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30 Apr
The central government won’t bear the burden of free vaccination for all Indians because that costs money and the central government has to save money for rebuilding the heart of the national capital including making a new house for the prime minister.

Modi ka Raj Mahal.
“Central Vista: Prime Minister's residence to have 10 four-storey buildings”…
Upon district parks will come up the new Modi Palace…
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28 Apr
This is what happens when you search for the hashtag #ResignModi on Facebook (at least in India). Image
“Keeping our community safe” 😂😂😂

Quite the contrary Mr Zuckerberg. You are a quite a threat to public safety.
The only silver lining in such censorship is that we get to know exactly what Dear Leader is afraid of.
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15 Apr
Last year there were many who downplayed Covid by saying more people die of TB than Covid.

In 2019, the Indian government said 79k people died if TB.

In one year of Covid, March ‘20 to March ‘21, around 160k (1.6 lakh) died of Covid.

Both are official figures.
While both figures are allegedly under-reported, the Covid numbers are likely to be a lot more under-reported. But let’s say the under-reporting is equal. Clearly, India saw more than double the number die of Covid than TB. This is before a deadlier second wave!
The people who downplayed Covid by saying ‘oh more people die of TB so it’s ok, let some die of Covid’ now owe us an apology. By using data to make us complacent about Covid, they have contributed to our lack of preparedness and alertness to the second wave. You did great harm.
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7 Apr
The recovery rate is so high, the mortality rate is so low. Statistics are marshalled to desensitise us, make us look away from 1,66,000 plus Indians who have lost their lives to Covid.
The number is too small. The death per million ratio is too little. It’s so much less than the worst affected countries. Let us not look at the least affected countries. Let us debate which data to cherry pick. Let us reduce all lives to charts, graphs, ratios, percentages.
1.66 lakh Indians dead and counting don’t deserve our empathy, their families don’t get the condolences of politicians. If only they had died in communal riots we would argue about them. If only they were film stars committing suicide we’d care.
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6 Apr
% population vaccinated (at least one dose) as of today

Israel 59%
Bhutan 62%
Chile 37%
UK 47%
USA 32%
Morocco 12%
Barbados 22%
Turkey 12%
Brazil 7.9%
Mexico 6.3%

India 5.1% — For a country with not one but three vaccines being made locally, this is a failure.
Of course when India isn’t shining on performance we must look at absolute numbers not percentages. But when we have to look at Covid cases or deaths we must look at percentages and not absolute numbers. Lies, damned lies and statistics.
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18 Jun 20
Modi’s idea of foreign policy is #ModiFirstIndiaSecond. Knowing that Modi only wants to produce good images for domestic audience, foreign leaders are happy to indulge his megalomania. This is how a Xi Jinpimg has managed to take Modi for a ride.
India needs a leader whose foreign policy objective is the Indian national interest and not a cynical use of foreign policy for domestic positioning. I don’t want Modi to wear a veshti before a foreign leader in Tamil Nadu just because BJP wants to make a point before TN election
I want Modi to sit in Delhi and find ways of saving Indian territory and soldiers from China, to find a way of making Indian manufacturing strong enough that we need to import less and less from China. But all this man wants is a photo-op to circulate on BJP’s WhatsApp university
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17 May 20
Some people believe that Narendra Modi won in 2014 and 2019, and his party wins many state elections, because 99.9% Hindus are communal, and that they vote for Islamophobia over everything else -- including their own economic interests. Thread on why that's BS.
The BJP-led NDA's combined voteshare in 2019 general elections was 45%. The Hindu population is 79%. Thus, the idea that almost all Hindus are Islamophobes, or vote for Islamophobia over all else, is statistically untrue.

Now let's see the 45%.
The idea that everybody's a Hindutva bigot has gained ground because many of us see the widespread prevalence of majoritarian bigotry among our family and friends. Facebook and Whatsapp have particularly made us confront what are family and friends are like.
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27 Apr 20
The Director General of Medical Education in Uttar Pradesh wrote a letter to the state's 24 medical colleges, saying the PPE they were given is so substandard they should not use them. This letter leaked to the media. Guess what the great democrat Yogi Adityanath did next?
Great democrat Yogi has asked the UP Police's elite STF to investigate how the letter leaked to media.…
The STF usually chases organised crime. This is apt, because journalism for Yogi is organised crime. And commentary is terrorism.
If there was a state-wise ranking of press freedom in India, I bet UP would emerge as the second worst, the worst being Jammu & Kashmir. The harassment of journalists, FIRs against them have become so rampant that the media in UP is afraid to do any story that may displease Yogi.
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25 Apr 20
The 1919 equivalent of smartphone cameras -- sketching. "Sketch everything worth sketching," said this ad in The Times of India, 25 October 1919.
In old newspapers, the ads are often more fascinating than the news reports. Like this one, for accounting books.
Ever heard of insurance for eyeglasses? Times of India, January 1918
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24 Feb 20
Government-supported mobs will clash with democratic, non-violent anti-CAA protestors. This will be spun as “CAA protests turn violent”. Such violence shall then be used to clamp down on all anti-CAA protests, delegitimise them.
CJI Bobde will say he won’t listen to violent protestors. Hate-mongering misinformation machines will say jihad, jihad. The path to making millions stateless is laden through diabolical spin-doctoring, misinformation, manufacturing a fake consensus.
The only reason why this hasn’t happened so far (outside UP, maybe Karnataka) is because BJP thought it would benefit from protesting Muslims, using them to manufacture ‘Hindus threatened’ narrative. For example:…
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20 Feb 20
#NamasteTrump is not an Indo-US diplomatic event. It is a private rally being organised to boost the image and egos of two narcissistic leaders, both of whom place personal ratings over national interest.
But who’s organising it? Like that name of the event, the organiser has also changed overnight. It was earlier to be organised by the Gujarat Cricket Association but suddenly the organiser is a mysterious DTNAS nobody’s ever heard of: Donald Trump Nagrik Abhinandan Samiti. Lol.
.@LangaMahesh has all the details: “Another official from Ahmedabad said “only today he learnt about existence of the committee”.”…
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30 Jan 20
Text of the letter by Indigo pilot who flew #KunalKamra and Arnab Goswami:

