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20 Jun 20
Why do some people self-sabotage? Psychodynamics can offer an answer.

Some individuals may unwittingly set themselves up for repeated failures in work and love relationships because of an unconscious (or implicit) need to punish oneself. 1/ [THREAD]
For example, an individual may get themselves very close to a promotion at work but then blow it in a way that looked inevitable and seemingly planned. 2/
The implicit need to punish oneself satisfies pervasive, extreme, oppressive feelings of guilt. Guilt is the predominant feeling among what traditional psychoanalysis labeled “moral masochism” (as opposed to sexual machoism, the fetish). 3/
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26 May 20
Once upon a time a long time ago, researchers submitted manuscripts to peer reviewed journals. Much of this research was thus highly, regarded, & influential, bringing us such important concepts like implicit racism, benevolent sexism, stereotype threat, & the F Scale & 1/x
The research also impacted policy - ended segregation, justified affirmitive action, and set laws for hiring to avoid workplace discrimination as well as protect those w disabilities. The research was historically used as anti-fascist and anti-communist propaganda in 2/
an effort spearheaded by the OSS. Social science should be at least partially credited for the attitude that prejudice is bad imo. It can also be credited for undermining arguments about genetic superiority by showing how SES confounds any such conclusions 3/
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5 Apr 20
Let’s be honest about something. If you are on twitter frequently enough to be reading this then you are privileged. You have money for a smart phone or internet. You have time on your hands even if you should be working. You have fairly well developed language skills. 1/
You are not the most affected by this pandemic. We are all at risk. But you are probably quarantining to one degree or another bc u can afford to. U don’t have to ride the subway bc u can stay home. U don’t have to drive strangers around in a car bc u can stay home. 2/
The people who are going to be dying in droves are not seen by society often. They are doormen, cleaning ladies, babysitters, and the people who probably were part of what can be called the village that helped to raise and get u where u are today. Think of those relationships. 3/
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25 Mar 20
Here is a more recent update from 1997 from the @nytimes.


Look at this highlighted bit (I just discovered it). SMH.

It appears Trump can be found in any historical record anywhere anyone is getting screwed over for his benefit. WTF
I’ll get into this history a bit later. Kinda interesting.
So yeah like many he left pogroms in Russia to come to nyc as a teenager alone. Worked in a barber shop. Cooked up some tonic in the basement called Jeris that went viral. Sold it and built a huge kosher hotel in the Catskills in the 50s (dirty dancing was based on it). 1/
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5 Mar 20
Some rare #psychology books plus #Camus
On right, there is a photo of a book entitled Ego Function of by Heurvich & 2 others. Heurvich Beck’s first psychoanalytic training case. Instead of practicing psychoanalysis on Heurvich, Beck thought it best 4 them to co-author a study & was booted fr analytic training 4 it. 2/x
Beck cried injustice & blamed analytic institute for kicking him out for not liking research. This story is horse shit. His research was supposed to analysis not dual relationship. #CBTWorks #AaronBeck
cc: @AllenFrancesMD 3/3
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20 Jan 20
@JonathanShedler Putting the merits of a psychoanalytic training curriculum aside, it appears that when @AllenFrancesMD holds that the American Psychoanalytic Association rejected Beck because “they didn’t like his research,” he is not really inaccurate but 1/
@JonathanShedler @AllenFrancesMD to no fault of his own, misleading by omission with the possibility of being correct unintentionally. To become a psychoanalyst, one must have an analytic patient that they analyze under supervision of a training analyst. Whether or not one graduates from analytic training is 2/
@JonathanShedler @AllenFrancesMD in large part the outcome of trained psychoanalysts evaluating one’s work with their “training case.” One reason not to accept someone into the American Psychoanalytic Association would be a boundary violation in a “training case.” The most severe boundary violation is a 3/
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2 Jan 20
Just wanted to let you know that the Russian mafia has laundered millions of dollars through Trump properties. This an empirical fact. It is not a theory.
Does anyone have any doubt? Is a receipt needed? If so, I would be happy to oblige.
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2 Jan 20
The holy grail in psychiatric research is the search for the schizophrenia gene. This severe mental disorder is heritable. The biological relatives of individuals with schizophrenia have a higher risk of developing schizophrenia as compared to individuals in the general [THREAD]1
Since the turn of the 20th century, the construct of a pre-morbid, schizophrenia-lite constellation of personality traits has been described and explained. Consider its most recent manifestations as a Cluster A Personality Disorder (Paranoid Personality Disorder, 2/
Schizoid Personality Disorder, and Schizotypal Personality Disorder) or a related pathological construct coined by Paul Meehl as "schizotypy." 3/
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27 Dec 19
Data dump from my dissertation just cus. Is the distinction between schizoid and avoidant personality disorders valid? The answer is somewhat, yes. Out of 9 traits selected to differentiate the two disorders on the basis of their DSM differential diagnostic criteria, 1/
there were significant differences between the “pure avoidant” and “pure schizoid” groups on 3 out of the 9 traits. Data displayed in the table below.
The 3 traits were:

