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17 Oct

* ‘Miracles’ is the best of all!

* MS Bhaskar bestest

* Jayram and Urvashi such evergreen cuties

* Andrea fit right in

* The outfits, styling and makeup were spot on for all parts!

The location and the decorated homes though...
... were too lush to be of much use to the stories. If anything, they were highly distracting and diluted the impact IMHO.
The Coffee short is a beautiful story very poorly implemented. The dialogues were too overt to create a profound impact.
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17 Oct
The movie that we should all be talking about.

If not talk, at least quietly reflect on and conscientiously begin to make personal lifestyle changes, no matter the degree of change. Every little helps!!

#ALifeOnOurPlanet #Netflix #DavidAttenborough
The movie begins with a quick lesson on evolution and plunges into the prevailing ill-practices around the globe that are rapidly declining the health and richness of bio-diversity.
Backed up by plenty of evidence and personal experience of the decaying planet, David's witness statement to the world shakes you back to reality.
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