“Good evening Captain,

This email is to address the events that occurred on 6E5317, BOM-LKO on 28.01.2020.
“After pushback I was informed by the LCA that 2 gentlemen were involved in a verbal altercation and that it had been noticed prior to commencement of the flight. One was seated on 13A (Mr. Kunal Kamra) and the other on 1B (Mr. Arnab Goswami).
“I was informed that Mr. Kamra had tried to engage with Mr. Goswami, who did not respond. Mr. Kamra was asked by the LCA to return to his seat as the safety demonstrations were underway and the seat belt signs were on.
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26 Jan 20
Thread. Via soumyajitchakladar on Instagram
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24 Dec 19
We don’t need Amit Shah to tell us whether or not NPR will lead to the NRC/NRIC.

It’s there in the rules notified by the Vajpayee govt in 2003. This is the law of the land. Read it for yourself.…

#NPRisNRC #CAA_NRCProtests #NRC_CAA_Protest #NRCवायाNPR
“For the purposes of preparation and inclusion in the Local Register of Indian Citizens, the particulars collected of every family and individual in the Population Register shall be verified and scrutinized by the Local Registrar....” #NPRisNRC
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17 Dec 19
In Assam, this old woman’s 50 year old son killed himself because he couldn’t prove his citizenship under the draconian NRC exercise.
If the NRC exercise takes place across India, people like him won’t have to commit suicide, because they will be saved under the CAA, which will treat them as “refugees”.

Except if they are Muslim.

That’s why CAA is against Indian Muslims.
This thread is for my friend Abhishek who asked me, “Why are Indian Muslims protesting when CAA not against them?”
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8 Jun 19
Many right wingers supporters making the point that liberals also look at religion before making a crime a big issue. They cite the example of Kathua.
This is the key test: was the victim a target *because* of identity, be it religion, caste, ethnicity, nationality, gender or some or other?

If yes, then it’s a hate crime. Identity matters and it will have to be brought up.
In the rape and murder of a girl child in Kathua last year, identity mattered. The crime was a warning to the Bakarwal community for ethnic cleansing. The real motive was land.…
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18 May 19
Eacesdropping in Khan Market. Minor BJP leader on the next table about how she really wants to defend Godse on Twitter but has had to restrain herself from tweeting. “Haar maan li mainay ismein,” she says.
Her friends join her in whining about the compromises one has to make in mainstream politics.

Majboori ka naam Mahatma Gandhi I suppose.
Now they’re doing Muslim bashing and quoting Ghalib at the same time.
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9 Mar 19
Joke of the year. Rahul Roushan’s fake news and hatemongering little rag, OpIndia, applied be accredited as a fact-checker by Poynter. That’s like a serial offender asking for a character certificate.
Application rejected, thankfully and unsurprisingly.…
In response to this tweet, Rahul Roushan will soon post a barrage of nasty filthy abuse directed at me through his pseudonymous account, ‘padhalikha’ or whatever it is.
For those who don’t know, Poynter’s @factchecknet certification gets you global recognition, legitimacy, funding and you’re taken seriously by social media companies who might hire you as a fact-checker
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26 Jan 19

Republic Day is about this:
We, the people of India, having solemnly resolved to constitute India into a SOVEREIGN, SOCIALIST, SECULAR,DEMOCRATIC, REPUBLIC and to secure to all of its citizens;
JUSTICE social, economic and political;
LIBERTY of thought, expression, belief, faith and worship;
EQUALITY of status and of opportunity;and to promote among them all;
FRATERNITY assuring the dignity of the individual and the unity and integrity of the nation;
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29 Aug 18
Q: What did demonetisation achieve?
A: You Urban Naxal!
Q: Why is Ganga dirtier than 2014?
A: You Urban Naxal!
Q: Why can’t you reveal Rafale price?
A: You Urban Naxal!
Q: Why is Rupee falling like mercury?
A: You Urban Naxal!
Q: Where are the jobs?
A: You Urban Naxal!
Q: Why did you let Vijay Mallya escape?
A: You Urban Naxal!
Q: Why did you let Mehulbhai run away?
A: You Urban Naxal!
Q: Why couldn’t you catch Nirav Modi scam?
A: You Urban Naxal!
Q: Why is Pak still sending terrorists?
A: You Urban Naxal!
Q: Where are the 15 lakhs you promised in every bank account?
A: You Urban Naxal!
Q: How many LPG refills under Ujjwala?
A: You Urban Naxal!
Q: Where is the health infra for Ayushman Bharat?
A: You Urban Naxal!
Q: Why did you bend before Xi?
A: You Urban Naxal!
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