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Journalist. QPOC. @realdiaspora founder. @GLAAD Media Awards honoree. I worked as a host at Cracker Barrel in 1996. My opinions. Always hungry. he/him/his 🇵🇭
Jul 29, 2022 8 tweets 4 min read
OMG y’all. This album. #RENAISSANCE #Beyonce The beat on CHURCH GIRL comes on and I am like…
Jun 23, 2022 36 tweets 17 min read
She’s at #CAAAmplify y’all! (Shout out to @franklinleonard) An independent McKinsey study co-sponsored by the McKinsey Institute for Black Economic Empowerment, the entertainment industry is among the worst performers on DEI of any major American industry. #CAAAmplify
Jun 21, 2022 5 tweets 3 min read
The new @Beyonce giving ‘90s R&B house energy, transporting me back to baby gay Dino recording it off the radio while making friendship bracelets and talking on the family cordless phone. #BreakMySoul #RENAISSANCE (heads up: video has flashing images)

If this doesn’t describe my career journey, I don’t know what does. Hell, I think Beyonce has been watching over all of us and speaking to our journeys in and outside of work! She knows! #BreakMySoul (shout out to my own foundation @realdiaspora 😬) Image