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20 Jul
There's this instinct of "if I sacrifice something valuable, which I can recognize because doing so is painful, then surely I will be rewarded in return!"

Which is very understandably human and often completely wrong.
I feel like this is the impulse that makes people live in barrels at the top of poles and eat only mold "for God"; the sense that, the more difficult your devotion, the more serious and valuable it must be.
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19 Jul
Twitter: Hey, take this survey to help shape the future of Twitter!

Me: I guess I do have string opinions about that. *Clicks*

Survey: *doesn't work*

Seems about right?
STRONG opinions. The fact that this tweet has a typo is also peak Twitter.
Trying to think what my Twitter wishlist would actually be:

Easy -- spoiler button. Just like on reddit, blacked-out text that you have to click on to make visible. This seems like it would take about a day to implement.
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19 Jul
This game site is advertising World War I: Verdun as an *FPS*, which sounds like the worst game ever.

Feel the EXCITEMENT as you plod slowly forward through mud and barbed wire, then get blown up by artillery you can't see!
"The gameplay in this true WW1 battlefield experience is as immersive and gritty as it can get..." by which I assume they mean you spend days cowering in bunkers under bombardment then go over the top only to be mowed down in seconds.
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10 Mar
Ooookay. NFTs. If you know this already mute this thread.

Context: I follow a lot of artists because I love seeing cool art in my feed, but it means I get a lot of art world discourse too, and this is a big deal there at the moment.
For the record: I am *not* a visual artist. But I *am* (by training) a software engineer.

So the chatter has been, basically, that some artists have been selling NFTs for lots of money but there's a lot of problems with them and should we do it or what?
(For those who don't want to read through the whole thread, the tl;dr is -- if you're an artist, go nuts, by all means extract money from stupid crypto people, just get cash up front and don't base your business model on this being around long.)
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8 Mar
Ok, Valheim peeps. Anyone have issues with consistent crashing in a shared world, which had been playing fine up until it started? I can playing about 5 min before the client crashes every time.

cc @BrianTMcClellan
@BrianTMcClellan Things I have tried:

-restarting the game
-restarting my PC
-restarting the server (it's a rented remote host)
-logging in to a local host (seems to work, at least for 10-15 min?)
@BrianTMcClellan I am super frustrated because I've been really enjoying this game for a week or so but now it looks like my Viking travels are over =(
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22 Feb
Reading THE LAND THAT NEVER WAS, aka "that time a con man used Orientalist fantasies to bilk English investors out of tens of millions and also get a bunch of people killed," and it's fascinating.
If you don't know the story, we're talking about this guy, Gregor MacGregor, Scottish "adventurer". (Read: con artist.)

He fought in the Napoleonic Wars, not particularly notably, and parlayed that into a post as general under Bolivar in South America.
His various exploits there got a sentence of death from Bolivar and a conviction of piracy in Jamaica, so he skipped town and eventually turned up back in London.

But not as a disgraced general! Now he was the Cazique of Poyais.
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21 Feb
Finally watched TENET. Note to self -- do not write movie script where for plot reasons characters must constantly wear face-concealing masks.

(It's a real problem. The end action scene is just this anonymous mass of people shooting at each other, sometimes in reverse.)
Honestly though I am both impressed with its cleverness and not surprised it didn't really land for most people. They do some neat stuff in a really understated way that leaves you kind of like ... meh?
It's some cool ideas but I'm not sure that it works as a movie.
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12 Jun 19
Because I am a COOL AND EXCITING person I am reading a book about the development of modern managerial practices in the US between 1850 and 1920, and it is making me think @maxgladstone thoughts.
I'm used to thinking of the trappings of bureaucracy -- reports, procedures, and so on, as sort of conformity for conformity's sake. Which they are sometimes! And the book contains somewhat alarming sentences like this.
However, they come about in response to genuine problems!

See, in the pre- or early industrial days, a business was usually organized around one person or a small group, who could just tell everyone else what they wanted them to do.
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