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18 Mar 20
Thread : Disability & #COVID2019india

Putting disability-related Coronavirus action points in 1 place.

1st, as told to @ndmaindia , crisis comm from @MoHFW_INDIA and states is classist and ableist. Bilingual, responsive, multimodal content pls. #A11y bit.ly/33sFLkX
We've had to defy Govt rules on approved content, in the interest of serving the disability community in India by making a resource for a range of specific needs of PwD in India - sign language, AAC, media description, EasyRead... #DIDRR bit.ly/aider-covid19
Shame @MSJE_AIC !
What about sustaining other regular life-saving interventions in the time of #covidindia ?
Blood for those who are transfusion dependent and disinfection protocols for those who are dialysis dependent for a start?

Again, individual organising as rescue! timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/bengaluru…
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14 Nov 19
It's #ChildrensDay2019 in India today, so gather around for a rambling story about a Colaba boy called Tarun who loves balloons.

(Almost said loved there, but how this story ends is up to you and the youniverse.) A balloon seller outside some small shops is almost completely obscured by masses of Indian tricolour balloons with some red heart balloons interspersed.
@vinodd2017 @drsitu @MajDPSingh @SCVashishth @ActionAutism @AutismSupportIN @JoChopra @smritiirani @fayedsouza Tarun also loves to dance.

Flashback to the eve of another Indian great's birthday...

It's 1st October and Maharashtra is in the throes of election fever.

Tarun is carried away by an election rally, dancing away from his comfort zone of home, neighbours and balloon seller.
@vinodd2017 @drsitu @MajDPSingh @SCVashishth @ActionAutism @AutismSupportIN @JoChopra @smritiirani @fayedsouza That was Tarun grooving away, enjoying his dance moves, grinning happily in his black t-shirt and blue 3/4 pants with a party scarf someone draped on him.

There's something almost Pied Piperesque about him being drawn away from safety. Strange one should think of Pied Piper...
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29 Jul 19
Hullo, what have we here @MoHFW_INDIA ?!

Your recently released Clinical Establishments guidelines 2019 indicate that 'mentally disabled' will need a guardian for informed consent!

First off why are you equating disabled people with minors?

#Capacity Appendix 9 EXTRACT <br />
The informed consent shall at the least contain the following information in an understandable language and format (desirably which a lay person can easily understand) <br />
Page 133 of Clinical Establishments Amendments 2019 : www.mohfw.gov.in/sites/default/files/clinicalestablishment.pdf" src="/images/1px.png" data-src="https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EAqARquUwAAJ7AP.jpg">
@MoHFW_INDIA @EqualsCPSJ @RajivSpeaks @Deepak_TMN @drsitu @netshrink @vjayakumar @amritbakhshy @val_resh @SmithaSadasiva5 Next - bad enough we've had to suffer conflation of 'unsound mind' with mental illness, now we have a sweeping 'mental disability' which means ... what exactly?
@MoHFW_INDIA @EqualsCPSJ @RajivSpeaks @Deepak_TMN @drsitu @netshrink @vjayakumar @amritbakhshy @val_resh @SmithaSadasiva5 If you cannot assume capacity for all, suspect capacity for all. Stop singling out disabled people for guardian consent.
Embrace diversity in communication and supported decision making.
No mention of advance directives?
#Competence #RPWD #MHCA #CRPD #PatientAdvocate #GAL #DNR
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