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25 Feb
I previously posted about the massively awesome Dem House Bill 1 - the first thing Dems did on Jan 4, 2021, that includes the Voting Rights Act and a zillion other important things WHAT HAVE THE REPUBS BEEN UP TO?
The FIRST THING Rs did to help the American people is to audit the Fed. Because F the American people, we need more volatility. (And look at that list of a holes). Image
The second thing - I shit you not - they propose to help the american people is to DEFUND THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and ABOLISH THE IRS Image
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23 Feb
Hearing on Capitol Attack, evidence that attack was planned and coordinated: first wave left before speech was over so LE would not be ready; climbing equipment; explosives; bear mace; radios; hand signals.
CD Chief: I was on the call with the Pentagon - could not believe the tepid response; never said "yes"; Sund was pleading for support; would not deny or grant the request. "I was just stunned at that response."
There is a difference of almost AN HOUR between when Chief Sund says he requested National Guard and when House Sargent at Arms Irvings said that Sund made that request.
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21 Feb
Merrick Mthrfxn Garland's opening statement. A reading original documents with Dirk and #DemsDoGood thread. Let's goddamn go. Opening comments for the 2 22 2021 hearing. A THREAD.
Merrick lays it out: he serves no president or anyone else. He serves justice; the people of the United States and, he serves with the people of the Department of Justice.
He is not going to roll over the executive. He will serve his oath to the rule of law.
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21 Feb
Gather 'round children. Let me tell you the story of an American hero, smart person and nurse. A thread. And a touch of #DemsDoGood. And maybe a love story.
She is head of the Department of Bioethics at the National Institutes of Health Clinical Center. Let's break that down. The NIH is one of the greatest governmental research orgs to exist on the planet, ever. The CC is its research hospital, where they apply medical science.
The most difficult questions in medicine are about how to research ethically. By definition, you are trying unproven treatments. You have to ask patients to roll the dice WHEN YOU DON'T KNOW if treatment will help. My very good friend - now passed on - was at CC for treatment
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20 Feb
Anything y'all want to hear or hear about?
Currently fighting with my phone and it's refusal to upload video in a comment. Please stand by.
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19 Feb
β€œWhite men represent 73 percent of firearm suicide victims in America.” everytownresearch.org/report/gun-vio…
As a few of you know, I am engaged in finding a way to stop gun crime in the US. I wish there was something that we could do about this too.
This is utterly unecessary and unacceptable and tragic. I thank @MomsDemand for their advocacy.
It should not be so. It need not be so. We need more women in positions of power.
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17 Feb
Dear Texas: Did you know the budget for CEO's office ERCOT was $2,100,000+ for salaries and benefits? (and of course there's permanent savings by not hiring the person that was to have earned $53,000 per year - expendable). #TexasBlackout #ERCOT
At least the Corporate Communications team will feasting while it tries to tell you that it didn't let you freeze to death. (Yes that's over $6,000,000 in salaries and benefits).
And I don't know what these other offices do, but it doesn't really seem like the people got their $130,000,000's worth. ercot.com/content/wcm/ke…
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15 Feb
This is an absolutely stunning video of Marco Rubio before they made him into a #meatpuppet. Talk about mental decline - I didn't even remember Rubio knew how democracy worked. (THANK YOU @doms_mom03 and I hope it's OK I'm boosting your thread)
While we are reliving Cruz's transformation into a pathetic #meatpuppet, here's Cruz talking about Trump's association with David Packer and calling Trump a pathalogical liar. Way to go, Cruz.
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14 Feb
Ruben Verastigui is (allegedly) a horrifying pedo monster and has been on the digital teams for the @SenateGOP, National @GOP and the Trump campaign. I didn't want to talk about him, but I think it's important.
The allegations against RV are among the most horrifying I have read. It involves possessing and sharing images of rape of infants and plans to take action in the real world of that nature. I don't really recommend reading the details, but they are here. lawandcrime.com/high-profile/f…
These allegations were first brought to light by @jaredlholt who has an excellent thread. He warns people that they may want to avoid the end of the thread because it includes shots of the specific allegations. I make the same warning.
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13 Feb
Dark Dirk dons a DonJT hat and ponders the next moves. A thread.
I periodically try to peer into the crystal ball and guess what's happening down the pike. When I put on the Trump hat, I'm usually wrong, because I ALWAYS underestimate how low the slithering bottom feeders will go to please dear leader ... but let's look.
So ... first, Trump (and Trumpists) will never concede defeat. ever. The lies are too lucrative and Trump gets off on the pain suffered by his minions and his opponents. forbes.com/sites/jemimamc…
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12 Feb
I agree, and I'll explain, since there are so many doubters: 1) The Dem managers are brilliant, and made this choice based on their superior fund of information- this is not incompetence. It is therefore either strategy, or determined by things outside the impeachment @gregolear
My best guess as to those reasons: 1) live witnesses are unpredictable and can say things that hurt a case. Hostile witnesses are hard to control - much easier/better to use their own videotaped in real time words, where you know what they'll say.
2) live witnesses take much more time than video clips, and preparing for a live witness takes much more time than the testimony. Adding 1 and 2 together, I'd guess the managers decided to make sure this case was TIGHT and done on time, so Dems can move on to their agenda.
