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100 miles an hour towards the light. I wrote a book, you can read it here MEMENTO VIVERE
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25 Nov 21
The current regime that has been vying for power since time began is an artificial intelligence ran by demons/archons/yahweh/demiurge. It’s ultimate desire is to accumulate everything god created and make a bastardised version of it, a simulacra, & to extinguish/
The divine spirit and blood memory of what came before. The minions of this system have to abide by certain rules (hermetic principles) in order to enslave humanity. They fundamentally make you do it to yourself through your consent and ignorance.
This being said, if they weren’t there we wouldn’t automatically create a golden age and live in glory as we all have our way karmic journeys we must go along as we ascend the vibratory scale. Ascended masters are those who have completed their souls journey in this octave
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22 Nov 21
Im very happy to see someone finally do a thread on giant trees, especially from an ecological perspective.

This is the perfect opportunity to piggyback a picture thread of Mountain treestumps from around the world that i've been accumulating!

Start with my favourite: Venezuela ImageImageImageImage
Devil's Tower: ImageImageImage
Devil's Tower close up, observe the hexagonal structure: ImageImageImageImage
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15 Oct 21
A thread of aphorisms for the weekend.

Please come in, sit down, take off your shoes...
1. The birthright of every human soul in every incarnation is joy, love and success no matter the karma.

Karma, of course, must be transmuted, so for some this birthright may seem unattainable, but it is yours nonetheless.
2. The realm is a giving one - ask and ye shall receive.

A true prayer from your heart will be registered.
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22 Jun 21
Let me regale you with a quick story about an argument I had in the gym today:

Context: the owner at my gym has his needle prick tomorrow but its making him really nervous and hes having second thoughts

“have you had yours?”


“you getting it”


“why not?”

to which i basically replied, well if it aint broke don’t fix it
i proceeded to tell him i had seen, read, and heard a lot of dodgy things about it

“I don’t think you should get it either.” I told him

He was training a client and went back to his work

15 mins later he got talking to the only other bloke in the gym
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29 Apr 21
people who take to the internet well, meaning they have found spheres on the internet to communicate & transfer occult (lesser known) information are already psychic.

Most of the population can't conceive of using the internet to build congruent communities.

It is a gift
This used to be done through natural means. Through telepathy and our pineal glands.

We live in the shadow of this and through the internet we try to claw back that ability we once knew.
This was done through accessing the tryptophan in all life. Tryptophan is natures internet. Its through identifying this tryptophan that we read energy fields. We once had an acute ability to do this.

Now we do it through the internet.
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14 Jul 20

An unimpeded Vital Force is the metaphysical key to health...

Miasms are ancient disease patterns...

This is an esoteric health lesson you won't get anywhere else.

Grasping this is critical to knowing how to maximise our health and our being.

It has been concealed because it is more than just medical practice or a therapeutic, it is a comprehension of your very being, where you’ve come from and how you can help yourself. Image
We are not simply a material flesh unit that functions and dysfunctions.

Our body is just the material composite of the conglomerate of our being.

This conglomerate can be described as body-mind-emotion-spirit. Image
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8 Jul 20
Turkish police recovered ancient manuscript stolen from Syrian museum by traffickers
I hope this impromptu thread doesnt ruin people's day, but in light of Ghyslaine Maxwell's arrest, we're going to take a dive back down the rabbit hole

Here is Marina Abramovic & Jacob Rothschild

What's that painting behind them?

artuk.org/discover/artwo… Image
While we're on the topic of artwork... Image
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30 Jun 20
An excerpt from a piece I wrote on the Pineal Gland.

Signs of a damaged pineal gland: Image
— Sense of disconnectedness

— Sense of unease from not being anchored within the psyche.

— Periodic rise in panic and disorientation accompanied by easy distraction and inability to let go of interfering thoughts and feelings that have become habitual.
— Sense of constant frustration at being blocked from any progress.

— Knowing you need to be going somewhere but having no idea how to initiate the journey

— Hypersensitive to judgement

— Inability to heed advice

— Always needs company, even if it aggravates them
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29 Jun 20
Maria Orsich, a muse of the Vril Society believed long hair acted as an antenna through connection w/ pineal gland to connect with the aetheric superconscious.

