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After helping 10,000+ patients and directing 50+ clinics, I know what's effective, safe & sustainable. I will help you lose weight and achieve optimal health.
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Jun 20 33 tweets 5 min read
If you can understand this, you can:

•Reverse Pre-Diabetes
•Reverse Type 2 Diabetes
•Get Off Many (If Not All) Your Medications
•Lose Weight

I will use Amazon packages to make it simple for you.

THREAD Image Before I explain the Amazon packages, you’ll want to understand a few facts first.

Then I will give you the Amazon package analogy that will make it so simple to understand, and simple for you to fix these issues.

But first, let’s cover a few facts.
Jun 18 60 tweets 9 min read
The Journal of American Heart Association released surprising research showing how an essential nutrient lowers blood pressure

However, it’s not part of their clinical guidelines for doctors

This seems odd when there’s clear benefit and virtually no side effects…

THREAD Image The nutrient is an essential nutrient the human body can’t make.

Meaning we have to get it from our food.

And I’ve found in clinical practice that most are deficient.

Let’s dive into the study…
Jun 13 31 tweets 6 min read
If there's only one supplement you take, it should be Vitamin D

Many nutritional supplements claim that they can help, but have absolutely no research behind them

Vitamin D has plenty

It’s THE biggest value for your money

THREAD Image Today I will cover why everyone in our modern society should consider taking Vitamin D

What to look for in your lab work to see if you need it or not

And what to look for to make sure you are getting a quality form of this supplement

Let’s dive in
Jun 11 34 tweets 6 min read
Asian countries eat a lot of rice & noodles, but don’t gain weight.

Americans & Europeans eat the same thing and tend to get fat.

Why is this?

I’ll explain.

THREAD Image 90% of the world’s rice production is located in Asia. It’s been cultivated in the region for close to 10,000 years.

The region’s occupants tend to eat a fair amount of rice (and noodles), but yet they don’t gain weight.
Jun 6 11 tweets 2 min read
Triglycerides are commonly ran on fasting bloodwork.

You may have been told yours are high, but what does it really mean?

Let me explain...

THREAD Image Your fasting triglycerides should be below 150 mg/dL.

Many think triglycerides are fat in the blood and they should eat less fat to lower them.

They are not fat in the blood.
Jun 4 43 tweets 7 min read
Canola oil is one of the most consumed oils in America & around the world.

It is claimed to be healthy and good for your heart.

But it creates more health issues than you probably realize.

I know, it’s a bold claim.

But I can back it up.

THREAD Image Did you know there is actually no such thing as a canola plant?

Canola oil is actually made from a rape seed plant.

Yet, it is illegal to sell rape seed oil in the United States.
May 25 16 tweets 3 min read
Imagine a free habit that can be done in 2 minutes a day that provides:

•Less Anxiety
•Less Depression
•Better Metabolism
•Increased Immunity
•Boosted Metabolism

Sound too good to be true?

It’s not.

I’ll explain.

THREAD Image What I aim to do is show you the MANY benefits of this simple habit, and with overwhelming proof hopefully influence you to begin taking up the habit daily to better your life.

If you do, I know it will improve your life in so many ways!
May 21 37 tweets 6 min read
You don’t want to get burned by the sun this Memorial Day weekend

But what you put on your skin gets absorbed in your body

So, the sunscreen you choose is important

Many sunscreens contain toxic chemicals that affect your hormones & health

I’ll discuss those toxins

THREAD Image We have a big holiday weekend this weekend in America- Memorial Day

The weather is starting to warm up.

And chances are you will be out in the sun.
May 18 18 tweets 3 min read
Epigenetics & how it affects your health is something I write much about

It’s helped me improve my health

But for many, it’s an unknown science or not easily understood

I’m going to explain it in layman’s terms & make it very simple

Understanding = improved health

THREAD Image Let’s start with a technical definition, and then I will break it down to a very easily understood visual to have a picture in your mind’s eye.

Once you have this mental picture, you will be able to take the steps to start improving your health.
May 16 30 tweets 5 min read
You probably use deodorant or an antiperspirant daily.

You probably think nothing of it.

For years, I didn’t think twice about it.

Now, I definitely make sure I get the right kind!

THREAD Image I will cover the 4 harmful chemicals commonly found in these products

You'll want to avoid these

I will then share a website where you can check your brand for these chemicals

I will also give you my go-to product & the brand I suggest for women's products

Let's dive in
May 14 79 tweets 12 min read
We cannot escape aging.

However, inflammation is a major accelerator of aging.

Lower your inflammation = slow down your aging

I will cover the tests that measure your inflammation levels to see where you stand.

