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Nov 28 23 tweets 8 min read

Read today's news, let me take you further.

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Have you ever heard that Osama Bin Laden was used to woo the muslim votes in India ?

Wait. WHAT ??? !!!!

Yes you heard it right ! And all this happened in Bihar . Meanwhile Lalu Yadav’s jungle-raaj in Bihar he was considered the biggest good thinker for state’s muslims &
Nov 27 11 tweets 3 min read

How long will You all continue to blame good politicians for religious division?

Ask this question to Bad politicians & ppl like Abdul Salam who, using different Hindu identities, trapped 4 Hindu girls in 15 years, sexually exploited them & tried to convert them.

The accused allegedly kept using different Hindu names to deceive the victims, then married and s€xually exploited them. Abdul Salam also tried to convert his preys to Islam.
Nov 26 22 tweets 4 min read

Congress is working with our enemies countries to somehow tarnish India's image at the world level & somehow remove Modi from the seat of PM.

Billions are being spent for this purpose & the speech given in Cambridge was a part of this conspiracy against India.

1/21 Image A few months ago the same headline in foreign newspapers like New York times, and others was,

"Indian democracy under attack by Modi, opposition leaders arrested, courts sold, says opposition leader of India's oldest national party in Cambridge."
Nov 24 8 tweets 2 min read
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Conversion factories are running successfully. People are brought from Bangladesh & provided with Aadhar card & Voting cards. So people of Bangladesh will chose the CM of the state & PM of the country.

let’s see newspaper:

-One news is about a religious conversion racket being run through You Tube.

-Another news is about the religious conversion racket which was run through online gaming app.
2/ Image
Nov 22 22 tweets 4 min read
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Congress is part of this conspiracy to make India an Islamic nation. If they remain in power for a long time, they will make India hell through this process.

Let's take a look at the news we will see in our newspapers after 40 years:

(1/20) News on Time of India, 03rd March 2063

🔰India’s Prime Minister Mohammad Rehan Khan Vadra met Afghanistan’s PM to strengthen bilateral ties. India has agreed to open new colleges & universities which will teach Islamic literature & promote Arabic.
Nov 22 21 tweets 3 min read
Read a thread🧵 till the end

There is no doubt that Rahul Gandhi is a stupid creature. We don't take it seriously & move on.
But never forget that there r also ppl who vote for fools, which is danger

Let me today try to explain what happens when Congress forms govt in a state : 🔰DGP is imminently called to CM office & told to prepare list of the cases filed against minorities in recent past, especially against prominent faces. DGP is told to make the cases as weak as possible, evidences are destroyed,witnesses r pressurised to change their statements.
Nov 20 27 tweets 5 min read
Let us see how Nehru family always tried to push India's economy back.

It is imp to learn from the history. Even though our history was distorted to a large extent, there are some facts which cannot be denied. Let me mention those 3 facts today which killed India’s growth. ♻️Industries pushed outside India:

Imagine what would happen if Central Government announces that corporates needs to pay 95% of their net profit as income tax. Do you think Anand Mahindra would make cars in India?
Nov 4 18 tweets 4 min read
1/13(Thread) 🧵

Opposition will speak by beating its chest in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections
Nothing changed in India during Modi's tenure

You show them their worth.


How do I know?

Because I have a lot of proof to back this. Image ♻️Indian Payment System: Under Modi India has gone through a radical change in its payment System.

Think about UPI for a moment & also about how UPI changed our lives from buying groceries to sending money to our loved ones, everything is happening in the blink of an eye.
Nov 2 24 tweets 4 min read
-Indians in space by 2025
-3rd largest economy by 2028
-India's own space station by 2035
-Indians on moon by 2040
-Developed nation by 2047

I.N.D.I.A's Goals
-Remove Modi

I.N.D.I alliance will be in the form of ‘valueless Opposition’ before election
1/22 🧵 -I.N.D.I alliance is nothing but a team of opposition parties who have been opposing BJP Modi Govt. and its policies, right from the beginning - without caring for the nation
Oct 31 7 tweets 2 min read
Read the thread 🧵 till the conclusion, I would have shown their Muslim appeasement.

-100 years old Hanuman temple was demolished in Chandni chowk.

-100 crore rupees haj house for Muslims.

1/6 Image -They questioned ram mandir and spoke false about it but Manish Sisodia started his campaign from there only. do you understand the hypocrisy?

Now keep getting free electricity and get new haj house and temple demolished. thanks, Delhi.
Oct 29 8 tweets 2 min read
Congress has another game plan. If your face doesn't work, change your face!🤡

-Rahul Gandhi was portrayed as Rajiv Gandhi.
-Priyanka Gandhi was portrayed as Indira Gandhi.

can you imagine their foolishness?

I mean, I am not going to vote. why?

1/6🧵 because Rajiv and Indira we the same people who muπdered our democracy.