It's said that when you cut your hair you lose some intuition until it grows back... Image
Known as the Vrilerinnen, these Vril witches grew their hair to commune with primordial aryan races (people think from other planet, but i think more likely subterranean) Image
Some think these entities divulged UFO tech the the Vril witches (the type you see being associated with Nazi flying saucers) and other occult technology

They did this through an ecstatic and orgasmic ritual (ie they got fucked by some aliens) Image
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29 Jun 20

quick info THREAD:

Don’t get the vaccine, don’t take their drugs, don’t listen to the media, don’t trust or rely on the government.

badabing badabong Image
Two of the main contenders of pharmaceutical companies in the running to produce the UK’s coronavirus vaccine are pharma giants:

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK)

AstraZeneca ImageImage
Considering they may be in charge of a potential vaccine that may be made mandatory for not just the British population but for other populations to use, it would be wise to delve into their history to ensure they aren’t acting unscrupulously or involved in any medical scandals..
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22 Jun 20

I went down into the darkness, so I could better see the light:

- Esoteric history

- ZOG exposé

- Oddities and peculiarities

- To live a life of transcendence in a crumbling world

- Physical Spirituality

Many more will come. Enjoy. Image
History of the Sabbatean-Frankists & origins of Cultural Marxism

Every man's birthright to explore the seas... is it easier than we have been led to believe?

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10 Jun 20

The real reason behind ZogChow.

The state of food is worse than you thought, it’s not just the deception of ‘fat-free’ and ‘light’; not just the overwhelming choice of literally addictive foods that are cheap and easy to consume; even our healthy food is tampered with, micromanaged, restricted of nutrients.
In 2004, the Stockholm Convention was a treaty signed by 176 countries to protect human life and environment from Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) — chemical substances that exist in the environment and accumulate through the food chain. Image
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22 May 20

If you have children, or plan to have children and are considering homeschooling (which any intelligent parent should). A great foundation to start on is the Trivium and Quadrivium.

A THREAD: ImageImage
“My own political philosophy is very plain and humble; I can trust the uneducated, but not the badly educated.” — G.K. Chesterton Image
Every genius of the past in the Western world trained under the trivium and quadrivium.

The trivium and quadrivium was essentially the old method of schooling, they came from classical antiquity, but were taken out of the education systems in the early-mid 1900s. Image
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13 May 20
Bro do u even know what an EXOSOME is bro?

Just remember, all dis-ease is an internal function or dysfunction.

Flu and fever symptoms are a cleansing of toxins in the body.

Those with a healthy constitution will often have a short-lived but violent reaction to an ‘insult’ to the body as a manner of purging toxicity.
Those with great immune systems are more able to throw a higher and more efficient fever to recover.

A fever is an indication of the immune system at work. Think higher revolutions, more acceleration. Image
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16 Apr 20
So, How Will This All End?

The following thread is both a spiritual and a conspiratorial thread. Some would consider it to be ‘out-there’… and it is.

I may lose people because of it, and so be it.

So, How Will This All End?

A friend asked me, “How will this all end… their reign over us?”

‘They’ being the Leviathan, the beast that goes by many names and many faces.

Some call it the elite, the cabal, the Illuminati, the Luciferians

The Dracos, the reptilians, the archons, demonic entities ImageImageImage
Some call it bureaucracy, the internet of things, the AI

Some call it the Left, Communists, the right, Capitalists.

CFR, Bilderberg, Davos, Club of Rome.

Globalists, Nepotists, Metropolitan elites, Zionists ImageImage
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2 Apr 20

Disclaimer: history is long, & evil has sought its dominion immemorial. The struggle for truth & the unveiling of lies is a noble flame carried by us all.

Bear in mind that the following is just one node in an unimaginably vast network.

Kabbalists believe that God was shattered by the act of creation, and that his attributes lay as “holy sparks” imbedded in creation, which must be picked up in order for him to be restored to oneness — this is known as the act of “tikkun” Image
The Kabbalist believes that the J*wish messiah will never arrive and thus mankind will never be liberated until God is restored to oneness.

The way to do this, according to the Kabbalist, is to engage in acts of holiness and meditations in order to retrieve the sparks of God.
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28 Mar 20
Julius Evola's Four Ages:

"According to Hesiod, the 'generation of heroes' was created by Zeus, by the Olympian Principle, with the possibility of re-attaining the primordial state and thus to give life to a new Golden Age."


Associated with the regal figure who ruled by divine spirit & right

Spiritual & temporal power united, ruler exhibits virile and solar character Image
Legitimacy of the ruler derived from the divine superworld, the state viewed as apparatus connecting lower & higher worlds

Last echoes of this tradition found in Roman Empire Image
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