1. Need to belong

2. Social anhedonia

3. Attachment anxiety
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21 Dec 19
Dear Man-A DBT Assertiveness Script
People with all sorts of difficulties—ranging from typical, everyday deflation, anxiety, & personality pathology—often struggle with being pro-active, exercising self-control, overcoming passivity, boundary setting, &assertiveness
#Assertiveness is a crucial skill that can be developed through therapy and practice. It is fundamental to subjective well-being. From a clinical view, difficulties with assertiveness can be found among with anxiety & depression as well as substance use & personality d/o’s.
#Assertiveness can be conceptualized as a trait, social skill, behavior, or self-regulatory capacity. It refers 2 behavior that is intentional, self-directed, and pro-active.
It refers 2 behavior that gets one what one wants, & establishes interpersonal boundaries.
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20 Dec 19
@realDonaldTrump PSA [Thread]
Descriptively, America’s President, Donald Trump, is pro-fascist. He is increasingly expressing all of the defining features of a demagogue-such as Hitler or Stalin-which have been documented in the historical literature since at least the end of the holocaust.
@realDonaldTrump T2/
When Trump moved the Overton window of the American presidency to include celebrating the loss of life of American citizens who were his political enemies during a campaign rally yesterday in MI,
@realDonaldTrump t3/
then what has happened is that Trump has started to semantically prime the cognitive schema (I.e., meme/trope) that “death of American political opponent = good/positive-emotion” Trump has many political opponents. He doesn’t like them.
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19 Dec 19
I have a very real question: How did Maggie Haberman obtain her position of power at the New York Times after working at the New York Post, a right wing, slightly-better-than-a-tabloid, newspaper?
I strongly encourage everyone to take note of her treatment of Trump’s rhetoric in connection 2 his deceased political enemies in her article today. The piece is noteworthy for its obfuscation of this rhetoric & full blown omission of anything related 2 McCain death in his speech
Either by incompetence or her intentionally throwing shit at the wall, the article misallocates reader attention to an amalgamation of his run-of-the-mill offensive or irrelevant utterances & crowd behavior. Survival depends on allocating attention to threats to that survival.
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17 Dec 19
“I was humiliated” is trending. This has the potential to normalize painful social experiences as well as mitigate social anxiety via principles of exposure. I like it. It’s in-vivo Twitter skills training.
Of course, given societal trends, it could go the other way - humiliation becomes celebrated & transformed into an identity - the “proud humiliated.” Pretty soon there could be groups forming around a shared identity of humiliation, becoming a protected class. Balance needed. Wtf
Lastly, the trending “I was humiliated” may simply by followed by objectively minor &/or non-humiliating experience, further stigmatizing the experience of humiliation. These are the options as I see them. That. Is. All.
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10 Dec 19
@whignewtons @samstein @DavidAFrench Listened to your new podcast in your new job at “the dispatch” in which you & Sarah Isgur give commentary on the investigation into the Trump campaign IG report. [THREAD] 1/9
@whignewtons @samstein @DavidAFrench I liked the detail, summary, & opinion u & ur cohost give overall-generally objective & balanced. However, there is one major area which Sarah seems bizarrely oblivious to & which u don’t point out: 2/9
@whignewtons @samstein @DavidAFrench Ohr (sp?) & other high ranking FBI officials referenced had expert specialities-not rando FBI agents/lawyers. That career earned speciality is the study/prosecution of Russian organized crime/mafia. 3/9
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6 Dec 19
The construct of the authoritarian personality has been a controversial topic in personality psychology since its inception. [THREAD] 1/
Like other personality styles, it can be conceptualized as a categorical type (e.g., the authoritarian character) or as a dimensional trait (e.g., the person displayed excessive authoritarianism). 2/
In past and present popular political discourse, we often see institutions, groups, or nations personified with labels such as “authoritarian,” “strong-man,” “totalitarian,” “autocratic” or “dictatorship,” often used interchangeably. 3/
