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An avid Domain-Driven Design practitioner and a closet functional-programmer, I spend my free time writing F# code and planning how to sneak it into production.
8 Nov 18
Scrum clergy member (SCM): "Sinner, why are you not hold a scheduled retrospective after every sprint?"
Agile Atheist (AA): "Who says we do sprints"
SCM: "So when do you release working software?"
AA: "As often as possible"
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SCM: "But then when do you refine your stories?"
AA: "Whenever we get new information"
SCM: "And what about your retrospective?"
AA: "Which 1?"
SCM: "The one you should have every sprint if you actually did them!"
AA: "We schedule 1when we feel the need which isn't very often since we retro every standup, every story refinement, every architectural discussion"
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