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22 Nov 20
1. Vital: This isn’t “but racism is everywhere” excuse-making. Point is to focus on what’s in your front yard everywhere, not scapegoat other places so you’re, well, superior. First: Learn your own history like we do ours here. Don’t be in denial because you were miseducated, too
2. Pilgrimages to Mississippi to understand our race fascism/history are great, and I meet/tour these folks continually. But when I ask them about history-digging for white supremacy and violence back home, I’m often met w blank looks. But we weren’t Mississippi, the logic goes.
3. No, their states weren’t the worst. We were. Mississippi was the heart of US slavery wealth and then resistance to ending it and the right to give Black people full human status. But all along way, that was reinforced from outside state, and racism was bad *everywhere* in U.S.
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21 Nov 20
Indeed. While you’re at it, explore @msfreepress#highered coverage all year. We do real journalism about what’s happening at Mississippi’s colleges and universities, especially the public ones because they shouldn’t function behind closed doors. Archive:
Mississippi colleges, like those across country, are crucibles of the conflict between old ways and new ones. It’s heartening to watch so many students and faculty work to expose problems, even as others are either happy with status quo or silenced by the culture of fear.
This stepping-out-for-change versus culture-of-fear is at heart of what @msfreepress#UMemails series about, as well as lack of transparency and attempts to silence those who step out in various ways (and us, btw). It’s some of most important work I’ve edited. I’m proud of it.
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21 Nov 20
White Mississippians donated to legal fund organized by Americans for the Preservation of the White Race in 1960s to pay for bond/defense of KKK terrorists who attacked Black people+protesters of all races. The country rightly dumped on Mississippi for defending terrorism.

Put simply, rich white supremacists always got the backs of the terrorists on the front lines. This history tends to be lost because no one wants to admit to it and blame "all that" on the "Krazy Klucker in the Korner" as I've longed called this amnesia syndrome in my state.
I discovered this when I investigated Dee-Moore murders (finding James Ford Seale alive). KKK abducted them in Meadville where Franklin Cty Advocate newspaper editor David Webb did public relations for Americans for Preservation of the White Race. I believe APWR met in courthouse
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30 Oct 20
Let this sink in. After election, we will lead a serious conversation at @MSFreePress about public servants abdicating responsibility to be transparent or answer questions about things in purview. When whole state is run by statement/not real questions, our state is in trouble.
Huge problem is that journalism outlets here have allowed public servants (elected or not) to reduce real interviews to ask real questions into "send us questions and we'll get attorneys to do/approve a general statement." This is irresponsible, and media should not accept it.
This is major reason my publications do not provide questions in advance. This is not accountability (or real) journalism, period. We have high-paid PR people at state universities who think they can demand this. Media who allow it are engaging in access journalism, which stinks.
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30 Oct 20
1. So proud of @11_mcgee and @slimmm__32 for quickly organizing a wonderful Mississippi Trusted Elections Solution Circle of people from around the state to discuss voting concerns and solutions. Super-engaged group included a poll worker! Thanks to @AmPress for support. Image
2. MFP will report fast on what we learned in tonight's on our growing Mississippi Trusted Elections site of voting news, essays and some remarkable statewide voting infographics with data you won't find all in one place anywhere else. Visit and share:
3. Jarius Smith (@slimmm_32) is our voting solutions circles coordinator; @MSFreePress will host more circles post-election to start voting solutions process now, not in 4 years. Email to get on the circles invitation list. We need your voice!
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29 Jun 20
No, Sen. Sojourner. Every level of Miss. govt (yes, #msleg), police and white businessmen of Citizens Council conspired in the violence then. Americans for Preservation of the White Race (APWR) started in YOUR town of Natchez and paid Klansmen legal fees.…
I've gone through news archives in Natchez and Meadville when worked on That's how I learned about APWR (Franklin County newspaper editor big in it, attorneys, etc.) What many don't know is businessmen would meet and decide whether/when to invite Klan in.
In fact, Sen. Sojourner, I talk about Americans for the Preservation of the White Race and editor David Webb a bit in this piece during James Ford Seale trial thanks to library archives. Not exactly a "fringe" network.
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4 Jan 20
Thread: Let’s be honest about Parchman and other prisons in Mississippi. Most people simply don’t care about conditions and corruption. Cedric Willis, a falsely accused man released after years there told us the realities back in 2006:…
2. all the political posturing about gangs being responsible is dumb bullshit. Cedric explained in 2006, as have @BennyIvey1 and others have told me since, that prisoners must split into “brotherhoods” for protection and survival especially since many guards are dirty. Cedric:
3. More Cedric on guards’ abuse at Parchman:
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2 Nov 19
1. Thread: Stellar pieces by my small-but-mighty
@JxnFreePress reporting team from last week: First, State reporter @ashtonpittman does the kind of indepth campaign reporting you don’t find elsewhere in Mississippi. Read current cover story. #MSelex #MSgov
@JxnFreePress @ashtonpittman 2. City reporter @SeymaBayram0 brought us the second installment in her #smartjustice series on Hinds County (and state) criminal-justice system, this one on weak indigent defense in our state. I'm learning so much I've never seen reported in her series.…
@JxnFreePress @ashtonpittman 3. Investigative fellow @nickjudin did his first magazine piece for us on what the Glenn Boyce/#IHL controversy says about academic freedom at the University of Mississippi. Wonderful writing, interviews and deep reporting. He has quite the source base.…
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10 Dec 18
Irony of this tweet is museums teach reality of the reason for secession and Civil War clearly — slavery. And the party switch over race.
Gov. Bryant is apparently member of Sons of Confederate Veterans who gave him award named after secession guv. From Miss History Museum:
(Check back here for a thread of relevant museum pics/receipts mid-day. Gotta go to physical therapy!)
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25 Nov 18
For 16 years, our goal for @jxnfreepress has been to talk up to Mississippians, assume you're smart enough to handle, use real history, believe in the power of information to help lift our state off the bottom, tackle systemic racism and help improve relations between our ppl. 1/
It's almost funny that Hyde-Smith response was to call us "liberal"--the same old playbook always used against truth and new ideas in the South. Those of us who want a new, improved state are expected to run from those folks. But so many Mississippians are standing OUR ground. 2/
Our goal has always been deep, history-grounded journalism that doesn't shy away from difficult truth. Folks like Hyde-Smith think they can cavort w SCV, battle caps, rebel flags on football fields, and nobody shld notice the symbols of white supremacy. It time to notice. 3/
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