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11 Feb
Let's run back on the questions and see what we've learned so far. I am certain we are still in tip-of-the-iceberg territory. Like, for example, WHY HAVEN'T WE HEARD FROM MIKE PENCE? but I'll leave that for later.
Barr and the federal response: We've learned that the National Guard response was hamstrung by "reforms" put in by Barr who also led the attack on protestors ... so, I don't think Barr is out of the woods.
USCP logistics - these suspicions have been confirmed. Police were ORDERED not to be equipped and not to use deadly force. We still have learned almost nothing about how those orders came to be.
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11 Feb
Gosar is at lectern when unknown person runs up to say "protestors have ... ". He looked nervous up to that point. BUT HE DID NOT LOOK SURPRISED ABOUT THE PROTESTORS.
Fugitive Ali Alexander said Gosar helped him organize the stop the steal rally. azcentral.com/story/news/pol…
Now you tell me ... did this filthy traitor know?
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10 Feb
I should really go to bed, but let me spend a second on Citizen's United. Your #DemsDoGood house Dems GET IT. Thread #5. Here are the findings. They are profound and good and correct. AND EVERYTHING THAT TRUMPISTS AND REPUBLICANS ARE NOT.
All of this, like the rest of #DemsDoGood #4, is from House Bill 1. The first thing house dems did on Jan 4, 2021. legiscan.com/US/text/HB1/id…
For review, the issue with Citizens United is that SCOTUS said spending money is the same as other protected kinds of speech. So spending money in politics is afforded the greatest protection of the 1A, and is practically untouchable by Congress. That REALLY screwed things up.
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10 Feb
In my #DemsDoGood thread #4, let's look at House Bill 1, the very first thing house dems did. Introduced on Jan 4. Immediately assigned to relevant committees. IT'S AWESOME. legiscan.com/US/bill/HB1/20…
How's this for priorities "To expand Americans' access to the ballot box, reduce the influence of big money in politics, strengthen ethics rules for public servants, and implement other anti-corruption measures for the purpose of fortifying our democracy, and for other purposes."
The voting priorities are in the "Voter Empowerment Act of 2021" - everyone should vote, and the voting process must protected and enhanced.
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4 Feb
My 3rd #DemsDoGood thread is on the American Rescue Plan. The 1.9 Trillion dollar effort to rescue the economy and deliver the vaccine. It is Rosie As Hell, so Let's put on the Rose-Colored's a take a peak. whitehouse.gov/briefing-room/…
The ARP has 3 main points, first FINALLY a national vaccine response program, including community vaccine sites, scaled up delivery and testing, better treatment and PAID SICK LEAVE for people struggling.
Second, deliver CASH TO THE PEOPLE, expand childcare and healthcare, INCREASE THE MINIMUM WAGE, and extend unemployment insurance.
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1 Feb
Two more reasons attacking Biden for not entering a family separation executive order is absolute fraudulent BS. First, Trump signed an executive order ending the policy of family separation in 2018
Here is that order. It was Trump, so of course he managed to inflict cruelty even so --- which is all the more reason to appreciate all that Biden has done. npr.org/2018/06/20/622…
Second, the DOJ has been under order of the federal courts since 2018 to reunite children. Mitch and the Rs, however, have so far been preventing Merrick Garland from taking over as AG. cnn.com/2018/06/26/pol…
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30 Jan
As a first #DemsDoGood thread, I want to push back on this utterly bad faith. It is false, and intended to divide good people against each other and lead to another demagogue. We won't let it work.
Ms. McEvoy lies about "executive order" when actually Biden said "I will immediately reverse the Trump administration's cruel and senseless policies that separate children at our border." Politifact has ALREADY deemed that true politifact.com/truth-o-meter/…
A bit of background on child separation. Until Jeff Sessions stuck his dirty fingers into things, many prosecutors voluntarily declined prosecuting adults traveling with children. That policy was not in the US Code, it was prosecutors' discretion. politico.com/news/2021/01/1…
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29 Jan
What is your favorite thing Biden has done so far?
All your responses inspired me to dig a bit deeper into the goodness Biden has been up to
My next #DemsDoGood policy will be on energy policy and why true enemies of Russia like @LouiseMensch should LOVE Biden's decision to cancel the Keystone Pipeline. Please stand by (or check back in the AM, snoozy East Coasters).
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27 Jan
BREAKING: A sealed 2016 election fraud case has FINALLY been unsealed. Buckle up trolls who attacked the election.
Link to the press release. This guy amassed 58,000 followers and encouraged HRC supporters to "vote by text." justice.gov/opa/pr/social-…
Complaint identifies by twitter handle four co-conspirators. Those people are not yet identified, and presumably not yet arrested.
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26 Jan
We have some data on The Questions. Act Sec Def Miller prepare for a barrel. washingtonpost.com/national-secur…
In a "coincidence" Sec Miller's changes reached DC Natl Guard Commander on Jan 5.
Also deeply frustrating, the justification for the new restrictions was the lawless March to the bible photo op and related improper Guard responses. The evils are SO cynical it's breathtaking
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