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28 Nov 19
@beccanalia @christopherburd @Otakundead @lauraapollo @MelissaJPeltier @RealJesseLuke @KyleKulinski @HumanistReport The real point though is that the polls were to make the point dramatically. No clinician can argue he doesn’t meet for ASPD. I’ve been saying that over and over. Poll study was superfluous bc any one professional could conclude that & it would be valid as long as they used the
@beccanalia @christopherburd @Otakundead @lauraapollo @MelissaJPeltier @RealJesseLuke @KyleKulinski @HumanistReport the same criteria & scoring system (ie the SIDP-IV severity ratings combined w DSM-5 symptom counts & behiavioral evidence)
@beccanalia @christopherburd @Otakundead @lauraapollo @MelissaJPeltier @RealJesseLuke @KyleKulinski @HumanistReport FWIW, I did my doctoral dissertation under the mentorship of personality disorder research superstar and did my dissertation on issues in diagnosing DSM PDs. Later worked as assistant clinical prof of psychiatry at Sinai in the mood and pd lab where I did more assessment of PDs
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28 Nov 19
@beccanalia @MelissaJPeltier The purpose of this faux empirical study was to examine a behavioral observation based system for diagnosing Antisocial Personality Disorder in Donald Trump by pooling twitter rating for each of the 7 diagnostic criteria for DSM (ASPD). 1/
@beccanalia @MelissaJPeltier Seven polling questions (each on was 1 of the 7 DSM sx for ASPD) were presented on Twitter about an hour ago & amplified as much as possible with the kind help of @MelissaJPeltier @Otakundead and @RealJesseLuke among others.2/
@beccanalia @MelissaJPeltier @Otakundead @RealJesseLuke Amplifications of the polls conveyed the importance of objectivity, neutrality, and encouraged/pleaded for conservatives to respond. So what the heck was I doing?
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23 Nov 19
@NateSilver538 REMINDER [THREAD]: The controversy over foreign influence into the 2016 election involved a debate over whether or not targeted facebook advertising courtesy of Cambridge Analytica & Facebook was more than just an attempt at influencing the election. Was it actually effective? 1/
@NateSilver538 Since Mueller released his indictment against the Internet Research Agency (USA v. Internet Research Agency, LLC et al, 02/2018) which described the extent of foreign social media interference in the 2016 election, 2/
@NateSilver538 the mainstream media, such as MSNBC and CNN, regularly highlighted the meddling-effectiveness debate. 3/
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23 Nov 19
While the expression #FOMO or "Fear of Missing Out" is widely used, the "Desire of Missing Out" a.k.a. DOMO is not. Perhaps it is taboo but DOMO is likely more common than most people think. [THREAD 1/]
#Millennial lexicon, i.e., FOMO, has normalized the need to belong (Baumeister & Leary, 1995) or what is known as affiliation motivation (McClelland, Koestner, & Weinberger, 1989) in academic psychology.
Clinical as well as social and personality #psychologists have long recognized the need to belong as a key dimension of human motivation and central to conceptions of personality functioning. 3/
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21 Nov 19
On Wednesday, July 17, at a Donald Trump re-election rally in North Carolina, a crowd of people chanted “send her back” in reference to Rep. Ilhan Omar (D – Minn) and her country of origin, Somalia, from which she escaped as a refugee when she was a child. [THREAD 1/]
The media has been ablaze with news articles covering this event since. 2/
A recent article published in The Atlantic pointed out that the specific phrase “send her back” is listed on the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) official webpage as an example of discrimination based on national origin if a co-worker or boss use the same phrase. 3/
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16 Nov 19
Lack of research and scholarly attention has led important personality dynamics once captured by the schizoid diagnosis to be overlooked. Once an immensely important construct, schizoid personality disorder is at risk of becoming diagnostically irrelevant. [THREAD] 1/
Many have argued that this is the result of the emergence of avoidant personality disorder (AVPD), a similar yet theoretically distinct syndrome (see e.g., Ahktar, 1987; Livesley et al., 1985). 2/
Schizoid and avoidant personality disorders have been categorized as separate types because different motivations are thought to underlie their social isolation. 3/
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