations of both parties in power, I shudder at how much of history is being ignored just to come to a futurist dismissive conclusion of PDP and to justify the 2015 decision.
PDP started out as a deliberate Nationally inclusive party - G34 was supposed to be G36 with one representative from every state but Abacha arrested the representatives from Kano and Jigawa, Abubakar Rimi and Sule Lamido, on their way to the inaugural meeting in Lagos.
When Abacha died, the qualification to form parties was that they had to win LGA chairmanship seats with a national spread.

PDP qualified, APP qualified, AD did not qualify.

But to appease the Yorubas over the death of MKO, INEC under Akpata bent the rules and qualified AD.
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18 Feb
In the existential battle, one advantage that evil has is that evil ones know how to be good when they need to appear contrary to their nature:

They can converse easily, perform good-natured gestures to throw people off and say nice things.

But the good, can rarely but be good.
Good persons for instance may be unable to steal to finance a good cause but evil persons can conjure good reasons to cover up why they stole.

Goodness is not an advantage in itself - even if we believe that eternal forces of good fight on the side of goodness against evil.
The logical conclusion of this thought is clear but it is not one to advocate publicly.

But the discerning will figure it out.
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12 Feb
The death of Alhaji Lateef Kayode Jakande brings to my mind the triumph of excellence in political leadership as well as rebellion against the political order.

A lot has been said about LKJ since he died yesterday and I hope only to contribute my perspective to enrich all said.
My emphasis with history has always been to draw out lessons relevant to the present, to show how trends repeat themselves and to show certain hypocritical contradictions within the present system.

Only few others qualify as well as LKJ to do all the three - I hope I do justice.
One area pundits have largely missed out in the Jakande story is the very beginning - both of his life and of his politics.

LKJ's parents were from Omu-Aran in present day Kwara State but he contributed more to Lagos than so many others - we will return to this subsequently.
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24 Dec 20
Just watched King Sunny Ade singing a version of the classic and controversial Easy Motion Tourist song for a Glo advert and it had me thinking a bit about this accreditation matter because the circumstances were a bit similar.

Here's a Highlife Music thread with some lessons:
What we definitely know of that song is that KSA was not the original composer but it featured on his Grammy-nominated 1998 album titled Odu.

Sunny's case in this thread is helped by the fact that his version is one I got used to and he made it most popular.

So, who wrote it?
I watched Fatai Rolling Dollar in the late 90s or early 2000s claim that he wrote the song, along with some band members whom he didn't name in that interview I watched.

Further research at the time attributed the song to his band of three Highlife maestros called Rhythm Blues.
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18 Jun 20
In trying to cover up or solve a problem, humans inadvertently create a bigger one that eventually ruins everything.

The events that led to the Watergate scandal in the US started in June 1971.

Till date, political scandals are suffixed with ‘-gate’ in allusion to that scandal.
If ever there was one person destined to be US President, it was Richard Nixon who from childhood had a mother who would read the Bible to him and impress it upon him that if he ever found himself in a position to help Israel, he must do it without hesitation.
Nixon rose in politics from being a Senator to being Vice President and then losing a presidential race then losing a gubernatorial one before eventually winning the presidential election in a close race in 1968.

Three years later, a scandal began to happen to his admin.
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8 Jun 20
The 8th of June, 1997 was a Monday like today and it was on this day 22 years ago that General Sani Abacha died.

The mainstream verdict on Abacha in Nigeria has always been clear but since some people decided to extol Libya's Muammar Gaddafi, let me do same today, for Abacha.
It is perhaps an exercise in foolishness but with small hope that foolishness may cure foolishness in the same way that when one responds to sarcasm with equal sarcasm, the instigator sometimes gets serious - except there's a fixed agenda.

For context, I start with a book I read
I bought a book under Ojuelegba Bridge many years ago and it is one of my most prized today, Gavin De Becker's The Gift of Fear.

In it, he explains that victims are forever imbued with an ability to quickly identify threatening situations and persons and save themselves.
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30 Apr 20
Tinubu was one of the funders of TheNews, Osinbajo handled the legals.

Founders were - Femi Ojudu, Bayo Onanuga, Idowu Obasa, Kunle Ajibade, Seye Kehinde, Dapo Olorunyomi.

All in APC or appointees of Govt now except Dapo Olorunyomi of PremiumTimes and Kunle Ajibade.
There was also a Sanni Kabir in the mix somehow.

That PT is exposing this Govt big time is amazing; and to show how closely knit that circle was:

Osinbajo’s spokesperson today,was one of the reporters with the magazine back then, hounded into exile I think by the Abacha regime.
There’s some lesson there anyway in how friendships become cabals or how critics come to embody the regime they once criticised.

But there’s surely a lesson from Dapo Olorunyomi and what PT is doing these days.

May history be kind to him and all journalists of principle.
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23 Apr 20
On August 11, 1979, Presidential Elections held across the then 19 states of Nigeria with Shehu Shagari and Alex Ekwueme winning the majority votes of 5.7m to Awolowo and Umeadi’s 4.9m votes.

