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16 Nov


Riddle me this: if being born n2 this world was akin 2 selecting biological characteristics from a menu in a restaurant & U had full knowledge b4hand what it meant 2 B white or black in this world, how many of U would consciously choose 2 B black?

Racial fatalism requires U being brutally honest in your answer. What about your children? If U could choose their race at birth, would U choose black? I could make an argument that making such a choice for your child would constitute child abuse & perhaps infanticide.

The inescapable fact of the matter is that no sane person would choose 2 B black for choosing blackness is choosing death & aint no sane person signing up for dis shit. No1 would consciously CHOOSE to be a nigger. Most of us would be pro-Choice, the choice NOT to be black.
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12 Nov


I need you to read this article very carefully. Then I need you to get just how consequential Obama's squandering of his 1st two years in office was. There are so many things Obama could have done to stage off what may be about 2 happen.


In Trump, America has finally found a villain worth its villainy. Trump is on the cusp of exploiting every constitutional loophole there is. It is perfectly legal 4 a Republican led state legislature 2 remove their state's electors & replace them w/Trump electors.

Read that back. Call it stealing an election all you want. Tell me how that argument of Republicans "stealing a Supreme Court seat" worked out. While Jomala is planning to take office, Trump is planning to TAKE OFFICE. Literally. Hear me. This election is not over.
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8 Nov


This article is dripping in ignorance, naivete & political immaturity, but 1 statement stood out 2 me:

"Charisma Deberry, a member of the SanDiego chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha, said Ms. Harris’s victory “validates the American dream 4 me.”


I need U 2 grasp the depth of ignorance a comment like that represents. Now multiply it 40+Million fold & U will get just how impossible it is to move the needle for black life. You can't even begin to address all the ways white supremacy manifests itself in this society-

until U 1st address the ignorance of our people. This is precisely why I am a racial fatalist. U can't directly & competently address white supremacy b/c black people of this ilk will always beat back any movement 2 think outside of the respectability politics box &
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7 Nov


Crying ass Van Jones. Ugh. Niggas shedding tears about politicians are like leprechauns searching for illusory pots of gold at the end of election rainbows. No Van, Frosted Lucky Charms are NOT magically delicious.

cnn.com/videos/politic… Image

Sm1 give me a topshelf Van Jones crying meme. Meanwhile Imma just file this emotional bullshit next 2 black girl magic, black boy joy & dis other Negro who actually believed her mortgage & gas bills would magically disappear when Obama got elected


When da fuck did niggas start believing in magic? Miss me w/this bullshit. I've said it b4 & I'll say it again, black folks need 2 have a stripper's mentality. Eva see a stripper cry in the strip club? Fuck no. Well not unless MJG & 8ball came through. 90s rap reference.
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6 Nov


4 all those who believe there is salvation in politics & things will be so much better under Biden, listen 2 this argument b/t Democrats on this conference call. They are arguing over Democrats losing seats in the House.


Pay close attention to the words of progressive Rep. Rashinda Tlaib who accuses her colleagues of "only being interested in appealing to White people in surburbia." She goes on to say "To be real, it sounds like you are saying stop pushing for what Black folks want."

The civil war has begun. This is the 1st shot over the bow. I hv argued before & I restate my claim here w/full force & w/o flinch, if you are some1 who wants black people & poor people of all ilks to rise in this country, you should want Donald Trump to win this election.
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1 Nov


I am no Democrat. I am no Republican. In general, I am not of the perspective that there is any salvation for black people in politics. To the black democrat I say, imagine if Obama fought as hard for you as Trump fights for white supremacists.

Hear me. Politics is not a morality contest & Democrats often reduce politics to a never ending competition in a self righteous morality Olympics. Their allegiance to morality outweighs their allegiance to the public good. Morality & the public good are NOT the same thing.

Morality is different things to different people. The public good is all things to the most people. This is not a play on words, but a mindset required to competently engage in the public square. Those who fail to heed such caution render themselves vulnerable to those-
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30 Oct

Just when you thought white supremacy could get no more sinister. Imagine a black woman being beat to a pulp by a white woman 4 nursing her black baby on her left breast. Imagine a black child not being entitled to their own black mother's breast milk. Real talk.

U see although enslaved black women were allowed 2 nurse white babies, they could do so only w/the left breast as the milk from the breast closest 2 the heart was deemed healthiest. So on many plantations, the healthiest milk from black women was reserved 4 white children.

I have actually heard an account of this savagery from my maternal grandmother whose parents were born into slavery on a plantation near Telfair County, GA. Now we have another account of this barbaric behavior in WaPost's Michelle's Singletary new piece on reparations.
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26 Oct


Really hate these "Black girl magic" articles that subtly promote pitting black men & women against each. The media narrative being pushed from all quarters is that BW are actively & responsibly participating in democracy & BM are NOT.