Rajiv Gandhi,

-what did he do to Sikhs?
-wanted us to demarcate on the basis of identity.
-then he was k!lled by his own family.
Oct 28 11 tweets 3 min read
Don’t forget this photo wherein over 2 Lakh people attended the funeral of Yakub Memon who facilitated Bombay Serial Bla$t

These are just excuses. Understand the root cause, overdose of religious teaching.हम काफ़िर हैं जिन्हें मार डाला जाना चाहिए।

Read the thread till the end🧵 Image Let me ask you some questions:

-Why is Poland ready to accommodate everyone except Muslims?

-Why is China locking many indoors & destroying the places of worship?

-Syria had land occupation problem?
Oct 27 15 tweets 4 min read
Whatever Sonia & Rahul have is bcoz of their ancestors
-They are trying to do what Nehru, Indira, Rajiv did to us & nothing else.

What do they think about india?

I am referring to various political frameworks which were put forward by Nehru-Gandhi etc.

1/12🧵 Image ♻️it was Nehru who created Pakistan, given Aksai chin to china and still went ahead by saying “Hindu muslman Bhai Bhai”, “Hindi Chini Bhai Bhai” and then we were attacked by both.
2/ Image
Oct 23 17 tweets 3 min read
Let's take you back a few years

Read the news

Do you still want to know why Modi got the highest respect in Islamic countries?

Please read the thread 🧵till the end

You will realize that Modi has always kept the nation above all, which Nehru & Indira never wanted.

1/16 Image For 67 years since independence, each and every country equated India with Pakistan and our importance on global scene was limited to being an impoverished crybaby that nobody was keen to help, except Soviet Union. Nehru's Non-alignment, Indira's continued tilt towards+
Oct 20 16 tweets 3 min read
Most of the Indian Muslim population against Modi, everyone knows why, I don't need to explain it.

I will explain why there is so much negativity in the minds of others against Modi ji.

Let me explain this through a story.

1/11(Thread🧵) Image There were 5 friends, their names were Amit, Sumit, Rohit, Lalit & Mayur.

Amit was an electrical engineer worked in an MNC.

Sumit had his own garment retail store in a busy market.

Rohit was a government employee who worked in Indian Railways.

Lalit was a driver in Ola.
Oct 18 13 tweets 3 min read
Hii @INCIndia

Honestly, he is clueless.
I don't even find words now.

He is hated because he is not just making fool out of himself but also degrading country's image. A man with lower IQ, no general knowledge, fake empathy & all foolish talk is never loved.

1/12(Thread🧵) Image He has no sincere/real issue that he can use to fight against the BJP and justify his PM candidature for 2024 LS elections. Let's see the issues that RG can think of taking on against the BJP if at all he chooses to:
Oct 16 19 tweets 4 min read
Why do I love @narendramodi ji so much & how did he become such a respected person in Bharat?

Let me tell you through a story

Stark, who happens to be a resident of Greece, travelled to Bharat in 2010 on a business trip. He spent some time in seeing Bharat too.

1/16 🧵 Image He again traveled to India in 2023 for another business trip. His company was opening more retail stores in India.

This is what happened during his trip in 2023:

♻️He had to take a flight from Delhi to Agra in 2010 because road trip was about 6–7 hours.
Oct 13 22 tweets 7 min read
The dispute between Israel and Hamas is not just a matter of land. It's much deeper than that.

Just listen to what these Maulvi are saying.

These are some old screenshots of a conversation we had on Memory TV many years ago.

1/20(Thread🧵) He will explain how complex the issue is and how an agreement on land distribution will not solve the problem.

A Qatari cleric says:

We will treat the Jews as our enemies even if they return Palestine to us because they are infidels.
2/ Image
Oct 12 15 tweets 3 min read
Thread 🧵

I have heard many times from Modi ji's opponents that what is the benefit to the poor from Vande Bharat train?

Let’s for a debate purpose we assume that Vande Bharat trains don’t bring any benefits to the poor. Then what? Are others not the citizens of the country? Image 5 start hotels, cruises, banquet halls, restaurants, shopping malls & airports also don’t bring direct benefits to poor, shall we close all of those? Projects of ISRO should also be scraped? Infact security forces should also be dissolved.
Oct 3 6 tweets 2 min read
Once Gandhiji used to recite Quran in Valmiki Basti temple.

Then a woman in the group stood up and opposed Gandhiji.

Gandhi asked: Why

Then that woman said it was against our religion.

Gandhi said .. I don't believe it like that..
1/4🧵 Image The woman replied we don't treat you worthy to order about religion.

Gandhi said he should take the votes of the people here.

Woman replied, can religion be decided by vote?

Gandhi said you are now obstructing my religion.

The woman replied that you are illegally,
Oct 1 4 tweets 1 min read
I$lamic preacher Zakir Naik got into a cab in London. He curtly asked the cabbie :

''Please Turn Off the radio bcoz as decreed by holy Q'uran, I must not listen to music bcoz in the time of pπophet there was no music, especially Western Music, which is Music Of The Infidel.''
+ Image The cab driver Politely Switched Off the radio, stopped the cab and opened the door.

Zakir questioned him :

'' Brother, What are you doing.....???? ''

The Cabbie Answered Politely :

" In the time of the prophet there were :

-No Taxis,
-No B*mbs,
-No Plane Hija€ks,