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From the series of Sardinian medieval codices, today we talk about the most famous one, written by Mariano IV and his daughter Eleonora, issued by her around 1392.

📸 First page of the manuscript Image «Laws allow refraining the haughtiness of evil men and letting good ones live in peace, and assure them the certainty of the punishment.»

So begins the introduction written by Eleonora of Arborea, when she explains why she took her father's old codex in her hands and updated -
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**The MASSACRE of IGLESIAS – May 11th, 1920**

⛏️Thread about what is considered one of the darkest events of the history of Sardinia of the last century: police forces shoot at mining workers on strike.🍞 We are right after the end of WWI and before the rise of fascism. The socialist movements were gathering good results in the elections, especially in the Sulcis-Iglesiente, where miners were subjected to extreme working conditions.

There had been strikes and bloodshed, too, -
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**The rites of SANT'EFISIO**

🥀Thread about the rites in honour of Sant'Efisio, the longest religious Procession of the Mediterranean area, of the beginning of May in Cagliari.🥀

📸 Davide Loi Photo - traditional dresses of Cagliari On May 1st-4th, Cagliari hosts one of the most important celebrations of the city, the Procession in honour of Sant'Efisio, to fulfil a vow taken by the town in 1657, when the citizens asked the Saint to free them of the plague.

Sant'Efisio was a militiaman from Asia Minor -
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💯Thread about the Sardinian national anthem, for the recurrence of the Day of Sardinia (and 100th thread!)💯 The 28th of April is national holiday in Sardinia, which goes by the name of Sa Die de Sa Sardigna. It commemorates the rebellion of the Sardinian people against the Piedmontese ruling caste (full explanation in thread⬇️), ending with the kicking out of-

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**The destruction of SANT'IGIA**

Thread about the destruction of the last capital of the Judicate of Calari. Calari has been the first Sardinian Judicate to form. Like all of them, it had an itinerant capital. The first capital was Pluminos (believed to be today's Flumini), which gave also the name of Judicate of Pluminos. The judikes also acted from Uta, Siliqua and sometimes-
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**Sa CHIDA SANTA in videos🎥**

Thread about the Holy Week rites in Sardinia, but in videos.

📸 Clockwise from top left: Iglesias, Cuglieri, Iglesias, Sassari, Cuglieri, Castelsardo, Iglesias in the middle Last year, I made a thread about the most important Holy Week rites in Sardinia. This year, I'll post some videos to enjoy the funereal sounds and chants, and show some Spanish extravagance of the most emotional week in Sardinia.

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**Ballu de BERANU**

Thread about a traditional Sardinian dance and its link with the cult of Adonis and Spring 🌺🌱 The folk group of Quartu Sant'Elena performs the ballu de beranu (dance of the Spring), or ritual of Adonis-Babbay. Babay is the local Sardinian god who was worshipped in the Nuragic period and was subjected to religious syncretism with the Punic Sid.

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**MILLENNIAL TREES of Sardinia**

Thread about the most famous millennial trees of the Island, mostly oleasters.

📸 Luras, S'Ozzastru Sardinia has the highest number of monumental trees in Italy, 397, but today I'll talk about the extremely old ones, the millennial and centenary trees. Most of them are oleasters (wild olive trees), very common, and can reach very old ages, but also holm oaks, junipers or oaks.
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Thread about the exploitation of the mines of the Sulcis and Iglesiente, from Nuragic times to last century.

📸 Remains of industrial work in Fontanamare Sardinia has always been known for its richness in minerals and metals. It was the centre of trades of obsidian in the ancient Mediterranean and the local populations modelled a great number of bronze statuettes from the local mines. The area of the Sulcis-Iglesiente, in the-
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**PASTORAL LIFE in Sardinia**

🐕Thread about the life of Sardinian shepherds in the past centuries.🐑 As you may know by now, a character of my next book is a shepherd boy, therefore it seems fitting to make a thread about the lifestyle of Sardinian shepherds.

Historically speaking, Sardinia always had an agropastoral vocation. In the plains, the cultivation of wheat was -
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**QUEENS of SARDINIA – part 0: Elena of Gallura**

Thread about the first Sardinian woman to have become Juighissa ipso iure, and one of the first medieval queens in Europe #medievaltwitter #InternationalWomensDay

📸 Actress portraying Elena de Lacon Some time back, I did a series of threads about Sardinian queens, but there is one that needs to be known too. That's Elena de Lacon, Juighissa of Gallura.