Think about the Alabama Senate race a few years back where ultraconservative Roy Moore was on the ballot. The narrative then was how "black women saved America from Roy Moore" with their record turnout. One problem: black male voter turnout was damn near just as high.

So why push a narrative that black women are MORE politically conscious & involved THAN black men? Notice the capitalization of the words. Any time U see these words in a sentence about black men & women, know that we are being put in competition w/each other.
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25 Oct


Riddle me this: If I offered you 1 BILLION DOLLARS 2 never vote again, would U take me up on my offer? If so, u would be affirming the premise of "The Atlanta Compromise," a contract proffered by Booker T. Washington in his Atlanta Exposition Speech in 1895.

It is important 2 note that W.E.B Dubois originally agreed to the Compromise & later recanted. Let's extrapolate the question out 2 an even higher degree. If white people were willing 2 give black people reparations in exchange for never voting again, would u support it?

What if it included a Native American type land reservation agreement, no-taxes, forgiveness of all debt, free college tuition, HBCU financial support, a lump sum cash payment up front & a 6 figure yearly stipend 4 U & every member of your family forever. Would u take it?
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22 Oct


Yall cool with this? A note 2 Mr. Strahan, if these officers are ever charged, U just aided & abetted a future acquittal of Breonna Taylor's murderers. U just gave white Murderers a PR platform 4 excusing their execution of a black woman.


At the point the officer says "George Floyd was not a model citizen," we know exactly his true feelings about the execution of Breonna Taylor. This is textbook 4 how U put a black face on white supremacy. U get a black face to humanize white murderers to future white jurors.

See black people. Even HOF Superbowl Champ "Mike" Strahan sees this white officer as a good guy. Notice how comfortable the officer got w/Strahan, coolly referring 2 him as "Mike." No pushback. I call this the Give-it-2-Mikey-he'll-eat-anything brand of racial manipulation.
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22 Oct
1 of the best articles Ive read about DT. Newsflash. Donald Trump is not a racist. Much worse. He's a narcissist. I'd much rather hv a racist as president. A racist at least cares about 1 group of people. Not a narcissist. They only care about themselves.

Trump master flash only cares about white supremacists to the extent they will keep his ass in power. Any bigot who actually thinks Donald Trump actually cares about them, I have a two bedroom igloo w/a space heater & fireplace in the Caribbean to sell you.
Trump gives a fuck about nooooooooooooobody, but himself. So we might as well choose a regular racist like Biden who'll "get us back 2 normal" & who'll return us to the "regular racism" we're all accustomed 2, right? U know that Obama-window-dressing-racism dat puts a black face-
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20 Oct
@jemelehill 1

Mrs. Wallace, that comment is beneath your intellect. Ironically, your argument is the same argument white feminists Susan B. Anthony & Elizabeth Cady Stanton made to convince Ida B. Wells & other black women to turn on black men & cast their lots w/white women. (cont'd)
@jemelehill 2

Frederick Douglass took Susie & Liz to task & asked Ida B., "what the fuck you out here doing?" Then Ida B. Wells got married & had kids & Susie & Liz turned on her & essentially called her Frederick Douglass's puppet (cont'd).
@jemelehill 3

Keep in mind, originally Ida B. Wells had sided with many of the original white feminist movement founders. Shit, she even once said, "maybe black men wouldn't be getting lynched if they weren't out here raping so many white women." Real talk. (cont'd)
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20 Oct
I said it b4 & I'll say it again, Kentucky's AG threw this case. He decided this case 4 the Grand Jury, fixed the outcome & then lied about it. Get ready Cammy, life is about 2 get very uncomfortable 4 U. Up next, disbarment & removal from office. Prison?

In 1 juror's words: "The GJ didnt agree certain actions were justified nor did it decide the indictment should be the only charges in the Taylor case. The GJ was not given the opportunity 2 deliberate on those charges & deliberated only on what was presented 2 them..... "
"I can't speak for other jurors but I can help the truth be told." This is directly opposite of what AG Cameron said publicly in his press conferences. The Kentucky Bar should begin an investigation immediately & move at all deliberate speed toward disbarment proceedings.
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20 Oct
Full disclosure. I am a member of a black Greek lettered organization. So is my wife. This is the dumbest shit I've ever seen. Some niggas really believe dey can dance dey way to freedom. Newsflash, steppin & fetchin ain't policy. Miss me w/dis bullshit.