THREAD Image Not only will inflammation accelerate aging, inflammation is also a major root cause involved in all chronic diseases.

The diseases that plague our modern society:

•Heart Disease
•Autoimmune Diseases
•Dementia & Alzheimer’s
•And Many More
May 9 21 tweets 5 min read
I'm not sure why there is such a big push for statins (cholesterol medications) for so many patients.🤷‍♂️

Even when patients CLEARLY don't need them.

I'm going to tell you a story about my patient Pam, so hopefully your doc doesn't convince you that you need cholesterol meds Image Pam first came to me about a year ago.

She was referred by her husband.

She was near retirement age, and her health was not what she wanted it to be.

She wanted to lose ~70 lbs. of weight, get her energy back, and decrease her pain so she could enjoy retirement more.
May 7 44 tweets 7 min read
Honey has so many health benefits

Unfortunately, the majority that is found on grocery shelves is void of the benefits.

The honey previous generations ate is not the same as today's honey... Image While excavating ancient Egyptian tombs over the last 100 years, archeologists found something they didn’t expect:


Even more impressive was the honey was still preserved as if it had just been harvested…even though it was 1,000s of years old!
May 6 6 tweets 2 min read
Gary made the below transformation in just 60 days.

By 90 days, he had lost 53 pounds!

But here's the better part: For over 10 years Gary hadn't slept through the night.

Severe insomnia.

Within 90 days, he began sleeping through the night!

Why? Because we addressed the... Image ...underlying root cause. Which for him was gut dysfunction.

70-80% of the hormones the brain needs, are made in the gut.

In order for your brain to be able to go to sleep, you need these hormones.

So no matter what supplement or medication he tried, they never addressed this.
May 3 31 tweets 6 min read
Big Food companies often get a bad wrap... I've railed on them myself.

However, the below 2 products are both made by General Mills.

Which is a good sign for the future of food.

I'll break down the ingredients and explain why I consider one product toxic.

THREAD Image Last week my wife picked up the Autumn's Gold bars from Costco.

I had not seen them before, but she wanted to have some snacks on hand because our kids have a lot of sporting events and tournaments coming up.

I saw the ingredients and thought, "This is interesting!"
May 2 22 tweets 4 min read
For those that say:

"I've been eating low carb/keto/clean for months now and my weight/blood sugar/insulin is still not where I want it to be... WHY!?"

You still have a hormonal issue

Let me explain Image Specifically, you have an insulin problem.

Even with "normal" blood sugar.

But HOW?

It very well could be due to your well-intentioned efforts to get healthy through dietary means or to get fit at the gym.
Apr 30 12 tweets 2 min read
Many of my patients come in this time of year with seasonal allergies

•Watery Eyes
•Runny Nose
•Itching Eyes

They are miserable.

But there are natural remedies that are very effective

THREAD Image Most people who suffer with seasonal allergies jump to an over-the-counter or prescription medication.

They temporarily address the symptoms, but often leave people feeling groggy and unfocused.

They also don’t address the root cause, and the symptoms return.
Apr 27 23 tweets 4 min read
The Journal of the American Heart Association released surprising research in 2022.

It showed taking Omega-3's lowers blood pressure

However, it’s not part of their clinical guideline for best practices with doctors

Which seems quite odd when there's clear benefit...

THREAD Image The study that was released in June of 2022 was a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials.

Meaning this is not a “one-off” study with just a handful of participants studied.
Apr 23 57 tweets 10 min read
Raw milk refers to unpasteurized milk.

Milk is typically pasteurized to kill bad bacteria.

However, some organizations and groups swear by raw milk.

I dug into the subject years ago.

You might be surprised like I was.

THREAD Image First, we need to go and study history a little.

Cultures all around the world consumed raw milk dairy and raw milk dairy products for millennia.

The scientist Louis Pasteur discovered pasteurization in 1862 and began applying it in 1863.
Apr 20 25 tweets 4 min read
Asian countries eat a lot of rice & noodles, but don’t gain weight.

Americans & Europeans eat the same thing and tend to get fat.

Why is this?

I’ll explain.

THREAD Image 90% of the world’s rice production is located in Asia. It’s been cultivated in the region for close to 10,000 years.

The region’s occupants tend to eat a fair amount of rice (and noodles), but yet they don’t gain weight.
Apr 16 40 tweets 6 min read
Low-fat & fat-free foods are making you fat, destroying your metabolism and your health

These foods are being manufactured & engineered to keep you eating more

I explain how and why below

THREAD Image Today I’ll explain how low-fat and fat-free foods became so prevalent in our society as “health foods”.

How and why they are made to keep you coming back to eat more

And what to do instead, so you can boost your metabolism, lose weight and get healthy.

Let's dive in.