Elena was born around 1190 to the judike (king) of Gallura Barisone, in Olbia. Barisone died in 1203, when Elena was 13.
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Thread about the links between the Dionysian cults and Sardinia. As I researched things for my next book, I deepened my knowledge of this topic and thought to make a thread about it.

As it is known, Dionysus is the Greek god of wine, drunkenness and sexuality, but his figure is much more complex. The cult is thought to be of Thracian -
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**The Sounds of Sa SARTIGLIA**

On Carnival Sunday, special thread about the ritual rhythms of Sa Sartiglia of Oristano, with short videos.

📸 Trumpeters of Sa Sartiglia Sa Sartiglia is the equestrian race held in Oristano each year, for Carnival Sunday and Tuesday. Each part of the race has a different rhythm, played by tambourines and trumpeters.

The main figures of the joust are su Componidori (the leader) and his two companions.
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**Sa CARRELA 'e Nanti**

Thread about the Carnival of Santu Lussurgiu. Sa Carrela is a traditional horse race held for Carnival in Santu Lussurgiu, a little town in the Montiferru, famous for its equestrian tradition. The first evidence of Sa Carrela is from 1840, but the tradition has roots into the medieval jousts and in the interest-
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**A DIOSA – Non potho reposare**

💕Special thread about the most romantic Sardinian song, written in 1915 by Salvatore Sini.💕 A Diosa (also known as Non potho reposare, from the first line of the text) was written by Salvatore 'Badore' Sini, a lawyer and poet from Sarule, in the area of Nuoro. The very first version was written in 1915, year in which Italy entered WWI. It was the period in which-
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**SARDINIAN CARNIVAL in videos 🎥**

🎭Thread about the most important Sardinian Carnival rituals, but in videos.🎭

📸 CW from top left, Ottana, Mamoiada, Neoneli, Oristano, Lula, Samugheo #Sardinia #Sardegna Last year, I made some threads regarding Sardinian Carnival masks, but the rituals can really be appreciated only through videos, so here we are.

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**LACONI in History**

Thread about the town of Làconi, border between Barbagia and Campidano. Laconi rises in the plain of Sarcidano, border between the mountainous lands of Barbagia and the fertile, wheat fields of Campidano and Marmilla, position which gives it a fundamental role in History.

The area has been inhabited since Neolithic times and we find villages from-
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**BREVE di Villa di Chiesa**

Thread about the medieval codex of the town of Villa di Chiesa, famous for its details about mining work.

📸 A page of the fourth book of the codex Villa di Chiesa (today's Iglesias) first appeared in records in 1272, but it is likely it existed as a town since some time earlier. The Iglesiente is famous for its mines of silver which have been exploited since the Nuragic times.

After the dissolution of the Judicate-
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**🔥Sant'Antoni 'e su FOGU – sa prima essìa🔥**

Thread about Saint Anthony's festival, beginning of the Carnival traditions in Sardinia.

📸 Boe of Ottana Saint Anthony the Abbot was born in Egypt and the appellative of "de su fogu" (of the fire) differentiates him from Saint Anthony from Padova. This "nickname" derives from the ritual of lighting up bonfires in his honour, on January 17th.

In Sardinia, on that day, wood is-
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**Sardinia's DEPICTIONS in art**

Thread about the representations of Sardinia in art, literature and movies from the 19th century to the 'colonial' view, the ethnic body and the counter-reaction of Sardinian artists.

📸 Biasi This thread covers a rather complex topic, that I don't mean to analyse in all the details. What makes it difficult is not only the way non-Sardinians saw the Island, but also the way the locals used these views to create a (false) unified, single identity, taking to the-
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**Sardinian STEREOTYPES and criminal anthropology**

From Cicero to criminal anthropology, all the insults and harmful ideologies Sardinians had (have) to face.

📸 A couple of Sardinian bandits. This is going to be a little heavy topic, involving different kinds of discrimination.

The first ones who had something to say against Sardinians were the Romans, who didn't manage to fully take control of the people. Native people still attacked Roman settlements from-