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17 Mar 20
Ohio Governor and Secretary of State were successful in cancelling today’s #OhioPrimary mere hours before in-person voting was to start. Here’s what you can do. <thread>
#DemCast #DemCastOH
Get an absentee ballot application.
Yes... you have to fill out an application before you can get an absentee ballot.
You will need to have printer.
Does your grandma have a printer?
Download and print from ohiosos.gov/elections/vote…
Then mail it to your county Board of Elections.
Side note: They don’t have the authority to reset the election, so they don’t have the authority to extend absentee voting either. But... let’s just go with it.
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28 Jun 18
For my fellow midwestern white college educated women friends. Grab a cup and let’s chat.
There’s a lot going on and most of it sounds horrid. It’s completely understandable to just want to turn away because you have other things to do. Between kids, work, the garden, church, and aging parents, who has time for anything else?
You need to make the time and here’s why.
A focused effort is underway to break down the structures, policies, and norms that protect families and women. Education cuts. Environmental protections rolled back. Tax cuts that haven’t trickled into our wallets. Healthcare costs rising and coverage at risk.
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