The controversy that followed however almost derailed the transition programme.
The military had by then been in power since 1966 with Aguiyi Ironsi followed by Gowon then Murtala Mohammed who started the transition to civilian rule and Obasanjo was to complete it in 1979.

The constitution however had two major hurdles for a clear winner to emerge:
1. The winner had to win more votes that all the other contestants and
2. The winner had to win at least 25% of the votes cast in at least 2/3 (two-thirds) of the states in the country.

If no clear winner emerged, there would be a re-run by popular vote or electoral college.
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19 Apr 20
For someone whom the whitewashers are so desperate to immortalise to us as a very private person, Abba Kyari is the most well-known Chief of Staff in any Democracy admin or military regime in Nigeria since 1960.

Tell me Chiefs of Staff in the past you know, so powerful as Kyari.
If you’re an avid political watcher, you might remember a few Chiefs of Staff from the past but none near powerful or influential as Abba Kyari.

That man wrote an open article to foreign countries a week to the last election, using finesse to say what El-Rufai crudely said.
One of my personal values forbids me from speaking ill of the late (and I won’t) but some of those same values insist that we never let history be rewritten in our time, that we hold a standard of public office aloft for future generations and that we put Nigeria first, above all
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17 Apr 20
APC is the major catalyst of worsening ethnic divisions in Nigeria.

The divisions are naturally there like fault-lines but APC has made it worse since 2015 and this can be proven empirically with factual history points from 1999.

I’ll explain it again so people understand:
Opening caveat: what I’m tweeting is not because I’m a PDP member but what I’m tweeting is a major reason why I became a PDP member and not a member of any of the legacy parties that became APC.

APC has to die for Nigeria to truly become a nation - the history supports this:
Nigeria’s experiences since before 1960 and especially the experience of the First Republic brought about a major written and unwritten political principle for Nigeria:

That no political party must exist except it has national membership (this was the written part);
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15 Apr 20
Saw a couple of tweets from someone yesterday and I’ve been wanting to do this thread for a while now to talk about something I rarely talk about publicly and more so on social media Spirituality, Faith, Religion and so on in relation to a generation younger than mine.
I’ll start by saying I believe in the existence of a dimension other than that which we can see.

I believe in the existence of Divinity and I am a Christian, by birth and by choice.

But I believe everyone must chart their own spiritual journey by themselves and for themselves.
So let me say clearly from this point that I have no problem with anyone believing as they would - I respect you as human and affirm you on your journey towards finding your own spiritual beliefs.

But I have a problem with social media culture and your spiritual process.
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7 Apr 20
There's a proverbial story:

Villagers on their way to the farms one early morning saw the tortoise sat on the back of his in-law pinned to the floor.

They asked him what happened and he said his in-law owed him a huge amount of money for over 15 years and had failed to pay.
“That’s too much and for too long - this one is a terrible in-law!” The villagers concluded, “deal with him very well. This in-law doesn’t wish you well at all, what you’re doing is very much justified.”

And so the tortoise felt vindicated and the villagers left to their farms.
By evening as they returned, they saw the tortoise on the back of his in-law, pinned to the ground.

They asked him what the issue was and he told them the same thing - in-law was owing him a huge amount of money and had failed or refused to pay for such a long time.
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12 Mar 20
Pastor Poju Oyemade preached a message at the crossover service of 2009/2010 about changing the direction of your life and made a brilliant allusion that has been on my mind in observing the Bernie Sanders campaign flounder.

I think this particular lesson is worth sharing.
Many things went terribly wrong with Sanders campaign but the most astounding for me is the sheer inability of the campaign to change course when problems were sighted and that Poju message dealt with that on a personal level - so this is political but has personal lessons.
Political campaigns generally have two major problems:

1) Campaign is blind to incoming problems, usually because the rank and file are too optimistic or

2) The campaign sights incoming problems but is unable to adapt to them, and this second problem for me is the worst.
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26 Feb 20
There’s a place every political aspirant wants to get to and in other engagements, it’s mostly described as “The Flow”, in politics it’ll be something like “Untouchable”.

I think Bernie Sanders is just almost there right now, but most definitely also is Trump - Untouchable.
The Flow in any engagement is a state of heightened but enervating intensity in what you’re doing to a point where almost everything is shut out and works just...flows.

The parallel in political aspiration is a point where nothing against the candidate seems to go against them.
Only few politicians ever in history have attained it - off the top of my head, I can only think of Trump, Jawaharlal Nehru, possibly Awolowo, definitely Buhari, Aminu Kano almost, and now Sanders giving us an example of how to get there.

But there’ll be lots of local examples.
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19 Feb 20
Only few judgements are satisfactory to all parties but eminent jurists know how to deliver judgements with such logic and authorities cited, that even the loser can understand why he lost.

Tanko's Supreme Court makes no attempt at logic, and this is the consequence of that.
The Judiciary has become one of those institutions that will need to be salvaged after the Buhari regime ends.

Some of the judgements from the Supreme Court must be expunged with the logical precision of a Chukwudife Oputa because they are dangerous and spurious authorities.
Imagine a judgement that says the role of the military in compromising elections can only be highlighted if the military is joined as a party to the matter.

Or that a petitioner can only prove electoral irregularities by inviting witnesses from each polling unit.

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