We need some Negroes who can do more than dance, sing, throw a ball, catch a ball, bounce a ball or strut across a damn stage. Hear me well. Black worship of entertainment culture & celebrity will be the death of black people. "
While y'all niggas dancing, stepping, strolling, marching & singing "we shall overcome, dis country is fucking black people royally 24/7. This country has long relegated & reduced black people to entertainment for white people Shit like this keeps that tradition going.
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18 Oct
If some1 made a proposition 2 U that they would free you from all oppression if U helped them overthrow your oppressor, would you take them up on their offer? Well, thats just what the Colonial Marine Core did in accepting the British offer to join their side in the War of 1812.
After the war, the British gave them land to resettle all of their families in Trinidad & Tobago. Their descendants still reside on the land today. They are called "Merikins" & I'm working on a movie script based on their story...except I reimagine how the story turns out.
Or what if I told you we were a part of a secret envoy of escaped slaves & Seminole Native Americans from Florida & Texas that traveled to Mexico in the 1840s to meet w/their government to outlaw slavery there & grant asylum to escaped slaves & native Americans.
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18 Oct
I want U 2 start meticulously examining everything U put in your body, everything U consume -- food, alcohol, drugs and media. Each has an impact on your health.

To that end

Is this news to you?

Is this what Ted Turner had in mind when he founded CNN?

Or what about this?

Do you think this was Ted Turner's blueprint for CNN? I could give other examples from other networks, but the point is, America is being fed junk food daily. Everything is "Breaking News," celebrity or vacuous reporting.

A lot of the stuff in major newspapers & networks today would have been relegated 2 tabloids in yesteryear. If U go back & look at old CNN clips, you will find straight news, no gyrations voice raising or animated facial expressions. No attempt to sell the story or be the story.
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17 Oct


Watch closely. No matter how much Ice Cube refers 2 his specific concern with DESCENDANTS OF AMERICAN SLAVERY, Cuomo keeps using the umbrella term PEOPLE OF COLOR. Beyond Cuomo suffering from the usual white liberal inability 2 see beyond-


the Democrat-Republican ruse, he also cant see outside of the unnuanced grouping of all human beings w/melanin coated skin n2 the category PEOPLE OF COLOR. Hear me. They are speaking different languages. We as descendants of American slavery must reject this convoluting-

of all melanated groups into 1. We have a SPECIFIC JUSTICE CLAIM AGAINST A SPECIFIC PERPETRATOR. White people in general and white Americans specifically or "the people suffering from the idea that they are white" (in James Baldwin's words) benefit from convoluting all-
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16 Oct
Ive said it b4 & I'll say it again. I detest newspaper/celebrity endorsements as they prevent people from making informed decisions on their own. Every1 is trying 2 sell U something & dey refuse 2 accept the fact that U R perfectly capable of reaching a conclusion w/o their input
Our society prevents people from enhancing their own cognitive development by telling them how to think. In my perfect world, I wouldnt allow any endorsements & I would make any violation of said law punishable by life in prison. 2 violations? Death penalty.
Real talk. I detest politics & see it as the ultimate ruse in American society. Politics allows for this country to be ruled by an elite small group of ultraconformists who have managed to MASKerade through life through by winning popularity contests & NOT competence.
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16 Oct

Hear me. If America is to have a chance at that "more perfect union," we will need to do away with juvenile journalism. A journalist's foremost job is objectivity. There is too much opinion on television & in print & NOT ENOUGH ACTUAL REPORTING.

Networks & newspapers are now just extensions of political parties. W/that being said Savannah Guthrie is the wrong person for this town hall. I view her hyperemotional-argumentative-overcompensation-barking over Trump the same as Trump talking over Biden a few weeks back.

America is in need of more adults in the room. Some will argue Trump has brought this nation so low that this is simply the outcome of his presence in public office. Nonsense. Trump is simply bringing out what was already there, but covered up by a vicious façade.
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13 Oct


Full disclosure. Imma die hard MJ fan but have rooted 4 Lebron to surpass MJ. He hasn't just yet. At this moment in time, I consider MJ a better basketball player than Lebron, but Lebron is a better man. No one has met & surpassed expectations better than Lebron.

Now my dear frat brother Stephen A. Smith has come out & said "there is no way in hell Lebron will ever be better than Michael Jordan in my book." I wouldn't go that far, but consider this: Bill Russell played 13 years & won 11 championships out of the 13 yrs he played.

Lebron has been in the NBA 17 years & been to the Finals 10 of those 17 yrs & won 4. Yes, MJ & Pippen won 6 w/2 3-Peats but could have won out the decade if it wasnt 4 EGO issues w/Bull's ownership & MJ's premature retirement from mental EXHAUSTION. Shaq & Kobe won 3, but-
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12 Oct
Hear me well. Whenever someone qualifies any argument about any issue with their experience, stop them immediately & say "FUCK YOUR EXPERIENCE." The problems of this world will not be solved by people's experience, but by the ability of people to see outside of their experience.
Human beings that cannot see outside of their experience are blind & they will use their blindness 2 make decisions about how your life should be lived, what rules you should lived by, what you can drink, what you can smoke, who U can fuck, how many people u can fuck at one time,
how U raise your kids, how U worship, whether U choose 2 worship, where U live, whether or not U can own a gun, what type of gun U can own, how much ammo U can put in a gun, where U can travel, what U can do in yo house (HOA), whether U can hv an abortion & all other type of shit
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